Jaden Smith NOT ABOUT JADEN: I like this guy, how do i get him to talk to me?

LuvJaden posted on May 01, 2011 at 02:12PM
I like a guy but we're sooo shy around each other and how do i talk to him?
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr Kristela421 said…
Well just say hey and then say I like your shirt it's cool

If not then tell him how you really feel but you guys have to be alone with each other so no one can here you guys

If that dosent work than write him a note say

I really like you but I know you don't like

Sincerely, (your name)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr LuvJaden said…
Vor mehr als einem Jahr jadensboogirl said…
CRAZY folks
Vor mehr als einem Jahr DejaniqueGrace said…
just say hea what`s your name and everyday you see him say hea and when you see him by himself ask if he wants to hang out sometimes...
Vor mehr als einem Jahr queend1 said…
get a twitter acount <3 JADEN dont come 4 ma boo
Vor mehr als einem Jahr KiannaRuby said…
I think if I get to talk to jaden smith it would be the best of him.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr gabbythebaker said…
Just act cool Ik irs like im a year late but take chances u dont have long term of life anyways but dont do anything illegal