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***New Life


The house construction moved so fast at this point. Sam led the guys through the whole process. Week two came to an end and the new küche was finished. Week three the upstairs floor and bare walls went up. Week four…the stairs, new roof, siding for the house, upstairs bathroom, and sheetrock walls came together. Von week five the new electric and paint. Sam had been right. The whole renovation had taken just over a Monat to complete. Alice had been funded Von Edward and bought all new furniture for the house. Sam and I stood Weiter to each other now and marveled at our handy work. The guys stood beside us. Paul and Jared on Sam’s side and Quil, Embry Von mine. We all stared at the completed masterpiece.
“Well Guys…WERE DONE!” Sam yelled out. The guys howled loudly as high fives went around between us. I couldn’t stop thanking them. I walked away from the guys long enough to call Bella and ask her and Edward to bring Nessie. Sam and the guys began to head over to Emily’s place to continue the celebration while I was on my cell phone. Bella told me she had decided to blindfold Nessie at her house. When I hung up my cell phone I pulled a huge bow out of the kofferraum, stamm of the mustang and hung it on the front door as waited anxiously. When Edward, Bella and Nessie arrived in the Volvo. I ran down to take Nessie Von her hand and lead her to the front of the house so she could get the best view.
“Are Du ready Nessie?” I whispered in her ear as I placed her right where I wanted her to stand for the unveiling.
“Yes, Jacob!
I untied the blindfold and let her open her eyes. Her gasp was all I needed to hear. She staggered vorwärts-, nach vorn towards the marvel in front of her as I followed her smiling.
“Jacob…this isn’t your dad’s house!” she laughed
“No…It’s our house.” I sagte with a chuckle and ran over to her to give her the tour.
I opened the door for her as she entered her new Home for the first time. She remembered exactly where everything used to be as she slowly investigated every crevice and corner. Then I led her upstairs to our bedroom first, then showed her the two bedrooms towards the back of the house. I saved the one closest to our bedroom for last. Alice had decorated it herself. I had the door closed especially for this moment. When I placed Nessie in front of the door, I allowed her to open the door for herself. As she turned the doorknob and let the door swing, schaukel inward she cried out with amazement at the nursery. Alice had specifically done it in a warm yellow and there were figurines and plush toys and Wand décor all coordinated in a regenbogen of country gingham. Nessie ran her hands along the krippe as I came behind her and caressed her belly.
“Do Du like it?” I whispered in her ear.
“It’s perfect” she whispered as she placed her hand over mine.
Edward and Bella had been behind us the whole time. Edward’s voice broke through the silence.
“You’ve done well, Jacob. I’m actually relieved.” He sagte as I turned to him.
Edward stepped vorwärts-, nach vorn with his arms wide and gave me a hug. But instead of feeling awkward, it felt good as I hugged him back for the first time ever. We laughed as Bella came over and hugged Nessie.
When Edward and Bella left to return Home they allowed Nessie to stay with me for the evening. At this point the only thing separating us from beginning our lives together was a single legal document and a wedding affair. Beyond that, we she was already my wife. She was carrying my child. The wedding was only weeks away. Nessie and I spent our first night together in our bed. She wanted me…but I told her I wasn’t going to jeopardize our child’s health and she accepted the idea. She snuggled Weiter to me as I caressed her tummy. My family was here with me and that’s all that mattered at this point. We slept peacefully in each other’s arms.
In the morning after breakfast I took Nessie back to Bella’s house. I needed to get back to work at the Shop and now that Nessie was pregnant, I didn’t want her to be Von herself. This routine continued for the Weiter few weeks. I would drop Nessie off at Bella’s and pick her up again after work to take her home. The wedding was fast approaching. When Nessie and I had spent our last night together, the wedding was thirty-six hours away. Bella and I decided she should stay with Bella and Edward from that point on until the Tag of the wedding. I didn’t mind too much. I knew Alice was completing the final preparations. She dropped off the monkey Suits at my place for the guys to wear on the big day. Emily was entrusted Von Alice to make sure we all were prepared. Every hemd, shirt tucked in, ties straight, hair perfect, smiles present.
