Name: Justin Drew Bieber
Nickname: Justin, Biebs, jb
Birthdate: March 01, 1994 (12:54 PM)
Age: 15 years old

Fave tv show: Smallville
Fave movie: Rocky
Fave food: Shaghetti
Fave Candy: sauer, saure Patch Kids
Fave Cereal: Captain Crunch

Justin Bieber is a multi-talented boy from Stratford Ontario, Canada. This amazing boy knows how to play the guitar, piano, drums and the trumpet. Justin knows skateboarding and loves hockey..He wants to have a collaborative song with his celeb crush Beyoncé Knowles.
Justin is rockin the world with his songs "one time" and "one less lonely girl", and now with his new album the "my world 2.00" with the carrier single "baby".
The world is watching out for Du Justin.. Make the world, your world..You deserve everything..

your number one fan: Justweng i <3 u