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Where can one download the 3 additional songs ‘Careless Love’, ‘Crazy Arms’ and ‘Hallelujah I Liebe Her So’ that Hugh Laurie sang at his concerts? oder even save the Videos thereof on a permanent base? Your help will be much appreciated!

 marterdur posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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TheLastMile said:
Hallelujah, I Liebe Her So’ and ‘Crazy Arms’can be found on Let Them Talk: Special Edition’ an expanded version of his critically acclaimed debut album and is boosted with a wealth of bonus material. 'Careless Liebe can be downloaded free Mp3 online on www.weblagu.com.

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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
Thank you. Already pre-ordered a copy of the ‘Let Them Talk’ Special Edition set for release on November 14th. from the Official Website at link
marterdur posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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