The big Tag arrived and Emily had her hands full. Sam kept order amongst the guys to give Emily a much help as possible. When everyone was ready Emily took couple of candid photographs of all the guys standing with me before we left the house and headed to the beach. On arrival I was spellbound as Alice and Sue Clearwater had transformed the strand for the ceremony. Edward led Nessie to me and I got my first glimpse of my blushing beauty. I practically fainted when I saw Nessie. Alice had picked out an elegant costume and had it tailored to hide her growing baby bump. When Edward greeted me with Nessie, he shook my hand before he passed his only daughter to me. Nessie and I held hands as Old Quil Ateara conducted our Quileute wedding ceremony. He had to stop a couple of times though because I was so immersed in Nessie’s beauty, I wasn’t paying attention to him. The snickers of our large gathering of Friends and family made it hard for Nessie not to giggle. When the ritual was completed a roar of fanfare erupted as Nessie and I were kissing. The reception at the Carlisle’s Home brought back the memories of Bella and Edward’s wedding day. It was also their anniversary and Alice spared no absolutely detail on the dual celebration. The huge party went on long into the evening. Nessie and I had agreed we did not need to have a honeymoon. Hawaii had been the honeymoon we would have wanted anyway. Now as we returned to our home, we were so tired Von the Tag of events all we want to do was be alone, together, in our bed. Sleeping Weiter to Nessie was pure heaven to me. But when we woke up tomorrow, there was no longer a need to bring her anywhere. She was home.
In the weeks that followed, Emily and Bella came to our Home to stay with Nessie while I was working at the garage. It was very important to keep monitoring Nessie progress during the pregnancy. Carlisle did weekly follow up with Nessie. It was comforting to have a doctor in the family. It made everything easier. I was at the garage under a customer’s car when Leah called out and ran over to me.
“Jacob! Carlisle just called; Du have to get to his house now! It’s about Nessie.” Leah huffed
“Nessie?” I shouted as I dropped my wrench and sprinted to the mustang roaring the engine as I took off with speed. I was in panic mode as I weaved through traffic desperately. When I finally got to the house, Edward was waiting for me. He could see the distress in my eyes and his expression made me frantic as I ran up to him.
“Edward! What’s wrong with Nessie?” I panted
“Jacob, there is a problem...Carlisle wasn’t able to do a traditional ultrasound on Nessie because her skin is too hard. The ultrasound won’t work. Carlisle brought Nessie to the hospital today for an MRI “He sighed.
“What? What’s wrong?”
“Nessie is having a multiple pregnancy. There are four fetuses.”
“Four! What’s so wrong with that?” I smiled. But his expression was sullen.
“I wish it was good news, Jacob. But…two of the fetuses are not developing properly. They are not going to make it. Carlisle wants to stop their development now.”
“Why are they not developing, Edward?”
“Carlisle had discovered that Du son is developing faster than normal. Not as fast as Nessie was with Bella, but still he progressing. Carlisle believes that his higher rate of development is what is causing the two smaller fetuses to fail in development.”
“And the third? Du sagte there are four, Edward?”
“Your daughter appears to be fine. She is progressing at the same development rate as a human fetus.”
“Okay…so that’s good, right?”
“Not exactly, Jacob. Since your son is developing faster that your daughter, Carlisle is concerned Adam will be fully developed and Eva will most likely be premature. There is another problem though, Nessie is part vampire. Her skin has some of my qualities regarding strength. It’s thankfully not completely stone like mine is. To make it simple Jacob; on the outside Nessie’s skin best resembles human bone. Like human bone it can grow and heal. On the inside Nessie is Mehr human than we all originally thought but like my kind she can heal as quickly as I can.”
“Wait! Wait…did Du say Adam and Eva?” I questioned.
“Yes, I did. Nessie just named them in her mind. I swear, it just happened.” He smiled.
