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posted by xshams
He put it on me I put it on
Like there was nothing wrong
it didn't fit it wasn't right
wasn't just the size
they say Du know when Du know
I don't know

I didn't feel the fairy tale feeling no
am I
a stupid girl for even dreaming that I could

If it's not like the movies
That's how it should be yeah
when he's the one I'll come undone
and my world will stop spinning
and thats just the beginning yeah

Snow White sagte when i was young
one Tag my prince will come
So I wait for that date

they say its hard to meet your mach
gotta find my better half
so we make perfect shapes

the stars don't align
if it doesn't stop time...
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posted by girlkisser
The Hello Katy Tour comes to the UK Summer 2009.

It may have been a long winter but at least we’ve seen the worst of it and can now start to dream about long summer days, holidays and music.
The summer of 2009 is sure to be a memorable one for Fans of the Obst loving songbird of California otherwise known as Miss ‘I Kissed a Girl’ Katy Perry. Yup, the Hello Katy Tour arrives in the UK in June!

First stop on Katy’s whistle stop route around our fair isle will be Newcastle on the 3rd of June, then to Glasgow on the 6th.
Katy better get to bett early after this performance because the next...
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posted by Kelsje
Soo here are some awsome Katy Perry quotes! Enjoy! note: there are 2 parts...cause there are so many of them =)

1.I fall in Liebe every time. And I don't really fall in Liebe a lot, but when I do, I fall hard.

2. I've lived such a great, fantastic life already, but there's still so much more.

3.(revealing how she refused to narrowly define herself, starting in high school) I was a hop-around. I hung out with the rockabilly crew, the guys who were trying to be rappers, the funny kids.

4.I wanted to be that quirky girl who writes funny songs that still have meaning.

5.My party time is usually a dinner...
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posted by Kelsje
Part 2 of the amazing Katy Perry Quotes! Enjoy!

1.I know sometimes if I don't think about what I do oder think about the things I say, then I'll just ruin it for everybody and keep giving that stereotype of teens-that they're irresponsible and not doing anything with their lives.

2.I wasn't allowed to listen to secular Musik when I was a kid, but there was a time when I was hanging out at my friend's house. We're trying on all our outfits, like girls do, and out of nowhere I heard the lyrics to 'Killer Queen.' Time stood still. The Musik was totally different from anything I'd heard. I still love...
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Katy Perry announced her tour dates in 2015 on twitter starting from February 16 2015 in Spain, Barcelona until March 22 in Stockholm - Sweden, but Perry didn't announced if her tour is going to end on March 22, who knows what will happen!, Her Weiter tour datum in September is going to be on September 9th in Vancouver, BC - Canada, her last tour datum in 2014 is going to be on December, 20th in Vancouver, BC - Canada then cutting off the tour for a Monat then resuming in February in Barcelona then (maybe) ending the tour in March.
posted by singingshannon
I think katy Perry has been great at tackling all the problems but she has now defeat bad things and is enjoying the good things I hope your having a really great time being famous I Liebe Du for who Du are u are a verry good person I hope your career goes as well as planned I Liebe Du xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx...
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posted by maritina12345
Katy Perry just announced that she'll be hosting Saturday Night Live for the December 10th episode.


The musical guest joining her will be Robyn. Sounds like a fun night!

Katy just got honored with the American Musik Award of Special Achievement on Sunday night, as well as got nominated for 4 Grammys.

And her California Dreams tour was totally sold-out across the world!

Sounds like Katy's having an awesome month!

Will Du be watching her on SNL?
posted by katykatttt
Katy Perry has the best costumes! They are so fun, colourful and stylish. Even when she isn’t in one of her konzert outfits she still looks great. She has the best style that is so unique! She can wear anything and rock it. Her concerts are visually astounding. I think that that’s why Fans like her so much is she has so much confidence and is not afraid to be who she really is. When I was at one of her concerts there was a moment she talked to the audience and it was so sweet. She really loves her fans!
posted by chonny
This is the last time Du say,
After the last line Du break,
It's not even a holiday,
Nothing to celebrate.
You give a hundred reasons why,
And Du say you're really gonna try.
If I had a nickel for everytime,
I'd own the bank.

Thought that I was the exception,
I could have rewrite your addiction,
You could've been the greatest,
But you'd rather get wasted.

You fall asleep during foreplay,
'Cause the pills Du take, are Mehr your forte.
I'm not sticking around to watch Du go down.
Wanna be your lover, not your fucking' mother.
Can't be your saviour, I don't have the power.
I'm not gonna stay and watch you...
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“Legendary Lovers”

-A slow, groovy song.
-Sample lyrics: “Take me down to the river/ Underneath the ____/ Say my name like a scripture/ Keep my herz beating like a drum/ Legendary lovers, legendary lovers, legendary lovers”
-There’s a breakdown in the song that makes Du want to belly dance. There’s a howl toward the end.. “Ah-who-o-o-o!”


