I Liebe Jaden Smith;it is not because he is hot oder that he is rich and famous,it is because I really do Liebe him.I am not saying that I ever met him but from all the stories that I have read about him are really interesting and sweet.Not to mention some is gossip.I Liebe him for who he is not to just be famous and be rich and live in a nice house;it does not matter if he does not like me back I totally understand if he likes a blonde with blue eyes.BTW I am black with dark brown hair and brown eyes.
I would really appreciate it if he came to Barbados.
Jaden If Du are Lesen this then I just have to tell Du something:Don't let haters get Du down.
People may say that Du can't rap and that you're only in Musik because your sister is;you can rap really well and just to say this your sister can sing really great as well as your father and your parents can both act.
Anyway,if Du really want to be a rapper then follow your dreams and make that your career;I'm not saying that Du have to quit Schauspielen because Du are one of the best actors I know.Please send me back an e-mail if Du can!
I Liebe you!