“Adam and Eva!” I repeated
“Nessie feels the children are a miracle. It’s quite poetic actually” He chuckled but then became serious again. “Jacob, Carlisle needs to reduce the number of fetuses in order to give Adam and Eva the best possible chance of survival. He, of course, needs your final approval though.”
I stood there for a while with my mouth hanging open. I didn’t know what to do. I was shaking my head as the information overload hit me like a ton of bricks.
“Does Nessie know what’s going on? Because I can’t be the one to tell her all of this, Edward. I’m just a dumb kid remember.”
“Yes, she is aware of the circumstances, Jacob. She is waiting for Du inside.” He sighed
I blew past Edward and ran into the house taking the steps up to Carlisle’s lab four at a time. I skid to a stop as I entered the room to find Nessie on an operating table. Carlisle was Von her side. I slowly walked to Nessie. She had a confusing expression on her face. Sort of half happy and half nervous.
“Hey Ness…how are you?” I asked
“I’m scared, Jake-“
“Don’t worry honey. Carlisle knows what’s best. I trust him.”
“Jake…I’m sorry.”
“Don’t be…I’m not. Adam and Eva, huh?” I chuckled to cheer her up. She blushed and smiled.
“You know already? Do Du mind? Does it sound silly?”
“No the names are perfect.”
“Adam J. Black and Eva B. Black?”
“Well what are the J and B for?”
“Jacob and Bella”
”I Liebe Du Nessie. Whatever Du want to call our children is fine with me” I laughed.
“Do I have your final approval then, Jacob?” Carlisle asked.
Nessie was very tense. She knew it was the best chance to bring our children into the world healthy. I nodded to Carlisle. I kissed Nessie quickly and allowed the operation to go forward. I sat with Bella and Edward Von my side as we waited. Bella was holding my hand. It took a couple of hours before Carlisle came back to us.
“The operation was a success. Nessie is fine. I have her sedated. The two fetuses will be naturally reabsorbed Von Nessie’s body. However we are not out of the woods just yet. Unfortunately I couldn’t use a scalpel because her skin was too strong. It will take her some time to heal and there is something else Du need to know, Jacob.”
My stomach churned at the idea of how Carlisle has performed the operation. A bone saw perhaps? I felt like I was going to be sick.
“What is it doc?” I choked
“You remember the story of Nahuel and Huilen? The Amazonians who helped save Nessie’s life?” Carlisle asked
“Yes, doc? I remember. What’s that got to do with Nessie?”
“I’m confident that Nessie is strong enough to get through the pregnancy. Nessie being a half breed is playing in her favor for now. It’s Adam that I’m concerned with. I ran some additional tests, but I have no solid evidence to present to you. Adam may be Mehr like Nahuel than we think. If he is like Nahuel, then he will be venomous. This poses a particularly difficult problem in the sense that Du and Nessie will be unable to care for him after he is born.”
“What are Du getting at doc?”
“If Adam is born venomous…you, Nessie and Eva are at serious risk of being bitten. I know Du have always held a strong distaste for my species, Jacob.”
“So now you’re telling me my son could very well bite me, Nessie oder Eva and we would become vampires, right?”
“Not exactly, Jacob. To someone like you, your species…vampire venom may is toxic. If Eva is born like Du she is also at serious risk of death from a bite. Nessie may just simply lose her human qualities altogether.”
I had almost forgotten the time Rosalie handed me a doggie bowl of food. If she had spit in the Essen it may have killed me. Edward nodded but did not look at me.
“What’s the solution?”
“You already know that Nessie bit Bella at birth. Since Nessie was not venomous, it didn’t cause a problem. But Adam can be trained. He can be taught restraint. But he must be taught Von a vampire, someone who will not be affected Von a sudden, unexpected bite.”
“Okay, doc…are Du offering your services oder something?”
“Edward, will Du take over?” Carlisle asked.
“Bella and I agreed that for a while at least, Adam should be in our care. We can take care of his needs and provide the support that he requires. It would be temporarily of course. But we need Du to make the final decision.” Edward sagte to me.
