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KatieK102 posted on Dec 02, 2012 at 10:17PM
This is where we rp! Also where you see where other members and their cats rank. have fun ;)

MistyStar-(KatieK102)-Beautiful sleek gray she-cat with light blue eyes


Gingerclaw-(Smartone123)-Pretty long dark gingered she-cat with pale ginger tabby marks and stripes with green eyes

Medicine Cat:
Glacierfur-(smartone123)-pale silver blue tom with pale pale blue eyes

Medicine Cat Apprentice:

Stormwind-(KatieK102)-Hansom tom with a black pelt, white ear tips and stormy blue eyes (App. Rainpaw)
Berryfur-(smartone123)-black and white spotted she cat with dark blue eyes (App. Grasspaw)
Dawnstrike-(KatieK102)-Pretty she-cat with a bright ginger pelt with darker stripes and green eyes (App. Mintpaw)
Blurstreak-(smartone123)-sleek furred tom with creamy colored pelt and pale pale blue eyes
Blizzardstorm-(smartone123)-sleek furred tom with creamy colored pelt and pale pale blue eyes
Windfoot-(Dovextiger123)-Gray tom with a white underbelly and blue eyes.
Starflame-(Dovextiger123)-Silver and white she-cat with black flame pattern stripes (App. Echopaw)
Liongaze-(Naomiwinx)-Tom with a bright orange pelt and light blue eyes
(App. Casperpaw)

Echopaw-(KatieK102)-Pretty she-cat with a silver and white pelt and ivy green eyes
Mintpaw-(NaomiWink)-Adventures she-cat with a pelt of Ivory with black and brown tips are nose paws ears and tail; light hazel eyes
Rainpaw-(DovexTiger123)-Speckled gray-blue she-cat with golden eyes
Grasspaw-(Naomiwinx)-A deep brown tom with white paws and auburn eyes
Casperpaw-(Smartone123)-Blue-gray tom with light blue eyes




Tigerstripe-(KatieK102)-Orange tom with black tiger stripes and brown eyes


Current Season: Leaf-bare
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