Iris and Ash and May were picnicking in a water park. All of them were fifteen now. "I wonder when Brock will turn up," Ash said, "And also Dawn and Max and Cilan."

As soon as he sagte this they arrived there. Ash hugged Brock, shook hands with Max and Dawn. It had been three years since they met.

Max was now a pokemon trainer; his first pokemon was a Mudkip and had evolved too soon into a Swampert. May had won the Sinnoh Grand Festival and Dawn had won the Kanto Grand Festival. Ash was the Pokemon Champion in the Melabur Region. Maybe you've not heard of it.

Misty arrived there too. So they all sat down and told their tales. No one had brought Pokemon with them. As soon as Iris opened the package of Essen there was a huge explosion some blocks away. All of them ran there.

Team Phalosphere (You wouldn't have had heard of them either) was stealing all the pokemon from the locality. They had caused the explosion just to scare the people. "What should we do?" May exclaimed in horror. "We've not even brought our pokemon," Misty exclaimed.

Iris and the others were getting tensed. Suddenly Team Rocket turned up there. "I want to borrow your Pokemon!" Iris said, "I'll provide Du with so much Essen that Du won't have to work for the whole month!"

They considered about it. "OK!" Meowth said, "We'll lend Du our Pokemon. But you've got to be true to your word." Iris nodded. James gave her his Weezing who had come back to him. Jessie lend her Arbok to her. She sent out both the Pokemon.

"Arbok use Poison Tail! Weezing use Sludge Bomb on the that machine!" she ordered. They used these attacks and all the Pokemon were released. The goons were blasting off.

Iris thanked Team Rocket and our Friends had their picnic lunch with them. They collected money and provided Team Rocket with the food. Iris smiled as she walked back home.