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Barbara Barnett on "Open and Shut"


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-rat said:
I might just add some things she (possibly) missed.

I liked the way she connected this to House's "history", which would have also been my first guess; Liked how she related the "open" marriage to House's parents' marriage, since Blythe lied to John about House being his son. That probably destroyed House's childhood ever since he figured that out (it would destroy a lot for me. Don't know about you guys).

She (unfortunately) didn't go into further detail (missed that anyway) about how House solved the case. I dare say it was one of my favorite scenes when he remembered his mother growing lilacs when he was young and how they had to get rid of them. It also supports the idea that this open marriage/ honesty arc was somehow connected to his mother's lie.
This reminded me of the deleted scene from "Brave Heart", when House lay in his bed, whispering, "It wasn't all bad." (or something like that XP) It proves once more that his childhood wasn't all screwed up. House often remembers things from his childhood and his time spent in egypt/japan/china.

Now moving further to the House/Wilson/Sam relationship. Let's begin with House and Sam. I liked the scenes they had together. I found their relationship very interesting, because there is some tension between them. They both act nice for Wilson's sake, but backstab each other whenever they can.

We already know a lot about Hilson, so I guess no explanation required. House (often proved) knows which strings to pull and therefore he pulls every tiny string (e.g. milk in the door). Unfortunately everyone questions House's pure motives, since we know House loves to screw with Wilson. I pitied him in that situation, because no one noticed his nice geture. It's hard for him to do good anyway, but when he tries and no one notices that would mean defeat to him.

Open and Shut showed my favorit Wilson. The angy one. The Wilson showing emotion. We hardly see him getting angry, he always swollows it not to hurt anyone and IF he ever gets angy its severe. Barbara left out the passage when Sam talks about the medical conference where House and Wilson met, when Wilson raged out. Like we saw in Birthmarks, when Wilson trashed the window.

House knows Wilson's inability of communication and uses this to fix his relationship. I was really impressed by that. He once again showed how he values their friendship and that he knows Wilson better than his wife/ any one else could. What a friend *dream*.

I can't agree with the word "disappointing". I think it was a good episode, because it showed how people change (around House). Maybe even how House changed. I remember David Shore saying "one step forward, two steps back". What if the writers tried to push THAT a little.

These are mainly the aspects I would have liked to see in her Review. It's been a little imprecise this time, but still an amazing work.

What about you? How did you like this episode?
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