Diego has been following Shira around the land ever since they landed. He's not sure if he's just making sure she doesn't leave, oder if he just wants to be around her. Shira hasn't complained. She had to admit for a saber he was kinda cute. But she'd never tell. Diego had to admit seeing her for the first time was a sight for sore eyes. Of course he was a hunter not a lover, oder knew the first thing about dealing with females.

"So, why exactly does a saber hang around two sloths, and a mammoth?"Shira asked turning toward Diego who was right behind her. He was silently enjoying the view of her legs and backside. He shook himself out of his trance.

"How does a saber hang around an ape, a rabbit, blubber thing, and a kangaroo?"Diego shot back with a sarcastic tone and smirk.

"I asked Du first"Shira pointed out no longer facing Diego.

Diego sighed and spoke. "Well actually the old sloth is a Kürzlich addition. I'm usually with 3 mammoths, 2 possums, and a sloth. "

"Ah, an even stranger bunch"Shira mentions with a smirk.

"Hey we may be different but we're a family, and families stick.."Diego is interrupted Von claws scratching a rock.

Shira drags her claws on a nearby rock leaving deep scars.

"Families are a joke."Shira spat out venomously.

"Excuse me?"Diego asks. Shira stops and sits. He walks Weiter to her and sits Weiter to her.

"Families only stick with Du as long as you're normal. Not a freak!"Shira sagte with hate.

"Not all families are like that. I don't think any family is."Diego said.

"Well then Du didn't know my family."Shira sagte with a sigh. "When I was born my family and the entire pack was so excited. Until they saw what I looked like. Obviously I don't look like your average saber. With this pelz and eyes, people looked at me as if I was a monster oder a disease. Everyone would stay away from me. My own parents wouldn't want to be around me for long. They didn't even want to teach me to hunt because they didn't want to be seen with me. So I taught myself. And before long I was an even better hunter than most sabers older than me. So now they hated me Mehr because I could hunt better. But I still wanted to go hunting just once with my parents. One Tag that finally happened."

Shira held a smile on her face. Then she dropped her smile and head in pain. "And that was the worst Tag of my life. They took me out far from where our pack was, way far. I knew they didn't want anyone to see us so I didn't care. They told me to go ahead of them and try my luck in catching something for all of us. I caught enough gazelle meat to last us for days. When I got back to where they were...."Shira stopped. She almost looked in pain just remembering.

Diego looked at her in pity. "What happened?"He asked. "They were gone. My own family decided to ditch their freakish grey furred, blue eyed daughter. I didn't want to believe it at first so I tried to find them. I spent days searching, and when I found them, I caught them talking to our pack about how I was killed Von a human. It was no surprise that they just shrugged it off and left. It was a surprise to see that my family was embarrassed Von me so much that they would go that far to get rid of me."

Shira lifted her head with a furious look. She started to walk off. Diego followed Weiter to her. "From then on, I didn't trust anybody. I knew families cared Mehr about what others thought of you. I hunted for myself and took care of myself. No one else. Then one day, I got caught Von one of Captain Gutt's crew. The took me to his ship and were going to make me his prisoner. I wasn't gonna be anyone's slave, so I fought them off. Gutt was impressed. He gave me the option of a prisoner oder Mitmachen his crew."

"You can guess what I chose. Being part of a group, an actual pack. It felt...so right. I was soon promoted to first mate. And I've been with the crew ever since."

"But Du just sagte that Du use to fend for yourself. And liked it. Why would Du give that up to be part of a crew?"Diego asked.

"You know saber's only like to be alone for so long until Du realize Du can't do anything for yourself. We need to be part of a pack to feel strong. And being part of his crew made me feel whole. It may not be a perfect crew but its a crew. A crew of outcasts and freaks, just like me."

"A freak? You? Are kidding me? You're annoying and stubborn yeah, but you're fast, Du you're strong, you're beautif.."Diego stopped before he went too far. He stepped back a little in embarrassment.

"Were Du just gonna say I was beautiful?"Shira asked with a smirk. Diego tried to look tough. "No I was gonna say you're you're...[sigh] lets just say I think those guys must be blind to think of Du as a freak. Because you're the farthest thing from it." Diego looked away in embarrassment.

Shira smiled a genuine smile. "Thanks, I think you're the first guy whose ever sagte that to me." Diego turned to look at her and smiled back at her.

Shira then grew a smirk. "And Von the way"Shira walked smoothly Von him, quite near him, brushing fur. "You're pretty cute yourself softie."She whispered in his ear and walked away.

Diego gulped and froze. He tightly turned his head. He grew a large goofy grin on his face and walked back to the guys. Shaking his head to knock off the stupid smile, he met up with Manny and Sid.