“It’s for the best, Jacob. Du know how much Du mean to us. I would hate to think Du might become like me. Du have always hated the idea of me being a bloodsucking leech.” Bella added as she took my hand in hers and tried to reassure me.
“Is there any way at all to tell for sure Carlisle?” I asked
“Unfortunately no. My tests lead me to believe Eva will either be born one hundred percent human, oder she will develop Du shape shifting ability later in life as Leah Clearwater did. Adam is a mystery though. Even the best Nobel Prize winning scientist can be completely stumped Von the evolution of nature. We will have to wait till Adam and Eva are born. Then I can get a better idea of what their future will be like. Nessie should stay here with me for the duration of her pregnancy. The fact that I also can’t perform an ultrasound is also posing a huge problem. Nessie and I will be making frequent trips to the hospital. It’s also not so safe, sicher for a pregnant woman to have multiple MRI’s but it’s the only way to track her pregnancy.
I hung my head as Carlisle finished his statement to me. Edward and Bella were doing their best to comfort me, but my emotional state was all over the place. Could Nessie have been that wrong? I believed Nessie when she told me we were a perfect genetic match. Nature however, just had to throw in a curve ball. On one hand I was happy to hear that Eva might be purely human, and on the other I was crushed that Adam might be born a blood lusting killer. Would Nessie and I be able to have our happy family?
I just wanted to be with Nessie at this point. I got up from my chair and headed back into the room where Nessie was still sleeping. I sat Von her side and watched the gently rise and fall of her chest as she slept. I listened to the monitors in the room. I heard the sound of the herz monitor recording the steady beeping of her herz rate as I watched. I took her hand in mine. It was cool to my touch as I was holding it gently, caressing it trying to bring the warmth back to her. I watched her and waited. I wanted to be there when she woke up. I wanted to be the first person she saw when she opened her eyes. My curiosity made me check under the sheet as I witnessed the damage that her body had already been inflicted with from the operation. Nessie was bandaged across her belly. My herz sank as I choked back my tears. I had done this to her. I had been the one who gave her this burden. If I had been completely human, none of this would have happened. I began to feel exactly like Edward had been when he discovered the pain he himself had brought on Bella with Bella’s pregnancy. She didn’t deserve this pain. And I was powerless to stop it. All I wanted in life was to protect Nessie. I wanted to give her a normal life. Now that was a complete impossibility. I felt my herz breaking with each passing Sekunde as grief consumed me. The hours ticked Von slowly as I waited for Nessie to awaken. Each Minute felt like an eternity. I mourned the loss of my other children during this time. Tears fell from my face as the reality of their loss came to my mind. Nessie and I should have had four beautiful children, but that experience was short lived. It started to become a distant memory. When the light of morning began to fill the room Nessie began to Bewegen from her slumber. She groaned lightly and then her eyes fluttered trying to open. I gripped her hand and brought it to my chest.
“Nessie. Ness…can Du hear me. I’m here honey. Wake up for me.” I asked
“Jacob?” she whispered
“Ness…I’m here. I’m here sweetie.”
Nessie’s eyes finally opened to my relief. She turned her head now to look at me with a questioning look. I knew what she was going to ask me.
“Nessie, the operation was successful. You’re going to be okay. Adam and Eva are fine, honey. Du did great. I’m proud of you.” I reassured her.
“Jacob? Are Du okay? Du look tired. Have Du been here the whole time?”
“I never left your side, honey. I promised Du that. Are Du in pain?”
“I don’t feel so good. It hurts a bit.”
“Honey, hang in there I’m going to get Carlisle.” But just as I sagte his name he entered the room.
“Hey Nessie, I know Du are uncomfortable right now. Du have been through a lot. I really can’t give Du too much for your pain. Everything I give Du will be absorbed Von the Babys too. I can’t take the risk that something might cause them distress. How is your pain on a scale of one to ten?
“A two, maybe a three?” she whispered.
“Here take these pills, it will take the edge off” Carlisle handed her two pills, probably aspirin, then left the room.
Nessie noticed my expression and could see the struggle in my eyes. I was doing my best to hide my feelings from her, but I was never very good at it. I couldn’t hide from Bella any better than I could from Nessie.
