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 "Lisa E getting her sexy on"
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I really hope Du like it, it's my first fanfic and I'd like to hear your thoughts on it!

Chapter One: New beginning

Ok, so here I am. I’ve parked my car in front of this enormous building and I still can’t believe this is happening! I’m actually going to work in Princeton uh… something starting with P, Teaching Hospital. I have to check it’s full name. I’m so excited I don’t even know what its full name is! Wait, I think it’s Plainsboro. Yeah, that’s it.
So, I’m going to work here for the rest 5 years 5 hours a day. Well, not really work- volunteer, and 5 years? If...
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Cuddy’s Place. It was nearly lunch but House was still sleeping soundly, after all he knows he deserved a lot of sleep after what happen last night between him and Cuddy. His phone rang and this wakes him up. He tried to lift his heavy arm to get the phone from the bett stand and managed to speak up with eyes still shut.
House: House ---- For God sake, it’s just six in the morning ---- <looked at the clock> Oh, my bad --- Okay, I’ll be there <he turned off the phone>
He stood up and smiled after noticing that he really wasn’t dreaming. He was indeed in Cuddy’s room and even...
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Clips used are from Season 1 right through to 4. Set from Cameron's point of view, she hates that House is now with Cuddy, and remembers how they used to be. Hope Du like. Credit too: Emmylu
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Here's chapter 9.
I might post chapter 10 later.

Cuddy finally got up.She didn't want to,but she had to.She had to be the Dean of Medicine at her hospital.She was Dr.Lisa Cuddy,Dean of Medicine of Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital.She got her suitcases that Cameron,and Wilson got for her from her hotel room.The Carnegie West reimbursed her money.They sagte she could stay there for as long as she wanted too.She didn't want to go back to that hotel again.He would haunt her mind.She got out a royal blue jacket,a white revealing top,'For House.'she thought while she looked for the perfect...
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So i just was thinking.so how we can have Chameron.In hospital comes new specialist of something.Her name is Laura Marks.She will be @only for few episodes@season7.So she fall in Liebe With Chase.But Chase likes her personality and see@her something like BFF(boys and girls can be BFF TOO!!!!!!!!!!!)One Tag when they are sitting her telephone is ringing and guess who is this!Of course Cameron.She is her friend from Cameron's past...or is her boss...or is her sisterO_______o..or Lauras patient is @Hospital where Cam's work because patient fell bad and give her doktors number(aka laura) and for...
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I thought about the spoiler, that one person will leave at the end of season 5.

I came to this:
Either a man leaves oder we have at least a 50% chance to get a new cast member.

How did I come to this?
Simple math.

We have 6 men on the Zeigen and only 3 women.
So, why kick out one of the women and make it 6:2 ?

Also I'm thinking that if Thirteen leaves (and there are some good reasons for that, but maybe it's just not as obvious as it seems), we have a pretty good chance to get a new team member.
Because a House team only consisting of men? What the hell is that- in my opinion there needs to be a woman...
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