Priestesses Kikyo and Kagome between Naraku and InuYasha
Introduction: Why the Title?

I gave my Artikel its Titel based on the Frage as to link InuYasha, Naraku oder Onigumo? My Artikel Titel originated from: Kikyo: Naraku and InuYasha's Obessession. The current Titel Suits this Artikel better than the former Titel even though the Umfrage Frage I took is asking me who is further obsessed with Kikyo. I also chose the word devotion because it describes InuYasha's Liebe for Kikyo much better than obsession. (IF Du read, and much more, finished this article, you'll understand why I did not call InuYasha's Liebe for Kikyo an obsession.) I gepostet this Artikel in this Section because The Final Act in the InuYasha series finalized the story that left InuYasha Fans and non-InuYasha Fans alike bewildered, ecstatic and joyous. I think Mehr people would be able to see this Artikel if gepostet in this section since The Final Act is the latest InuYasha episodes and, of course, the finalization of Ms. Rumiko Takahashi's InuYasha series.

Why this Article?

I started this Artikel because of a Umfrage Frage here at Fanpop regarding InuYasha and Naraku's obsession towards Kikyo. Earlier, I was browsing through the Fanpop Umfrage when my attention turns to this Umfrage question: Who do Du think is Mehr obsessed with Kikyo?. The choice is among Naraku, Onigumo, and InuYasha. Seeing that Mehr people voted for InuYasha, I went with the flow and voted for him as well. But when I started Schreiben my Kommentar as well as the reason why I picked him, my so-called-comment got longer. It got longer, longer, and longer until it turns into what I can call an article, and decided that I'd post it here.

What's it All About?

Schreiben this article, I realized that it should have been Naraku,not InuYasha. Why? Well, here are the reasons for it.

Naraku lusting after Kikyo
Obsession is a negative side of attraction accomplice with twisted lust and sick malice. "It is a persistent and disturbing preoccupation compelling the mind resulting to often unreasonable feelings and relentless motivation. (Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary).

This describes Naraku's obsession. We all know the story from link of the InuYasha series: Kikyo nursed a burned bandit Von the name of Onigumo. Onigumo was tempted Von a spider-demon and let demons nearby feed on his decaying body in exchange for demonic powers. Onigumo, being the inhuman person that he is, "died" and thus born was "Naraku", which means "Hell". When a person is born again, naturally, his old self dies and out comes a new person. Since the transformation, he has become as to what we know a "half-demon"; however, as all half-demons, he retains to have his human counterpart's heart. Onigumo's herz is intact, but got at its dirtiest stage since it beats within Naraku. The same person who desired Kikyo, greatly lusts for her gentle touch.

Kikyo and Naraku's Battles

When a person becomes infatuated, I assumed that his Liebe has evolved from somewhere. (Honestly, the term "evolved" just reminds of Pokemon at the moment. It reminds me a lot that evolution doesn't only happen on Pokemons but also to people's feelings.)

Boy meets girl. Boy and girl feels attraction. Boy and girl becomes friends. Friendship is accompanied Von caring, tenderness, sympathy, compassion, and all the good virtues that Du may think of that comes with these. To maintain their already-or-becoming-strong relationships, people protect it. link,"Sometimes people care too much, I think it's called... love." (Disney with Milne, A.A., Winnie the Pooh). This tender affection is chaste, pure, tendered and cared for. After boy confesses oder proposes to girl, devotion enters their lives. The vows that they are constantly committing to will renew in a complete and legal form of marriage: consummation. My psychology professor from college told us students that, "Sex is not evil; it is a blessing and grace from God to be enjoyed and be bliss out Von only and only married couples." Challenges and obstacles will tests the couple afterwards. Their Liebe will only strengthen if they remain true, faithful and hopeful to one another. Their trust will not waver despite all doubts.
CLAMP's Tsubasa Reservoir Couples: Sakura and Syaoran and Clone Sakura and Clone Syaoran
I admire couples like Kagome and InuYasha; Akane and Ranma(Ranma 1/2); Juliet Capulet and Romeo Montague(Romeo and Juliet: 2007); Miaka Yuki and Tamahome/Taka Sukanami(Fushigi Yuugi); Aya and Toya (Ayashi no Ceres); Kyou Sohma and Tohru Honda(Fruits Basket); Sakura Kinomoto and Li Syaoran(CLAMP Characters from Tsubasa Reservoir Chonicle and Card Captor Sakura); Jack and Rose (Titanic Movie).
Yuu Watase's Fushigi Yugi - Star-Crossed Lovers, Miaka Yuki and Tamahome Sukanami
All these characters demonstrated tough love, and all couples' affection have been tried, tested and have been Victorious in the end. True Liebe can overcome anything as they say. I say, true Liebe emerges alone after triumphant battles of numerous hardships and extreme difficulties.

Naraku's desire for Kikyo is similar to people treating their partners as accessories rather as beloved; husbands battering their wives; and boyfriends/girlfriends leaving their girlfriends/boyfriends to be a single parent.

Did Naraku's obsession towards Kikyo evolved from any of the virtues I mentioned above? His obsession for Kikyo turned from attraction to desire; from desire to obsession; obsession to bloody lust; from lust to malice; from malice to loath; and from loath to ruin of one's self. His death became the outcome due to his malevolence towards her. Even his death wish to be with her wasn't granted. I think Miss Rumiko Takahashi thought so as well.

InuYasha's attraction towards Kikyo is not what I can call obsession. His guilt is what drives him to go after her again and again. He feels deep remorse because of his beloved's tragedy. He tries to protect her; tries hard to keep his promises to keep her safe, sicher from Naraku's grasps (even though he often fails to keep such promises); keeps following her again and again even if he has already Kagome; anticipates to see her even secretly from Kagome; attempts to save her even in vain when Naraku pushes her off the cliff; desperately attempts to follow her to the Weiter life (especially in link). His conscience cannot let him sleep. Even if she already died in the Final Act, he might think of her sometimes; he may still ask for her forgiveness continuously, if not always.

InuYasha and Kikyou in the process of consummation

Because their relationship was unsettled and was cut off Von Naraku, his commitment to following her to death becomes an obsession. It is following Kikyo towards the ends of the earth that he is obssessed with, not Kikyo herself. After her death, he felt judged, guilty, inhuman; he wants her to forgive him - forgive him for blaming her to be unfaithful at the beginning; forgive him for his failed attempts to protect her from harm and death. It was not easy for him to let go of their past relationship; their time together being interrupted and unfinished commits him to going back to her. Whenever he saw Kikyo, he is driven Von his conscience to "Go after her . . .go after her . say that you'll make it up to her . . .".

Devotion Instead of Obsession

It would be improper if InuYasha's compassion for Kikyo would be called obsession. He cares too much for her when she attempts to chase Naraku and kill him. InuYasha indeed will avenge her death, but it's both out of Liebe and guilt. I say, it's stronger on the latter since it's inevitable to feel sorry for Kikyo's tragedy.

It is his fickle-minded attitude that prevents him from being with Kikyo most of the time; the same thing that provokes Kagome's jealousy. That attitude of his is the main reason why Kagome is so in Liebe with InuYasha. If there's ever a guy whose attitude existed like InuYasha, I would fall for him as well. She's completely envious of Kikyo,I would too!, yet her Liebe for InuYasha compensates for her grudge against them, especially InuYasha.

Final Thoughts

This is the rationale why I Liebe this Anime so much. It has demonstrated two opposite poles of attraction: Naraku's and InuYasha's. It has also shown how romantic conflicts can be dealt with. Analyzing this complex story of link is one of my specialties. I didn't waste my time on Schreiben this Artikel because all the while, I am learning, using, and improving my English skills. I have Kommentiert on so many YouTube Videos regarding their Liebe story, have read reviews, and absorbed all the information I could get from other related Artikel regarding the story plot and well-developed characters. The Mehr I read and understand why each character develops the way they are, the Mehr I appreciate the story, its characters, its Musik and Miss Takahashi's other works (e.g. Ranma 1/2, Mermaid Saga, and Rinne).

I have been in love, currently in love, and will forever be in Liebe with animes like these. InuYasha is one of the best story-told animes that contributes to my learning in life. I hope that it continuously contributes life lessons to other people as well
Kikyo's "Final Act" in her beloved's arms