“Jake, I’m sorry”
“Nessie, what are Du sorry about?”
“The…babies. The other two babies”
“Nessie, stop it right now. We still have Adam and Eva. That’s what really counts, doesn’t it?”
“Yes, I guess?”
“Besides…we could always try again later. If Du want to?” I sagte in a reassuring voice, not letting her know anything about what I had been told about Adam.
“Then don’t worry, okay. I Liebe you. Adam and Eva will be fine. We’ll pull through this. Together.”
“Okay, Jake. I Liebe Du too.”
“Good. Hey your parents are here too. Why don’t I just let Du see them. I want to talk with Carlisle for a little anyway. Then I’ll come back, okay?”
I kissed Nessie quick as Bella and Edward came into the room to be with Nessie. When I went to look for Carlisle, I found him in Edward’s old bedroom with Esme.
“Oh, Jacob. I figured it would be better for Du and Nessie if I moved her later into Edward’s room. She would be much Mehr comfortable in a real bed. It would also allow Du both to sleep together. It would keep Nessie stress level lower if Du were not separated so much. Esme has bought brand new bedding to make it Mehr comfortable for you. I know your sense of smell doesn’t agree with our scent.”
“Thanks Esme. But I’ve gotten pretty used to your scents at this point. I appreciate the gesture though.”
“Anything I can do for Du and Nessie would be my pleasure” she said
“When are Du going to Bewegen her, doc?”
“As soon as the pills kick in.”
I was really in awe of how much support Nessie and I were receiving. Between Sam, Emily and the guys down in La Push and the Cullen’s, I had almost no concerns. I knew the Cullen family would care for Adam. Give Adam everything he needed when he was born. All we had to do is make sure Nessie’s pregnancy went smoothly. Carlisle had Bella’s pregnancy as a reference point to go back to and I felt he knew what he had to plan for. Carlisle took great care in moving Nessie into Edward’s room so we could be together every night. Over the Weiter few weeks I fell into a routine of going to work during the Tag and sleeping with Nessie each night. I always fell asleep with my hand resting on her belly. It seemed natural to me as an expecting father until one night I felt a hard snap like a twig had broken in my hand. Nessie and I shot upright in bett as the same time as I jerked my hand away from her and she gasped and cringed in pain. I was in total panic. I thought I had hurt her.
“Jacob, its okay the Babys are just kicking.”
“What the hell was that sound! What happened?”
“It’s fine, don’t worry. Just give me a sec” she sagte as she held her stomach and took a deep breath.
“Nessie what happened!” I shouted to her as Bella and Edward came into the bedroom. Bella immediately sat with Nessie rubbing her back and holding her hand as I was still sitting there waiting for Nessie to say something. Bella and Nessie refused to look at me.
“Jacob, I need to speak with you, right now!” Edward warned me.
I got up from the bett and followed Edward out of the room. He kept walking as we reached the front door. He didn’t stop as he opened the door and I followed him outside. Every time Edward had something important to tell me, he always brought me outside. I could never understand why. Edward always made sure I was far away for everyone whenever he had something to say; he never did trust that I wouldn’t phase. He finally stopped and turned to me.
“Edward what the hell happened. What was that snapping sound I heard? It sounded like-“I begged
“Bones breaking…yes actually you’re not too far off. It just started today when Du were at work.” He answered as he dropped his gaze.
“Did she break a rib…like Bella?” I whispered
“No Jacob…that’s Nessie’s skin Du hear breaking.” He sighed
“Her skin!” I choked.
“Yes. Her skin. Every time the Babys kick oder Bewegen it causes hairline fractures in her skin. Du better start getting used to that sound, Jacob. As Nessie’s pregnancy moves further along Du will hear it Mehr and more. Remember what I told Du before. Nessie’s skin is like bone, it can grow with the pregnancy, but not with causing her pain. I know Du have firsthand knowledge of what I’m speaking of.”
