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Die Fanauswahl: Cars
Toy Story 2
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Animated_Paint sagte …
John Lasseter is the best director ever!!! It is my dream to become a director thanks to him!!! gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
PortoCorsa sagte …
Hi Mr. Lasseter. Couldn't Du produce a serial called Lemon-Toons with the gangster-couple Grem and Acer? My son loves them. That would be exciting to see the gangsters making plots which fail, so see their live within the lemon-families and maybe some connections to Radiator springs oder Detroit oder to transport some atomary weapons in the name of som rogues, which sarge will stop. oder making them stars in another adventure of Mater Privat Eye. gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
jojumper sagte …
hello mr lasseter. my name is athen i am 7. i'd like to Kommentar on Cars2 i really like the idea of an agency with cars and i thought it was a lot Mehr detailed than Cars. and i also like the bit that mater sagte shoot and the thing sagte shoot activated then a parachute came out. that was really funny. thanks for the movie i liked it a lot. gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
jojumper Kommentiert…
Hi there, Athen is my son and wanted to say thanks for the Cars2 Movie. I think that this one will have to be a Birthday gift this Jahr :). Vor mehr als einem Jahr
PortoCorsa Kommentiert…
Me and my son Liebe to watch the Cars Filme over and over again and the Mater Toons and while watching them I get Mehr and Mehr Ideas of making new Filme oder Toons. Thank Du for this. Vor mehr als einem Jahr