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KatherinePierce posted on Oct 13, 2010 at 04:09PM
Hello! So, I posted a pick to see if anyone would participate if I did a Katherine icon contest, and the response was mostly positive, so here it is! Here are the rules:

1) We will go in order by episodes. The icon MUST be of Katherine from the chosen episode.

NOTE: When there are long hiatus breaks of TVD, the rounds will be of the chosen themes.

2) You have to make the icon yourself. You can't just post an icon you find.

3) You may only submit one icon.

4) You will have three days to submit your icon. Once the pick is posted, there is no adding or changing any icons.

5) After three days, there will be three more days of voting for which icon is the best (please do not vote for your own icon)

And that's it. After the six days, the next round will be open, and it will go on like this.

ROUND ONE: Lost Girls - OLE
ROUND TWO: Children of the Damned - xsophiefx
ROUND THREE: Blood Brothers - KatherinePierce
ROUND FOUR: Founder's Day - OLE
ROUND FIVE: The Return - Klema
ROUND SIX: Bad Moon Rising - shankii
ROUND SEVEN: Memory Lane - OLE
ROUND EIGHT: Kill or be Killed - CullenSisters-X
ROUND NINE: Plan B - Vampire_Orchid
ROUND TEN: Masquerade - shankii
ROUND ELEVEN: Katerina - DeeaAndreea
ROUND TWELVE: The Sacrifice - chuckandblairr
ROUND THIRTEEN: By the Light of the Moon - DeeaAndreea
ROUND FOURTEEN: Daddy Issues - Dudix
ROUND FIFTEEN: The Dinner Party - MsJeremyGilbert
ROUND SIXTEEN: The House Guest - maryam1311
ROUND SEVENTEEN: Know Thy Enemy - KatherinePierce
ROUND EIGHTEEN: The Last Dance - Vampire_Orchid
ROUND NINETEEN: Klaus - katherine1731
ROUND TWENTY: The Last Day - KatherinePierce
ROUND TWENTY-ONE: The Sun Also Rises - Vampire_Orchid
ROUND TWENTY-TWO: As I Lay Dying - katherine1731

ROUND TWENTY-THREE: Katherine as 'Katerina' - twilightsaga94
ROUND TWENTY-FOUR: Katherine Impersonating Elena - TeFi
ROUND TWENTY-FIVE: Katherine in the Tomb - closed! go vote!
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