I most certainly did as I remember how I felt after my battle with the newborns. My whole right side was crushed. My Bones from my halsband, kragen all the way to my hip had been broken in multiple places. I could feel my knees giving out as I crumpled to the ground with this memory. Edward crouched down Weiter to me. He stared at me intensely as I could feel myself taking on his role as the painfully anguished burning man he was when Bella was pregnant.
“Jacob, it’s not actually that bad. The pain is only momentary. Her skin repairs quickly as her body changes with the expansion of the pregnancy. Less than ten seconds, okay. This isn’t a big deal. Du need to stop leaving your emotions painted on your face.”
“Edward…you know I’ve never been able to do that!”
“Learn to Jacob! Nessie is very upset right now. She didn’t even want to tell Du about this because Du always fly off the handle. She was hoping for a moment Du might not find out because Du work all day. I told her she wouldn’t be able to hide this for long. Jacob, Du have to control your outward emotions, like I did with Bella. If Du can’t then I won’t allow Du to be with Nessie for the rest of the pregnancy. Your inability to control yourself causes her stress. Do Du understand?”
“How? I could never figure out how Du were able to do that. I have to admit I was always jealous of Du for that.”
“I don’t think Du should go back to Nessie tonight. She’s upset and Du apparently need my help. Get up…we are going to the meadow.”
I rose to my feet as Edward and I ran swiftly through the woods to the open meadow. The same meadow Bella and I had searched for. The one where my pack and I killed the blood sucker Laurant. When Edward and I reached the meadow Edward grabbed my arm and pulled me to the center of the meadow. He placed me facing him and then backed up about twenty paces from me.
“Okay Jacob, we are going to play a game of sorts. Du need to know how to control your emotions. I’m going to teach Du how. I already know most of your painful memories. I’m going to give a thought and Du are going to do your best not to let me rouse any emotions from inside you, okay?”
“This will not be fun, but Du must bär with me. There is no easy way to teach Du all that I know. I’ve had a hundred years to gain this knowledge. Are Du ready?”
“I want Du to remember… to go back to the night Du read your father’s letter. I want Du to remember how that letter made Du feel. Close your eyes and remember.”
I followed Edward’s instructions and closed my eyes. I remember my father’s words, the pain, the anger, the anguish. I could feel the memory racing through me. I felt the heat inside me begin to boil. I felt it rising to my skin as the shaking in my hands and rippling in my body was matching the memory.
“Focus Jacob! Remember the pain!”
I let the pain consume me, take over my self control. I was focused! I felt my body losing the battle not to phase. Then I was hit! I felt a new sudden pain as I was knocked hard off my feet and landed on my back completely phased into my wolf. How was this going to help? I snarled at Edward and came to my four paws. Edward looked pleased with himself.
“I knew Du would phase. Now…change back! Find it in yourself to change back.”
What are Du getting at Edward, Du just had me dredge up a really terrible memory!
“Jacob, the same center of peace Du find to phase from wolf back to human, is the same ability to hide emotions. Du already can do this. Du just have to expand it, now phase back.”
Edward’s words slapped me hard, but I knew what he meant. Phasing back was easy for me. I changed practically without thinking as I came to my feet in human form. I looked at him with a sheepish smile. Could it really be that easy?
“Not that easy Jacob, but this is the same kind of principle. It works both ways. Du never liked phasing into a wolf in front of Bella. Du always held an enormous amount of self control. I admit it took a lot effort for me to provoke Du years ago. Du are stronger than Du think. Now I want Du to close your eyes again and think of Nessie. Focus on the snapping sound Du heard, repeat again and again. The image of Nessie and the sound, nothing else.”
As I closed my eyes the image came back to me. Jeez, that sound was disgusting, painful to hear. I could feel my emotions, the memory of my own Bones breaking and how that must feel to Nessie. I felt tears trying to surface to my eyes as my throat became dry and a lump caught in my throat that I couldn’t choke back down. Then I was hit again! Knocked off my feet again. The impact broke my entire train of thought before my body hit the ground. My eyes flew open, but I hadn’t phased this time. I glared at Edward as I got the meaning of his game now. An evil grin struck my face as I came to my feet.
