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verolovesjoe posted on Dec 08, 2008 at 01:44AM
Joe Jonas was sent from heaven. HE is my soul mate, my eveything. We are made for each other. Everytime he laughs or smiles I melt!! We are destined to be together, it is in the stars. I have a sculpture of him carved out of fruit in my closet which i kiss goodnight every single day before i go to sleep. When i found out that he went out with that hillbilly taylor swift, I nearly crapped myself. in fact, i think i did crap my self a little..
anyways i couldnt believe she stood in my way of being with my one true love.
it went on for almost 3 months i was almost at suicide point when i found out that he broke up with her over 27 sec on the phone. HAHAHA he dumped her nice and fast, i knew he would come to the realization that he belonged with me at some point. and then she began to cry like a little baby about it, but i was just glad he was available again.
yesterday i killed my sister because she mentioned the name taylor in my house, and i later went on to realize that she wasnt talking about swift , but OH WELLLL. too bad for her.
so for now i will just sit here and wait until the day joe comes and knocks on my door and sweeps me away to our honeymoon suite.
(hey i have been doing it for over a year now.)
farewell fellow jonas lovers
remember joe in mine though.

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr imsoborednow123 said…
by the time you realize you should go out and find him we will be married and honestly you cant remake beauty
anyways he is MINE SISTER! and we will have 3 kids so BUH BYE