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Jacob Black
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 renessme cullen
renessme cullen
Hey guys thanks so much for taking the time to read this pls tell if Du like it!
i met Du yesterday down at lapush beach
but now i see Du belong to the blood suking leach
when he left i saw Du die inside
now that i see you'r not trying to hide anymore he comes back
what is it that i lack
i see Du are engaged
so i had to see if Du had feelings left for me i gave Du a KISS
and it must have hurt him but now i see Du go back to him
and all of them
now i see Du get marred and have you'r baby now that i see her
she makes me feel the way Du did i can be happy like i used to be with my renessme
Jacob Black
jacob black
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Taylor Lautner gives an interview to MTV about playing Jake, specifically, about a certain wig...
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