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Die Fanauswahl: No way! C+ oder higher, at least.
Die Fanauswahl: Yeah, duh
Yeah, duh
Die Fanauswahl: I'm hoping to go to one soon
Die Fanauswahl: Support Kathy
Support Kathy
Impeach Trump
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Moonglow18 sagte …
Saw Kathy in Chicago in June..... FABULOUS!!! gepostet vor 9 Monaten
dianakayc sagte …
I can't believe that Netflix won't play Kathy Griffin specials. Let's boycott them until they let her on. Just a thought. gepostet vor 12 Monaten
Me2468 sagte …
Ms. Griffin: I often like your stand up and other comic abilities. But. After your anti hate speech towards Jesus effecting countless Christians I will die before I ever watch oder listen to anything having to do with you. Please. Tell me how Du could ever say such a thing. Jesus has everything to do with the blessings Du have and for Du to say that he does not is terrible. Du may tink about apologizing at the Weiter possible moment. I’m sure God / Jesus forgives you. gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr