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Die Fanauswahl: Yes!!!! <3 <3
Die Fanauswahl: Its Suberb! Pure Perfection
Die Fanauswahl: In The Flesh// BBC 3
Die Fanauswahl: Kieren Walker
Die Fanauswahl: Luke Newberry
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drewjoana sagte …
Thanks to all the In the Flesh devoted and loyal fans. The series ended too soon but even so we are proud Of the series and everything suberb and touching the Zeigen brought to us. Speciall thanks to Dominic Mitchell, Luke Newberry and all the marvellous actor that make part Of this family! Cheers for that! gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
big smile
Alchemistlover sagte …
Just keep getting Mehr obsessed with this show. I'm taking forever to finish because i'm scared of no season 3 (although i think Netflix will take it on). But my god the characters and the messages in this are incredible! Also the Schauspielen what a great cast. gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Alchemistlover Kommentiert…
I wish Mehr people new about it tbh Vor mehr als einem Jahr
drewjoana Kommentiert…
Exactly, but if Du think better, there are so Mehr In The Flesh Fans than we are aware Of. The Fandom might be not millions, but those few are loyal and are trying everything to make series 3 a sure thing! Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Alchemistlover Kommentiert…
Yeah it has such a loyal, devoted fanbase :) Vor mehr als einem Jahr
big smile
Alchemistlover sagte …
Guys Netflix is considering renewing the series! gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Alchemistlover Kommentiert…
I was so upset about it being canceled but then that news came around! Vor mehr als einem Jahr
drewjoana Kommentiert…
Thats some possible great news! I am excited over that possibility. Netflix as done so much for cancelled shows;) Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Alchemistlover Kommentiert…
yeah i think if this petition gets a lot of signatures they'll do it Vor mehr als einem Jahr