The lady who got so luck at Tongyi Wuhan Fan Meeting gepostet on weibo: Yes, she is the one got back hug from JKS, and front tight hug from him and he kissed his fingers and put KISS on her lips....... (talking about luckiest aal, ge. in the world). Her message is really sweet.

"I want to Bestätigen that I'm not a Japanese eel. I'm a mama aal, ge. who like JKS for 2 years! Everybody if Du know how much Prince loves Chinese eels, that's enough! I was real lucky to be chosen, there is no under tabelle business for that! Du just wait for your "RP" (this means luck, I guess) explode one day!
When I was held Von prince so tight in his arms, I kept repeating: I Liebe Du I Liebe I look at the picture, I feel he was listening with his herz and touched."

Shared Story of An aal, ge. in this photo.

credit: weibo via springsuk_USA