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    Joseph Adam Jonas was born on August 15,1989. He was born at Casa Grande,Arizona. Joseph has three brothers, his first bother is named Paul Kevin Jonas Jr. he is 21 years old, his Sekunde brother is named Nicolas Jerry Jonas he is 16 years old, his last brother is named Franklin Nathaniel Jonas. His mom's name is Denice Jonas, and his dad's name is Paul Kevin Jonas Sr.. He does not have any sisters, but he does have some one that is like a sister to him and her name is Maya Kibbel Her dad died when she was a baby so the Jonas family helped and took care of her mother and her so she got to grow up with the Jonas Brothers and their family, would'nt that be so cool to grow up with them!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope Du like this little Artikel about Joseph Adam Jonas, thankyou for Lesen this!!!!!

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