Part 10 contiunes from part 9

I didn’t get it; I don’t really understand the problem I sagte to myself as I walked back to the construction. “Your best bet is to stop hanging around Bella” sagte Sam as he nailed down the frame to the foundation.
“Yea man, if Du don’t it will only create Mehr problems” sagte Jared.
“Come’ on fella’s Bella is my best friend” I sagte to them.
“Yea but Keila is your soon to be wife” sagte Quil.
I just turned away, I knew they were right Keila was the woman I wanted to marry and start a family with, but it was hard for me to let go my friendship with Bella, I knew I had to come up with a decision soon oder I would lose Keila.
I nailed the last nail for the night, it was getting dark and we were all tired.
“Ok guys, let’s call it a night and get some sleep” I said. They dropped their tools and walked away. “What’s the matter guys” I said.
“We don’t like the fact Du won’t choose Keila over Bella” sagte Quil
“Yea, did Du lie about the imprint?” asked Embry.
“Yes I did imprint on Keila, and I didn’t say anything about choosing” I said.
“That’s the point, Keila is your fiancé Du shouldn’t even have to think about it” sagte Jared.
“Listen guys Bella is my friend and Keila is going to have to deal with it” I said
“No she shouldn’t, she has always felt like she always had to compete with Bella for your Liebe and even though she has Du she still does” sagte Sam has he threw his hammer on the floor.
“You guys are Lesen too much into my friendship with Bella, were just friends” I sagte trying to avoid an argument.
“Oh what ever Jake, Bella used you, she played with your herz and Keila was the one was there to help heal it while she ran off with Edward again. How could Du just forgive her unless Du still Liebe her” sagte Paul
“Cause I know how to forgive and forget, I found my Liebe of my life………………..listen guys, I will break it down to Bella that we can’t be friends” I said.
“Good when?” asked Sam.
“Tomorrow” I said.
“No, tonight” sagte Quil.
“Okay then tonight.” I clamed into my car, as I drove I called Bella and told her to meet me Von the cliff. I drove up and sat on the haube of my car, I seen her flash Von me from the corner of my eye. “Okay glocke I already know it’s you” I sagte as I crossed my arm.
“I gotta change up my tactics” she sagte as she sat Weiter to me on my car.” I smiled at her.
“I asked Du to come here for a reason” I sagte as I looked away from her, I didn’t want to see her cry.
“This isn’t good” she sagte as she slipped off my car.
“Bella, I had to come to a hard decision between my fiancé and our friendship” I paused and glanced at her, I knew she already knew where this was going” I took a deep breath.
“I choose my fiancé, she always been there for me, I Liebe her” I saw her tears, I quickly rushed to her and hugged her tightly, I hated to see her cry.
“Jake, they don’t understand why I need you” she sagte to me. I felt her cold tears run down my chest.
“I know sweetie” I said.
“There has to be away for us to meet up” she sagte as she broke away from my grip.
“I don’t know any other way, unless Keila allows me” I said.
“Why don’t we meet up here…………like I will text Du and we will meet up here every now and then” she said.
“That sounds like a good idea, but in know Keila and if she where to find out that where sneaking around to see each other she would leave me” I sagte hoping she would just allow me to end the friendship.
“Jake, Please………you’re the only reason I’m sane” she sagte to me as she hugged me, I hugged her back.
“Okay” I said, now I know this looks wrong, I know I would be lying to Keila but Bella was going through some tuff times, and she needed me.
“How’s Renesmee?” I asked.
“She is doing well, I want Du to be her God father” she said.
I was surprised.
“YEAH!!! I WOULD Liebe TO” I exclaimed. “But what about Edward” I asked.