“Yes, Du got it Jacob! I told Du it’s all about control. I can see Du like my challenge. It’s that simple. Every time Du hear that sound I want Du to picture me knocking Du down. I want Du to remember this triumph Du feel right now, because it’s painted all over your face. This is the face Nessie needs to see from now on. Want to try again?”
“Hell yeah!” I sneered
Edward and I went through this training. Over and over Edward had me remember something that would drag out the very worst of my emotions. Whenever I got too focused, he’d knock me off my feet again. The Mehr we played his game, the better I began to feel. I always liked a challenge, and he didn’t hold back. It just got to a point after six Mehr times when I couldn’t even focus hard enough. I couldn’t provoke him to hit me. When I realized he couldn’t hit me I cackled loudly when I opened my eyes. Edward laughed with me when we knew it had sunk in enough. I could do this. I could keep my emotions in check. Edward and I returned to Carlisle’s house. When we started walking up to the porch I felt my emotions waver slightly as Edward punched me in my shoulder. He glared at me for a moment as I straightened out my face to a smile.
“Jacob, what Du feel emotionally is completely normal. Du are still human. I’m not expecting Du to hold it together when Du are not with Nessie, but when Du are…keep that smile on at all times.”
“I’ve got it. Thanks, Edward. This was a huge help.”
“I didn’t exactly do it for your benefit…but, you’re welcome. Go back to bed. Nessie is sleeping.”
As Edward and I entered the quiet house, I immediately went to Edward’s room. As I entered my eyes locked on Nessie quietly sleeping away. I stood for a while and watched her sleep. I watched the gentle rise and fall of her chest. Her beautiful face was so serene. I knew I was tired, but I almost didn’t want to try to climb into bett for fear of waking her. Eventually I gave in and slid as softly as I could into bett Weiter to her. I didn’t touch her as I began to fall asleep. My dreams were nothing short of nightmares as I remembered all my worst fears about Bella’s birth, her pain, her death as a mortal. Sleep was virtually impossible as I couldn’t try any longer and gave up. I sat up in bett and just watched Nessie sleep. I couldn’t touch her anymore. I was too afraid I might hurt her at this point. When dawn came, she woke up to me staring at her. As Nessie woke, I remember what Edward sagte to me about my smile.
“Jacob, what wrong?” she sagte with a yawn.
“Nothing sweetie, just like watching Du sleep. How do Du feel?”
“I’m perfectly fine, and you?”
“Nessie, don’t worry about me…I’m fine. I’m just always thinking of you. Du know that.”
“Jacob, are Du sure, I know Du must be worried about me.”
“Sure, I was worried, but as long as Du aren’t I’m okay. How’s are babies?”
“Guess they are still asleep, Du should get to work.”
“Okay, I know you’re in the best of hands.”
“Jake, I’m okay, trust me.”
“I have never stopped trusting you, Nessie”
“So just go to work, I’ll be fine, okay?”
“Sure, sure”
I did have one hundred percent faith in Nessie so I did go to work. I just found it really hard to work. Even Seth caught me daydreaming. I did trust Nessie, but even Von best trust brought up my worst fears. I heard Carlisle’s words echo in my head as Seth tried to catch my attention.
“Dude, Du alright? You’ve been working on this oil change for Mehr than an hour. The customer is waiting.” Seth called to me as he leaned under the car I was working on.
“Sorry Seth, I’m almost done.” I sighed
“Hey are Du sure Du are okay? Du have been Schauspielen weird all day. Is Nessie okay?”
“Not exactly…I’m sorry Seth, I can’t talk much about it with you”
“Sam is worried about Du too. He says Du to stop Von at Emily’s place after work. Maybe Du should just go ahead now. I can take care of thing. Du look like Du need a break.”
“Okay Seth, I know Du got this. Thanks, I think I do need some time to talk to someone.”
“No problem Jake. Just take off, I got everything under control.”
“I now Du do. Thanks, Seth”
“Go on Jake!”
