• Jensen’s parents named him Jensen because they considered other names like Justin but found them too common. It took them three days to name him; Jensen was the last name of someone listed in the hymnal at their church.

• If Jensen were an adult film star, he says his name would be Pudgy Midway.

• Exercise is his Favorit hangover remedy.

• His guilty pleasures include the Süßigkeiten Mountain YouTube video (first Youtube movie he ever watched), the film License to Drive, and Dr. Phil.

• He says that seeing Michael Jackson in konzert in 1984 changed his life. It was the first konzert he ever went to.

• Three songs that mean a lot to him are:
" El Paso," Marty Robbins
" Texas Flood," Stevie strahl, ray Vaughan
" Home," Marc Broussard

• Three films that mean a lot to him:
" Cool Hand Luke, directed Von Stuart Rosenberg
" Once Upon A Time In The West, directed Von Sergio Leone
" Saving Private Ryan, directed Von Steven Spielberg (He watched it with his Grandfather prior to his death — he fought in that war)

• His Favorit Essen is steak and he HATES sushi

• Jensen wears contact lenses

• Jensen is a sports junkie. He loves football, lacrosse, baseball, and basketball. He played on the baseball and lacrosse teams in high school. When he started taking theater classes, he was the only “jock” in the theater department

• Jensen’s Favorit city is Austin, Texas.

• Jensen has recently taken up golfing. He admits he isn’t very good but claims he was hooked after going out to the golf course with Tom Welling of Smallville.

• Even though Jensen’s Favorit basketball player is Steve Nash from the Phoenix Suns, his Favorit team is Dallas Mavericks who traded Steve Nash to the Phoenix Suns team.

• Jensen’s father, Alan Ackles, is also an actor. He appeared on episodes of Walker, Texas Ranger and Dallas.

• Jensen has also worked with his father in the movie Devour and recently in the TV Zeigen Supernatural.

• Jensen’s Favorit charity is Young Life. It’s a Christian organization for high school teens, a youth ministry. They offer outings and ski trips, and have a camp.

• Jensen’s Favorit time of the Jahr is Weihnachten because of the holidays, the cold, the lights, and the spirit.

• Jensen’s Favorit songs include Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah performed Von Jeff Buckley and Freebird Von Lynyrd Skynyrd.

• Jensen’s Favorit vacation spot is Bora Bora, Napa Valley.

• Jensen planned to study sports medicine at Texas Tech universität and become a physical therapist, before he decided to Bewegen to LA to give Schauspielen a try.

• Jensen was offered a role as Eliza Dushku’s Liebe interest on Tru Calling, but chose to take a role on Smallville instead. Eric Christian Olsen was eventually gegeben the role and the character’s name was changed to Jensen.

• Jensen’s most treasured possesion is the halskette he had made in honor of his best friend, who was killed in a car accident Von a drunk driver.

• Jensen’s first modeling gig, konzert was when he was just 2 years old.

• Jensen enjoys boogie-boarding, horseback riding, and photography.

• Jensen moved to Los Angeles in 1996 after graduating from high school.

• Jensen’s brother, Josh, is about three years older than him. His sister, Mackenzie, is about seven years younger

• Jensen auditioned for the role of Clark Kent on Smallville, but Lost out to Tom Welling. He ended up getting the role as Jason because of his chemistry with Kristin Kreuk during the audition.

• Jensen’s Favorit season is fall.

• Jensen currently splits his time between Burbank, California and Vancouver, British Columbia.

• Jensen likes country music. His Favorit musician is Garth Brooks. He sings back-up vocals on good friend Steve Carlson’s albums Spot in the Corner and Rollin’ On.

• In 2002, Jensen dated Lisa Rideg, a student at UCLA.

• Some actors Jensen admires include Anthony Hopkins, Jim Caviezel, Ben Stiller, Brad Pitt, and Ewan McGregor.

• Jensen modeled when he was four years old, and took a break until he was ten. His school Friends teased him, but when he bought a car with his earnings at age 16, he got the last laugh!

• Jensen screen tested with Christie Clarke, who played his sister, for his role as Eric on Days of Our Lives. However, in the scene they acted out, Christie was not playing his sister and they had to kiss.

• Jensen is good Friends with Christian Kane of Angel – Jäger der Finsternis fame.

• Jensen married longtime girlfriend, Danneel Harris on May 15th, 2010.

**Source: jensen-ackles.net