Part 9 continues from part 8

. I stared in to my fiancé’s eyes; I couldn’t believe he was the one for me. The rest of the Tag was great; mom made her famous pot roast, we gathered around the tabelle and eat as one big family. “So Jake, when Du are going to began on building that house?” asked my father.
“The pack and I plan to start tomorrow, Keila and I just have to make a floor plan, I want to make it our dream home” he answered.
“That’s great” sagte Rebecca
“How long will it take Du guys to build it” my mother asked.
“Well with my father managing and the speed and strength of the pack, I will give it a month” he answered. My mother’s eyes widen with disbelief. “A month?” she continued.
“Yea, see we work fast” he answered.
“Sooooo when Du guys are planning the big day” asked Rachel. I looked at Jake, he smiled at me.
“As soon as the house is finished, we will get married.” He sagte as he grabbed my hand.
“So that means we got to plan a wedding… now” sagte Rebecca as he chewed her food.
“Now, now, we don’t want to have to rushed them, they have plenty of time for all that” sagte Billy.
“Well, I want to get married as soon as we can” I said. Billy smiled. “Trust me, don’t rush, Du guys have the rest of your life ahead of you.”
“Dad, we are getting married when the house is finished” sagte Jake. I could feel the tension growing in the room.
Billy just stared at him. “Okay, you’re a grown man now”
“Your just scared to be alone, that’s why Du don’t want me to rush” sagte Jake as he stared back at his father.
“Jacob, were guest at the Waterfall’s home, we can talk about this later” sagte Rebecca. Jake glared back at her and shook his head in disappointment.
“I’m sorry dad, I didn’t mean what I said.” sagte Jake, he looked embarrassed. Billy placed his hand on Jake shoulder, “its okay son, I know it’s not Du it’s the wolf in you” he said.
“I’m having the same problem with Adam, everything I tell him he takes it for worst” sagte my father.
“Well the best thing to do is understand that the trait of being a wolf is having a short temper, and know that the anger isn’t him on purpose” sagte Billy.
The Weiter morning I woke up got ready and went to see the progress of my house, I pulled up to see Leah, and Emily already were there watching the building. I got out my car, “wow they already got the foundation” I said. Leah and Emily turned around and hugged me “Congratulations on the engagement” they both sagte in unison, we all three leaned on the haube of my car. “It’s looking great isn’t it” sagte Emily.
“It’s just a cement floor” sagte Leah sarcastically. Emily glanced at her “You know what mean” ranted Emily. I saw Sam cutting wood preparing the frame of the house. The guys were standing around him shirtless with long jeans on and construction boots. “Wow where in the middle of winter and these guys wants to work shirtless.” I said. Em and Leah laughed. Just then I noticed Jake, he had a pencil behind his ear and blue prints for the house, he looked up to see me looking at him, he smiled and rushed to me and hugging me. “I’m so happy you’re here” he sagte as he released me. I began to blush.
“Now that you’re here, help me Design the house, so far this is what I have” he laid out the blue print on the haube of my car pushing Em and Leah out the way. “So typical Jake” sagte Leah. But he ignored her. “Wow this is great” I said. It was so beautiful I didn’t know what else to put in it, the house had 4 bedrooms and 3 ½ bathrooms, it was a 2 story house, with beautiful arches and columns, Jake had a great vision for our house. “Wow its perfect Jake” I said.
“You really think so?” he asked
“Yea it’s wonderful” I said. He gently kisses me and heads to Sam to Zeigen him the layout, Jared grabbed a chalk and began to mark down the layout on the dried cement. Just then we heard a car pulling up, I turned my head to see Bella and Renesmee, Bella had a basket full with kekse, cookies she walked directly to Jake handing him the basket. I glared at her, “I think she is beginning to do this on purpose” sagte Leah. “Yeah, I couldn’t agree more” sagte Emily. I quickly rushed to my fiancé’s side. I was trying my hardest to read her expression; it was obvious she was upset that I disturbed her moment alone with him. “Well, I got Du these Jake…….by the way congratulations” she said, she barely looked at me. I crossed my arms, Jake took the basket “Thank you” he said. She quickly turned away and rushed to her car. I glanced at him, he seen the anger in my face. “Why is she coming around bringing Du cookies, Emily can bake Du cookies” I said.
“Keila, I didn’t know she was coming over to drop off cookies” he sagte as he walked away from me but I followed.
“Jake, I don’t want Du around her!” I demanded “She has to respect our relationship, and if Du Liebe me Du would respect my wishes” I said. I could sense his patience running thin but I didn’t care.
“Keila she is just a friend, she has been my friend for years, Du have to trust me!” he demanded back.
“So, you’re going to still hang around her?” I asked
‘Listen let’s talk about this later I have a house to finish” he slams the basket and heads back to the house. I rushed to my car, Emily and Leah joined me, I quickly went home.

House Jake is Building for Keila