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 Thirteen & Cameron
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Thirteen & Cameron
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First of all I'd like to thank my new beta,link, for Lesen and fixing my Schreiben since my English has been proven a little defected. Thank you!

Second I'd like to thank Du guys who is still there Lesen this sort of lunatic and weird story. Thanks! Hope Du like this chapter and sorry for the late.


Part IV

Coldness, darkness, moisture, … and a damn drop falling from the roof right Weiter the old and crank bett inside that small and claustrophobic cell. The pain was extreme, three days without those useless meds were enough to multiply the pain a billion times. That terrible smell, what the...
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posted by rose2
"House M.D.: The Jerk (#3.23)" (2007)
Dr. Robert Chase: [while giving Nate mushrooms] Nate, how's the pain?
Nate: Hey, it's Skippy, the busch kangaroo!
Dr. Robert Chase: Your head, Nate. We need to know how the pain is.
Nate: What I got here is the opposite of pain.
Dr. Allison Cameron: That means you're suffering from cluster headaches which means hopefully...
[Nate looks at Cameron]
Nate: [laughs] Man, you're hot!
[turns to Chase]
Nate: She's making me horny.
Dr. Robert Chase: Deal with it.
Nate: Hey, hey, hey, hey. Du can't get me stoned then not close the deal.
Dr. Robert Chase: [under his breath]...
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(Overall view of the prison,zoom into Cuddy's cell.She's sitting on her bed,trying to catch conversation with her cellmate,a tall,black woman)

C:So,how long have Du been here?(her voice is trembling)

INMATE:Look,lassie,you won't find a friend here.Don't care who Du are,what Du are.Ther's one rule here,everyone for themselves.Don't expect us becoming friends.I don't need friends!You look at your business,I look at mine!Comprende?


INMATE:If Du want any favours,don't dare ask me!

C:OK.(A police officer opens the door,points at Cuddy and says:
You.Visitation time.(Cuddy looks at him confused...
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Credit: House M.D. on YouTube.
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