Ice Age 5:The Return Of Buck Ch.1 
Diego:*Is Pacing Back And Forth In Front Of A Cave* Manny:She'll be fine,Diego. Sid:Yeah! Du need to calm down! Crash:You're startin to act like wiener! Louis:Hey! Eddie:It's true! And I have something to tell Du important. Louis:What? Eddie:*Squeezes His Nose* Beep. Louis:Real mature. Ellie:I hope it's another girl! Peaches:Why? Ellie:Because we're outnumbered Von men since Louis and Ethan joined our herd. Manny:Ethan is not apart of our herd. And wiener is technically a girl. Look at his little man comlex. *Pokes His Belly* Louis:Rude! Shira:>From Inside The Cave< Diego? Diego:*Slowly Walks In To See Shira Holding A Girl Cub* Shira:She has brown fur,darker brown pelz which has my stripes,and green hazel eyes. Thought of a name? Diego:How 'bout...Shani? Shira:Shani. I like that. Now go and get the herd... Diego:Guys! C'mon in! Manny,Ellie,Peaches,Crash,Eddie,Granny,Sid,And Louis:*Walk In* Ellie:Would Du look at that. Peaches:She's beautiful. Sid:Look! She kinda looks like me! Granny:Sydney! No one wants to look like you. That's why Du don't have a mate yet!!! Sid:For an elderly,you sure run your mouth. Shira:We-Diego decided to call her Shani. Manny:Welcome to the herd,Shani. 
{A Few Years Later Into Shani's Cub Years} 
Shani:You ready for this?! Crash:Yup! Eddie:More than ready! Shani:*Launches Them Out Of The Tree* Crash,Eddie:AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!! *Land In A Huge Whole* Crash:Woah where are we? Eddie:C-C-Crash? We're in Dino Land!!! Crash:You thinkin what I'm thinkin. Eddie:Oh yeah! *They Run And Wander Off Into Dino World* 
^Back With The Herd^ 
Shani:I don't get it. They should be here Von now!!! Diego:Who should be here Von now? Shani:AAH! Oh it's 
you. Um...I launched Crash and Eddie out of a baum and they haven't come back. Diego:*Eyes Widen* Shani:What? Diego:*Runs In The Cave* Guys!!! Crash and Eddie are missing! Shira:What?! When did they get lost?! Diego:*Eyes Shani* Shani launched them out of a tree. Shani:Ugh we were just having fun! Sid:Looks like we're gonna have to find them... 
^While They're Walking And Diego And Shira Are Sniffing Them Out^ 
Shani:I sagte I was sorry! Louis:I wonder where they landed. Ellie:I hope they didn't get themselves in some kind of trouble. 
^When They Get There^ 
Manny:Why does that hole look familiar? Sid:That's where Buck lives!!! Shira,Shani,Peaches,Louis,Granny:Who? Diego:*Explains EveryThing* Shira:Ok? I don't think Shani should come if Dinosaurier are down there. Diego:Relax. We'll be fine. C'mon. 
*They All Climb InTo Dino World* Manny:Just the way I remember it. Shani:A dump? Diego:Shani! Shani:What? ?:What are ya'll doing here? Shani:Woah!! Who's that?! Buck:Buck! Short for Buckmeister. Long for Buhhhhh. Peaches:Do I know him from somewhere? Ellie:Yes. He helped us alot here. This is your birth place. Peaches:That's something we should keep to ourselves when we're around my friends. Shani:So are we gonna look for Crash and Eddie oder not? Buck:You mean the twins? Von the way,who's the white sabor,sabor cub,old floppy purple thing,and the mole? Ellie:Meet Shira,Shani,Granny,and Louis. Buck:Aye. Well,we bests be going. First we better head to the chasm of death. 
^At The Chasm Of Death^ 
Buck:Alrighty,who's first? Manny:Peaches,Ellie. Ellie:*Rolls Eyes* Ellie,Peaches:*Climb In And Them And Buck Ride To The Other Side* Buck:YA'LL'S TURN!!! Manny,Shira,Diego,Shani,Granny,Sid,And Louis:*Climb In Holding Their Breaths* 
Rope:*Breaks And They Are Stuck In The Middle Of The Gas* buck:Hold it in!!! Manny and Diego! Shani:*Starts To Breathe And Voice Goes Funny* Oh my god! How long will this take! Huh? *Bursts Out Laughing* Shira:*Starts To Breathe In The Gas And Voice Turns Funny* Shani!!! What the?! *Bursts Out Laughing* Diego:*Breathes In The Gas And Voice Turns Funny* Du guys! You're supposed to be holding your breaths! Shira:*Laughs Harder* Du sound like an idiot! Diego:*Laughs* Du should talk! 
Shani:Wow! Who knew this place could be so awesome! *Laughs* *They Hear A Funny Sounding Fart Because Of The Gas* Diego,Shira,Shani:*Look At Manny* Manny:*Breathes In The Gas And Voice Turns Funny* Don't look at me! Granny:*Breathes In The Gas And Voice Turns Funny* Guess I shouldn'tve ate that fruit. Manny,Shira,Shani,Diego:EW! *Laugh* 
To Be Continued...