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Bladewarrior sagte …
one of the worst and most overrated wrestlers of all time what does hogan even know about wrestling why make him gm he can't make anyone all he knows how to do is make hulk hogan whats' hogan gonna tell tna guys when all he knows how to do is a legdrop and that's the only Bewegen he did that got the Fans excited he only did like 8 oder 9 moves in his career and all of them were the basics and in andre vs hogan the only good parts were almost hitting him the piledriver on the floor and the scoop slam gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Bladewarrior Kommentiert…
and Von tna guys i mean teh young guys like magnus samoa joe and aj styles not hardy ,angle and sting they already made their mark and know what to do ever notice that tna ratings went down when hogan joined and with his Friends bischoff and russo thank God they fired russo now all that's left is hogan,bischoff and carter then tna will get back good if they want the Lost wcw Fans that tna was meaning to bring back then get rid of wrestlings(wcw's) scraps youc an leave sting because he only had 2 matches this Jahr sting doesn't take air time away from the new guys like hogan hulk is just an old man who's overstayed his welcome and wants to take time away from the young guys so the spotlight is always on him Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Rue2459 sagte …
He was the greatest...he still is...always goin to be my best wrestler gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr