Dr. House Anybody Knows What This Means ?

sharadkumar posted on Apr 26, 2011 at 01:55PM

BRENNAN: I'm out of the game.


BRENNAN: A couple of weeks ago you named me grumpy, said I didn't want to be here, I wanted to be back in the third world.

HOUSE: And you realised I'm right just now?

BRENNAN: I got a confirmation.

HOUSE: The patient's nuts.

BRENNAN: The patient's... unbiased. The patient has no axe to grind.

HOUSE: The patient is nuts.

BRENNAN: I miss my old life helping people who barely have clean water, let alone the kind of medicines we waste by the SUV load.

HOUSE: You're nuts. You're going to be miserable, at home, at work, somewhere. The goal in life is not to eliminate misery, it's to keep misery to the minimum.

BRENNAN: Oh, that's inspiring.

HOUSE: You said you came back to get married. What does your fiancée do?

BRENNAN: She's a court reporter.

HOUSE: Uh-huh, well I'm sure Thailand will have courts any day now. Someone's going to be miserable sometime. Accept it. It's how I stay so happy.

BRENNAN: Why do you care if I stay?
HOUSE: You're good. Don't screw it up just because you're miserable.

BRENNAN: I'm going to stay until the patient's cured. Which should be in about... an hour. [Leaves.]

QUESTION:1) what does the statement ": You're nuts. You're going to be miserable, at home, at work, somewhere. GOAL IN LIFE IS NOT TO ELIMINATE MISERY; ITS TO KEEP MISERY TO A MINIMUM." mean?

QUESTION:2) WHY DOES HOUSE TELLS BRENNAN THAT HE IS GOING TO BE MISERABLE IN THE FUTURE-"you're gonna be miserable at home , at work somewhe?
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Dr. House 2 Antworten

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr yaz said…
First off; You have to keep in mind that House is going to say ANYTHING he thinks will keep Brennen from quitting. By Brennen quitting, it throws the betting (chase's game) off. So House's first response is probably more personal. House is miserable and in pain, so he figures EVERYONE has some sort of misery and pain...Lets all try to keep it at a minimum.( Ever see Star Trek V...Kirk "I need my pain")
#2. Again House just wants him to stay, at least until all the betting is over. And its true. if Brennen leaves and goes to the congo, he'll go without his fiance...and be miserable. If he stay's for his girl, he has to practice medicine and be bored...misery!
Hope this helps...
Vor mehr als einem Jahr sharadkumar said…
thanks yaz. your reply really helped. BUT. SUPPOSING BRENNAN'S FIANCEE AGREES TO GO WITH HIM. WON'T HE BE HAPPY THERE. WON'T THIS REFUTE HOUSE'S CLAIMS "The goal in life is not to eliminate misery, it's to keep misery to the minimum." and "someone's gonna be miserable sometime." CAUSE BY ELIMINATING HIS MISERY HE IS BECOMIN HAPPY.
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