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Judas Priest was named to Smartasses.Net's oben, nach oben 25 Metal Songs of all time on Monday, May 30th 2011 when the beliebt online magazine revealed their all time Liste in a Kürzlich article. Smartasses is best known for their annual oben, nach oben 100 Sexiest Women Liste that comes out every St. Patrick's Day. This past March saw Odette Yustman Annabelle named the Sexiest Woman Alive. As for Judas Priest, they came in 5th place with “You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’”. Click here to see the entire Liste link
posted by Artamuse
I had a tragic event in my life and never thought I would meet the man of my dreams the way that I have. He is simple and complex. Hard and soft. Makes me crazy inside. Took away some of the confidence I have as a woman Von making me unsure and goofy. I found out that he loves Judas Priest so out of the goodness of my herz I bought us a pair of upcoming konzert tickets. We are not dating (yet) we are friends. I am simply captivated Von him. We talked about being a couple but its not something he is wanting with me although I have some signs that he does. I am a cool lady and fun to be with. I am just happy knowing that I do have the ability to be wild about someone. If its meant to be the right thing is going to happen. For now if my man effing loves Judas Priest than I have to thank them for this incredible person in my life because we all know that Musik can shape a soul and this man's soul is sweet to me.