Katherine Pierce Do Du like the character of Elena but just feel Katherine is Mehr interesting?

PiercePetititon posted on Aug 07, 2010 at 06:28AM
I like Elena and I don't think she is boring but just you're average character with no sparks to her and while I'm not liking the modern Katherine because the character is cliched I did like the Katherine in the flashbacks who was a interesting and engaging character while Elena was only truly ever interesting before she found out Stefan was a vampire
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr rabya_1 said…
Elena is more sincere but boring but Katherine is fun n interesting n its hard to figure her out thats make her mysterious love her n when theyll kill her i will be really sad
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Dudix said…
I don't like Elena at all , I never did. :)
But I just love Katherine <3.
I loved her since the pilot , she's such a complex character with lights and shadows.:)<3 She's great.