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this was made a very long time ago! all rights reserved.
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1. Du sing La, La, Lalala! La, La, lalala! whenever Du take a bath oder shower.

2. Du say "Hellooooo everybody!" whenever Du walk into a room.

3. Du Liebe melons.

4. Du cry whenever Du see a jar of ink.

5. Du ship Squid and Salem JUST BECAUSE Du CAN!!!!!!

6. Du made lots of Squiddy Fan art (too much to count!)

7. Du made a model of Squid in your Minecrat world.

Mehr to come! If Du have an idea, just PM me, oder leave it in the Kommentare below! But this doesn't count as an Artikel unless it's 'longer' so I'm just going to babble until it's long enough to post. So, how Du been? Good. Yes I have made an Amy Lee 33 club! Why of course Du can join, and tell your Friends about it! I welcome anyone! Du didn't ask that, did you? Oh well. But if Du did, then GASP! I'M PSYCIC! but seriously though, Is this long enough yet?
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