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review of House Season 7 finale



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Yet ANOTHER let's blame Cuddy for this, it's ALL Cuddy's fault, she KNEW what she was getting into let's ABSOLVE House from all blame in this situation. Last time I checked House and Cuddy were BOTH in this together and they BOTH screwed up. There shouldn't be any sides!

*Throws hands in the air and walks away*
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PaulLev said:
I don't know what review you read, but it wasn't mine :) I said Cuddy was "in some sense in part responsible" - that, to you, means "it's ALL Cuddy's fault"?
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Yukari12 said:
well this review practically said that it was indeed all Cuddy's fault...and I have to agree with HuddyJoy0524. There are always two people in a relationship.
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Before I read the article I will post this, so that I am not influenced but it.

It was Cuddy's fault! She broke House. Maybe not intentionally, but she did!

She knew he was damaged before she started dating him, she knew he had an addictive personality, she knew or at least as a Dr should have expected at least 1 relapse, Wilson did! The fact that SHE became his addiction should have made her more sensitive to his state of mind. Not once did she even ask him how he was doing, how he was managing his pain or how he was managing the obvious pull of the addiction.
The sad thing is that she was supposed to be his friend, not just his lover. He made himself vulnerable to her, opened himself up to her and he trusted her. She was well aware of his love and desire for her, that he wanted nothing more than he wanted her.

The whole relationship was based on HER time table and what she wanted.

It started in “Now What,” she told him - "I just need to know if you and I can work” not “let’s take it slow and see if we can make us work.”

She challenged him about not letting Wilson in, accusing him of hiding her, that seconds after they had collapsed naked onto his bed after making love. That had to sting! She was thinking about what he did not do, rather than about what they were and what THAT meant. Or that he just wanted to be alone with her, and protect their privacy. His face tells you that much!

Then, when he did bring Wilson into the room she hid, WTF!!!! The man had to be confused as clearly he was, his face both in the room and in the kitchen show his confusion. Her excuse, she did not want him to feel forced.

Then he was not allowed to tell anyone until SHE had arranged a meeting with HR. She pulled her hand away from his in the parking. What woman does that?

She would not allow him to sleep over until SHE was ready, and if he never made a fuss it would have taken longer.

On their double date she sulked like a teenager when she got a booboo in the go-cart, making him take her home, because SHE had had enough! SERIOUSLY!!

Hell my second date with my BF he shot me with a pain ball, and then he took me to dinner!

All her excuses for punishing him were stupid. Adults in intimate, mature, loving relationships don't push their lovers away because of garbage, toothbrushes, toilet seats, slammed doors or lies (and BTW she lied to him too) not just that, but she treated his patient with his diagnosis and cure, which worked then hid the fact from him, knowing he was affected by it and lied about it. She also lied to keep him out of jail. Even the judge knew that!

Never had she doubted him before they were dating, his lies never bothered her then, because if the patient survived it was good for PPTH and by association Dr Cuddy!
If she suspected he was lying she made sure he had the necessary documentation to cover the hospital and himself. And having a world renowned Dr House on staff was one huge asset.

Not to mention the fact that they were HOT for each other. She was HOT for him when he was at his worst.

But when he lied to save a patient, she took it personally, just because he was dating her. That hypocritical. He was sober, clean and trying everything he knew to keep her happy. He warned her in the beginning that it would not work, that he was messed up, and that he was not likely to change. But she had decided that she was going to have a go with him anyway. She told him she did not want him to change and that not only was he the most incredible man she knew and always would be, but that she loved him. She knew he was terrified of the implications if their relationship failed. He had been chasing her for years, very aggressively since he got out of Mayfield.

But nothing he seemed to do was good enough. He tried to help Rachel get into not just 1 but 2 top schools. He did things he would NEVER normally do, to keep her happy. Baby-sitting, Clinic (without a drama), taking cased without so much as a squeak,
He was ready to go with her to the rehearsal dinner, even though he hates that kind of thing, and he went to the wedding, both those things seem small but for a man like House who hates crowds, and is anti-social that is huge. And the fact he went even though she was keeping him at an arms length is even more telling.

Why do you think he only has 1 friend? Not because he is not liked. He has poker buddies; he thought Lucas was a friend. It’s because he is socially awkward. He even stood up to her mother on her behalf because he LOVED her.
Yes, he made some mistakes, but she expected them, not that that is an excuse. One has to look at their relationship in context. He had not been in a relationship for a very long time and was probably still smarting from the first one.

She obviously did not mind too much because even after he ditched her award evening, she went to bed with him. His drunken "I'll Always Choose Loving and being Happy with you, did make her happy."

The fact he was really trying to bond with Rachel, to the point she trusted him enough to crawl into his lap for a cuddle is massive. He is uncomfortable with that kind of thing. Being intimate with the woman he is obsessed with and adores and all that goes along with that, is very different to being comfortable with physical contact in general.

Even the morning she discovered she was ill, she was in his arms and had she returned from the bathroom they would have made love right there on the floor. Women who feel angry, unhappy, disappointed or any other negative emotion toward their lovers do not crawl into his arms, kiss him senseless and leave him waiting for her return with the promise of further intimacy. So she was clearly over her snit for whatever he had done!

And when he used the 1 Vicodin to sedate himself just enough to be able mentally to be there for her she dumped him. And the worst part, he was honest when she asked about it. Dr's sedate family members of dead and dying patients every day!! And HE thought she was going to die, the woman he loves was dying! She could have overlooked it and realised that his absolute terror of loosing her made him behave the way he was. His relief when he realised she was going to live was almost tangible. His soft "HI" when she woke up, he could not take his eyes of her.

The same goes for driving his car into her House. She hounded him for days to talk to her, WHY? Well because she felt guilty for hurting him, and SHE wanted absolution. And she got it.

She lied by omission, she could have told him Julia was trying to set her up with someone when he asked if she was dating. She was well aware of the fact that he was still desperately in love with her, and probably also knew that he wanted her back. She claimed to love him, she even claimed to be sorry for breaking up with him. His bringing her brush to her was just an excuse to get near her again, maybe to tell her he wanted her and Rachel back in his life. That he loves them.

Seeing her with "coffee shop chop" was all it took to fracture his already stressed mind. When she broke up with him she broke more than his heart, she broke his spirit and a part of his mind too. Then when they finally are talking and he is confident enough to go to her, he sees that SHE really is moving on without him. And THAT is absolutely the last thing he wants her to do.

THUS turning the most rational of men into an irrational, wildly jealous, deeply disturbed, heart broken individual.

She always knew he had the volatile streak to his nature. She told the policeman she had always expected it. As I said before, House became a mortally wounded animal, and we know they are dangerous even deadly. Jealousy is a VERY powerful emotion!
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@LaurieLover well said! erm, i mean typed...

Yes, she screwed up big time.
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adu2send said:
i think laurielover is one of the the house fan who is deeply touched by the heart breaking cuddy thing. I love the way he put it in to words. Ya she really screwed him. Guys there was a moment that almost make me cry in the last episode like when she was asking him about how he was feeling 'i feel hust' the emotion there was so strong and i thought she understand and there will be a chance of huddy thing in the next season. I really agree with the laurielover idea.
You put every reason to make me belive that there is a fun like me who is really touched by the series. Thanks you have the ability to put things in word.
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