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He got in her dressing room quickly getting rid of the leather jacke and the red hemd, shirt he was previously wearing in the scene, as House.
“We have time for a quickie” he sagte excitedly, sparkle forming in his eyes.
She was dressed in a baby rosa bluse that was revealing maybe a little bit too much. She was Lesen some newspapers, sitting in one of the armchairs that were, on her demand, brought to her dressing room. She loved being spoiled from time to time. She had to! She was a damn TV star.
“Now? Are Du crazy?” she cocked an eyebrow at him, as she continued Lesen the newspapers.
“No, that’s House… But we have 20 Minuten and I want to use them productively.” He sagte in a deep, sexy voice.
“That’s House too…” she giggled, still focusing on the Artikel she was reading.
“Well, woman, I think I deserve this one… This is not what we’ve agreed on…” he pretended to be hurt Von her actions.
Seemed to work on her. She raised her gaze and looked at him, his welpe dog eyes killing her.
“I can’t say no to that…” she replied whispering. She stood up from her chair and headed for the door.
“Where are Du going then?” he was so confused.
“Chill… to lock the door. Aye, you’re such a baby sometimes, Hugh” She giggled again.
“Can I be your baby?” he giggled with her.
“Um, no. I’m kind of a woman that sleeps only with men, not babies.” She grinned.
“I was stupid to think otherwise. Du sure Du locked the door?” he asked with a concerned face.
“Yes, I’m not an idiot” she replied a little bit harshly.
“God, I Liebe doing this, Lisa” He sagte excitedly, a sparkle forming in his eyes again.
“You mean, Du Liebe doing Lisa” she giggled, the sparkle in her eyes matching his. Lust.
“Oh, that too…” He sagte seriously, trying not to giggle.
“Hugh…!” she looked at him, trying to fake anger.
“Oh, alright…” he rolled his eyes in a playful way “Lets get Du out of that blouse” his eyes sparkled again.
“Hugh…” she exhaled.
“You’re still talking?” he asked raising his brows.
“Nope” she replied as he lifted her bluse up.

Oh, how was it, how was it???
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