Me (telica) Friend's (Cymphonique AKA Zoniqque Maddison Pettis China and Zendaya) Include MB OMG girlz Jaden smith willow smith diggy simmons and Jacob Laitmore
Jaden;hey Telica
Telica; Hey Jaden wayden *baby voice*
Jaden *kisses her*
Telica *kisses Back*
strahl, ray ray: UGH!!! get a room for the Liebe of TACOS!!!
Jaden*turns and looks at me* Lets finished what we started upstairs
Telica; sure lets go
he lead me to his room and had our private time
Beauty: what is that moaning noise
Star; probly them 2 lovy duby's in there
Baby doll *looks at star, sterne for 5 Sekunden and starts laughing*
JacobL: Maddy baby let's go to the amusement park free rides all Tag till 12:00 am
Diggy; count me in
Zoniqque; yeah me 2
China and Zen; count us in
OMg girlz; hell ya
Prince; um yeah i'll come
prod; if there's Essen hell ya ppl
Ray; Tacos
JacobL: Roc u in bro
Roc; oh ok let's go
Jacob; we will leave them 2 here
Roc; I'll call em
JacobL; leave them
Roc *looks at the door we are in he heras less moaning then befor and walks outside with the rest*
Telica; that's it for round 1 today imma have a shower
Jaden; can i come
Telica; hmmm
Jaden: pwese *baby Look*
Telica; oh what the heck
Jaden: yay Liebe ya *kisses me*
we get undressed and hop in the shower
Jaden; it feels good to see the naked part of u
Telica; hahahhha Very Funny *sarcastic*
we stare at each other then he pulled me closer to him and KISS it lasted about 3 Minuten I turend on the water without breaking the kiss
At the amusement PARK
JacobL; what should we go on now
Ray; the doom toom
Zonnique; Hey I heard a girl got one leg chopped off cuase of that damn ride
Beauty; com on Zonnique that was like 2 years Vor it has to be safer
Zonnique; how ya no is safer
Beauty; come on chicen
Prodigy; someone say chicen?