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The Best of Jess Mariano [S2-S6]

anywhere but here | jess + rory

Ships in the Night || Rory/Jess

the last time | jess + rory

rory&jess;breathe again

KISS quick | jess + rory

Before the Worst | Rory + Jess

jess&rory | light up the sky

In another life... [Rory♥Jess] (Amanda's wish)

forever and always (jess&rory)

Lorelai and Jess - civilized conversation

Rory & Jess - "For Blue Skies"

Yakety Yak - Luke and Jess

Jess and Rory- Scenes from Episode 8 of season 6

Jess/Peyton/Lucas-Protect Me From What I Want

Jess/Peyton/Lucas - Protect Me From What I Want - Promo2

Jess/Peyton/Lucas-Protect Me From What I Want - Promo

Jess mariano I'm still here

jess mariano (gilmore girls) | firework *NEW*

Jess Mariano - Dead and Gone

"I made sure she was okay"

Luke and Jess

Gilmore Girls Episode 421 - Jess thanks Luke

Gilmore Girls -- Jess and Jimmy

Gilmore Girls -- Luke and Jess scene

The Best of Luke & Jess

Gilmore Girls Season 3 Episode 7 : "Dean was right"

Gilmore Girls Season 3 Episode 5 : Jess helps Rory

Gilmore Girls Season 3 Episode 17 : Jess´nightly visit

Milo Ventimiglia - Gilmore Girls Spin-Off

Shattered: Jess Mariano (Gilmore Girls)

Great Jess Moments

Jess Is Wanted Dead oder Alive.

Jess Mariano-Perfect Boyfriend

Jess Mariano - Numb

Jess - Me Against the World

Jess/Brooke - Flow

Jess/Brooke - The Reason

Jess/Brooke - What Hurts The Most

Jess/Brooke - Can`t Let Go

Jess/Haley - Cautioners

Jess/Rory/Haley - For Me This is Heaven

Jess/Brooke - Everytime We Touch

Jess Mariano - Vacation

Jess Mariano - Philadelphia

Jess Mariano - Angry Young Man

Jess Mariano - Paralyzer

Jess Mariano - If I Never See Your Face Again

Jess Mariano Season 2 Moments

Jess Mariano - Feel Good Inc

Jess/Rory/Shane - Girlfriend

Jess Mariano - Colours

Twilight Trailer - Jess/Rory Style

Jess Mariono - Bad Boyfriend (+ Logan Echolls - VM)

Jess Mariano - Home

Jess/Amber - Check Yes Juliet

Jess Mariano - The Anthem

Jess/Peyton/Lucas - What About Now

Jess Mariano Moments

Jess Mariano - Hurt

Jess Mariano - Walking Away

Jess Mariano - Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Jess Mariano - All star, sterne

Jess Mariano - Welcome To My Life

Jess Mariano - Beautiful Disaster

Jess' "Huh" Moments

Jess Mariano- Welcome To My Life

Jess Mariano- Beautiful Disaster

Jess Mariano- Sexy Back

Jess Mariano- The Barricades of Heaven

Jess Mariano- Runaway

Jess Mariano- What I've Done

Jess Mariano- Can't Stop

16 Luke Jess Moments

A Stupid Swan...

Jess.. Luke... lake

Out... out where? Out, for about an hour.