I gave Seth my wrench and headed for the Mustang. I figured it would be easier than phasing to get to Sam. I knew I would have to still phase to find Sam if he wasn’t with Emily. I flew to La Push in the Mustang. Thank goodness I built this car, it was becoming pretty handy. When I walked into Emily’s house, she was already making dinner.
“Hey Emily, is Sam around?”
“He should be back soon Jacob. Hey are Du okay?”
“No Emily, I really wish I was.”
“Well, tell me what’s wrong”
“It’s really a long story Emily. I think I should just wait for Sam.”
“I’m not chopped liver, Jake”
“Emily, Nessie is having a difficult pregnancy. It’s causing her pain I’m having a bit of a hard time dealing with it.”
“You know Jake; most women have some trouble with being pregnant. It’s a natural thing. I’m sure whatever Nessie is dealing with is not too far off.”
“Actually Emily… it’s way off. If I was human and so was she…well maybe her pregnancy would be normal. It’s just so abnormal though.”
“Jake, are Du happy Nessie is your wife?”
“Of course?”
“Are Du really happy that she is pregnant?”
“Yes, at least I was until…”
“Then stop fighting Jake…Nessie is happy right?”
“She really is-“
“So that’s all that matters right?”
“I guess so…but it’s just that-“
“There are no “Buts” Jake when it comes to pregnancy.”
“I guess Du are right, Emily”
As I sagte these words I heard Sam come into the house behind me.
“Hey Jacob, good to see you”
“Good to see Du Sam, do Du have a minute?”
Sure Jacob, take a walk with me?”
Sam and I began to walk out of Emily’s house and Sam could see the turmoil on my face. He headed towards the woods with me following. When we had gone far enough into the woods he began to shed his clothes with me following his lead.
When we both had phased to our Wölfe I simply brought all my new emotions and Bilder into my mind for Sam to read for himself. When Sam and I phased back I could see his own concern on his face. Sam would know better than anyone how I felt. I could see his own struggle.
“Jacob, I’m sorry for you. I really am. I don’t know how to council Du at this point. This is really a terrible situation. I can’t even begin to imagine how Du must feel. Maybe Du should stay away from Nessie for a while.”
“Jeez Sam, I wish I could. I really am at my wits end. Du know I can’t stay away from Nessie thought.”
“Well at least Edward tried to help you. Du know your family is always here for you. Maybe Du should lead the patrol tonight. Like old time, it will help get your mind off this oder a while.”
“Maybe Du are right Sam. I guess it couldn’t hurt.”
“Okay, tonight Du take point with Embry and Quil.”
“Thanks Sam, I really appreciate this.”
“No problem, Jacob…I’ll keep your mind busy for a while.”
That evening I went out on patrol with Embry and Quil as Sam had suggested. It felt good to run in my wolf form. Quil and Embry were instructed to keep me moving with no mention of Nessie at all. We were running the usual circuit of our boundary line. I was fully focused on this task Sam had gegeben to me. Embry and Quil just kept their thoughts focused on simply updating me on events down in La Push. We were out on the edge of the perimeter when I caught a scent that stopped us all short.
Whoo…Jake what the hell is that smell? Quil asked
I have no idea…we better follow it though.
Jake, check the prints. What the heck made these? Embry asked
Again Du got me! Let’s just follow and see where it leads
I buckled down and headed off with Quil and Embry on my flanks. Whatever it was it was heading away from Forks and that’s what bothered me the most. The smell was awful. The tracks were so unfamiliar. The trail stopped Von the side of the highway. The scent just seemed to disappear as I could see fresh tire prints. We have to double back. I need to know where this thing came from. I didn’t need to say it as I turned and followed the trail back with Embry and Quil. We crossed through Forks. I couldn’t believe where this trail was heading…could it really be to the Cullen’s house. I was sure of it as I pushed harder now. When we were about to break through the trees the scent stopped short at the baum line right Von Edward’s window. I could hear Nessie’s voice upstairs.

Guys, double back to La push! We need Sam and the others. I’ll be there when I can. I want to check on Nessie first.

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