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GregYoung sagte …
I know she wasn't perfect, but does anyone else believe the media embellished the short comings of this beautiful, talented, and generous actress. The woman had a big heart. Enough so that she adopted multiple children who could have done alot worst than Joan Crawford. gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
joanfan sagte …
Hi all, i have just joined here this morning (Ireland). I have looked everywhere for Joan's Filme and cannot find them, the ones i'm most interested in. I'm dying to see "The story of Esther Costello" and some of her later ones. I remember when Esther Costello was released i wasn't allowed go to see it as i was too young and innocent i guess. Does anyone know where i can see it? I'm not joining all those movie sites and signing up with them. Delighted to have found this club. gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
cancun811 sagte …
No matter what her children oder others may say about her personally, she is one of the best Schauspielerinnen of all time. I am watching Mildred Pierce for the umpteenth time and I see something great about her Schauspielen every time I watch it. She must of been a deeply emotional person to give such depth to her acting. She may have had a mental illness as many do, so her personal life may have been difficult and not entirely her fault. Only Kate Winslet (latest Mildred Pierce) has that depth. Go Kate. gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr