1.Because she’s, well, Katherine.

Mystic Falls wouldn’t be the same without the evil, cruel, flirty, smart, backstabbing hündin that is Katherine Pierce. In the 1st season, Katherine is always hanging somewhere in the air (the picture, the flashbacks, Damon’s obsessions with the Tomb, Uncle John, Isobel, dot dot dot), and then the famous KISS in the season’s finale. Season 2 began, heated up, and we still don’t know what she’s up to. She’s messing up Stefan, messed up Damon, messing up Stefan and Elena, turned Caroline, wrapped poor uncle Mason around her finger, but we still don’t know why. We also still don’t know very much about her, how did she get like she is, who turnder her, who is she running away from…. Well, it wouldn’t be TVD like to unwrap all of that in, say, 2 episodes now would it?

2.Game changers.

Do I really need to explain this? Every shocking moment on TVD had something to do with Kat. Being it Elena running away from Stefan when she saw Kat’s picture, until the last Thursday’s episodes and Jenna and plans B, C, D etc. Makes me wonder what and how much she’s got rolled up her sleeve. And I have a feeling we haven’t seen anything yet.


Remember the Stefan “she will try to turn us against each other” speech? Well. Stef and Damon are closer than ever, because Kat is trying to destroy all that they love. And, when Du think what’s coming up, in terms of Stefan, Damon, Alaric and Jeremy joining up, we want her to stick around so they would stick together.


I don’t know about you, but it was kind of good seeing miss “I blame Damon for everything” a bit confused when she got the fact that she’s no match to Katherine. And plus, if there’s a motivation for Bonnie to get Mehr involved with helping her friends, and renewing her friendship with Elena and Caroline, who better than the ever threatening Kat.

5.Nina Dobrev

She has been sooooo good playing Katherine that we just don’t want that to go away. She’s great as Elena, of course, but when Du see both of them, Elena and Kat, Du see the difference, the feelings, (or lack of), the human and the vamp, it’s like Kat is played Von Nina’s evil twin.