-Katy shared that it’s an upbeat “song that Mariah Carey would have put on her first record.”
-Sample lyrics: “I’ll give Du a taste/ Make Du lick your body every day/ Give Du something to satisfy… Give Du something...
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posted by tigerlover14
Du think I'm prettyWithout any makeup onYou think I'm funnyWhen I tell the punchline wrongI know Du get meSo I let my walls come down, downBefore Du met meI was alright but thingsWere kinda heavyYou brought me to lifeNow every FebruaryYou'll be my Valentine, ValentineLet's go all the way tonightNo regrets, just loveWe can dance, until we dieYou and I, will be young forever[Chorus:]You make me feelLike I'm livin' aTeenage dreamThe way Du turn me onI can't sleepLet's run away andDon't ever look back,Don't ever look backMy herz stopsWhen Du look at meJust one touchNow baby I believeThis...
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Hey Kristian from Capital FM - the UK's No. 1 Hit Musik Station here!

We're getting in touch to spread the word about an amazing contest we are running for UK Katy Perry Fans.

We're giving some lucky Fans the chance to see Katy Perry in London with 9 friends! The tickets have been sold out for months and this is the only way to get them.

Fans can win Von creating a hotspot on link. All Du need to do is sign up, create a hotspot, and Du could be seeing Katy Perry live with 9 friends! The Fan who grows their hotspot the most will win tickets!

We know that Katy’s UK Fans won’t want to miss this, and we’d Liebe Katy’s biggest Fans to have a chance!

What do Du say? :-)
first of I did not write this. I got it at.
Katy Perry is "plotting" her revenge against husband Russell Brand after the funnyman gepostet an embarrassing picture of the pop star, sterne on Twitter.com. The British actor/comedian uploaded a Foto to his blog over the festive season Wird angezeigt his spouse looking pale and spotty without any make-up on.

He quickly removed the shot from his page - but Perry admits she is still fuming over the stunt. She tells Britain's Sunday Mirror, "I wasn't too impressed. I'm currently plotting my payback."

Katy Perry and Russell Brand, who began dating in 2009, tied the knot on October 23, 2010. They were married in a traditional Hindu ceremony near the Ranthambhore tiger sanctuary in Rajasthan, India, the same location where Brand had proposed.
Pop star, sterne Katy Perry thought Lady Gaga's VMA outfits were a bit 'over-the-top'. The Teenage Dream hitmaker wasn't the biggest Fan of some of some of the Gaga's fashion choices at this year's MTV Video Musik Awards because she thought they were a bit too much. Katy, who is engaged to British comedian Russell Brand, told MTV News: "I think costumes are just a natural extension, I don't think Du can just have the costumes and not have anything else." "The costumes are the bells and whistles and bells and whistles can be really fun, but Du have to have the spine, and I think that with Gaga, she's...
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posted by keninv
Sweet Katy Perry is getting married! She is going to marry Russel Brand who asked her to marry him on New Year's in India.

They have been going out for 4 months and it looks like they thought that was enough time for them to decide to spend the rest of their lives together.

The couple will get hitched in about 6 months. Will Katy have enough time to plan a wedding between all her concerts? We hope so. For the moment we know that Katy, Russel, Rihanna and Taylor schnell, swift will all be going to the wedding. Congrats to the happy couple!
posted by edwestwick
Living in fear is not what Du had in mind for me
But holding to Du is so hard,
I cling to what I see

In a world where my emotions
Seem to rule my every move
They will challenge my devotion
To seek and know the truth

You're piercing me
This self will bleed
You're killing all of my securities
Lord, help me see the reality
That all I'll ever need is You

Here in this haze a distant light seems to draw me near
But in the shadow of my doubt
My faith just disappears


posted by singingshannon
I think Du are doing so well katy I Liebe Du but not just I Liebe Du everyone else does to I hope the rest of your career goes as plan don't worry about the bumpy rides Du will be fine I care for u Katy Dominick Liebe u xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx...
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posted by kellyclarkson12
Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson (October 25, 1984), known Von her stage name as Katy Perry, is a Grammy Award nominated, American singer-songwriter. Perry rose to prominence with her 2008 single "I Kissed a Girl" which has become a worldwide hit.[4] She is known for her unconventional style of dress, often humorous, bright in color, and reminiscent of different decades, as well as her frequent use of fruit-shaped accessories, mainly wassermelone as part of her outfits.[5] Perry has a contralto vocal range.[3]

Contents [hide]
1 Biography
1.1 Early life
2 Career
2.1 One of the Boys (2008-present)
3 Controversies...
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Katy Perry posed with a mini-me of herself (pictured below) at the Svedka-sponsored People party at Mr. West nightclub on Wednesday (May 6). Before Rihanna showed up to support her Katy, here’s what the 24-year-old “I Kissed A Girl” singer opened up to JustJared.com about:

KP: Hi! I Liebe your site so much! You’re the man because Du Zeigen good pictures and you’re not trashing people’s lives and making people cry! You’re a nice guy, I like that. You’re trying to change the idea of media. It’s cool.

JJ: We sort of have similar religious backgrounds. Maybe we relate on that level?...
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posted by maritina12345

Wambie girls. Katy Perry has sagte many times that she loves cats. She has even used this Liebe of felines to help her create her perfume.

Katy was in Japan where she made a point to visit the Cat Cafe, a cafe filled with cats.

Katy was in the Cat Cafe Wednesday and then put up a Foto of her experience there on Twitter where she is having a coffee along with a couple of her Friends and all the cats!