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KatieK102 posted on Dec 26, 2012 at 08:01PM
Hey guys! So I got bored and decided to go around adding things to HC (Hurricane Clan) and since we only had 2 forums I decided to make another. This form shows all the mates of HC and their kits.


Mates With Kits:

Sire: Rouge.
Queen: Icepath-(kitthluva)-Solid white she-cat with blue eyes
Morningkit-(kitthluva)-Solid gray she-cat with blue eyes
Gorsekit-(Kitthluva)-Solid black tom with Hazel eyes

Sire: Un-known.
Queen: Amber-(Spottedtail139)-beautiful grey she cat with ginger fleck and pretty golden eyes
Silver-(Spottedtail139)-Grey tom with ginger stripes and stunning silver eyes

Sire: Demon (Rouge)
Queen: Berryfur-(smartone123)-black and white she cat with dark blue eyes
Not born yet
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr kittehluva said…
Mate: idc whoever as long as there a tom cuz I'm a She-cat
Kits: morningkit/paw/breeze & gorsekit/paw/fur
*_* :)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr KatieK102 said…
Added them
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Spottedtail139 said…
Mate: Loin(late)
Kits: Silver
Vor mehr als einem Jahr KatieK102 said…
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Spottedtail139 said…
big smile