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Fan fiction by iluvhousemd posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Ok guys this is my first time Schreiben a Fan fiction, and I know its like way short but this is just the way I think the scene should have played out. So don’t be to brutal, okay : )!!!!

Alternate scene for “Let Them Eat Cake”

Cuddy- We all know this is going somewhere… I think we should KISS now.
House- We already did that
He places his hand on her chest.
Cuddy blushes and then chuckles realizing that this was rational for House. She takes his hand and brings it to her hip, throws her arms around his neck and gives him a long kiss.
Cuddy- And it won’t be the last time.
Fan fiction by huddysmacked posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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So yeah I'm bored again and I was in the House MD Fans spot and I told this weird crazy story about Cadley. So I was thinking what will be a nightmare to each of the characters.

Once upon a time in a awfully awesome day, the PPTH shine with a special glow. A really happy doctor entered the hospital. He had just dyed his hair brown, he had shaved, and he had put on a tie.
"Love, Liebe will keep us together Think of me, baby when-"
He was Singen when he passed through the clinic doors. He saw the bastard right away.
"Gregy, I didn't know Du liked Captain&Tenille. It's nothing compared to the ringtone I use for Du but it's...fine"
Wilson with his sarcasm. Why was he still his friend? And House was sure that he was really miserable with his pain and depending on a cane but he was still human. Wilson pushed people away because of that, he needed to change.
"Wilson, don't Du have a patient to diagnose. I have an appointment-"
Opinion by anaperez007 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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A man's left brain and right brain operate independently, which means he lives with two different personalities and has no control over his actions. This makes diagnosing him doubly challenging, as the two sides of his brain struggle for dominance and it becomes increasingly difficult for House and his team to figure out the problem. As a result, the team comes up with some "alternative methods" to get him to cooperate.
In the meantime, Cuddy also must find an unusual approach to convince House to complete his clinic hours.

Fan fiction by rosehustle1 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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"I don't know why I'm here." House sagte as he propped his leg on the kissen and lay across the plush leather sofa.
"What could be some reasons, Dr. House?"
"Uhh, is this what the whole Stunde is gonna be like? Me saying a statement and Du basically flipping it into a question?"
Dr. Auden took off his glasses and rubbed between his eyes.
"For a man who spends much of his time asking Fragen Du seem have a problem with answering other's Fragen of you." Dr. Auden stated.
"I ask Fragen to save lives. Du ask Fragen to break people down into simple little boxes, and if they don't fit those boxes then they're emotionally damaged. Blah, blah, blah."
"So, you're completely healthy inside and out? I've never met such a perfect specimen of humanity do Du mind if I take a few pictures?" Dr. Auden asked with a grin.
House couldn't help but to grin back.
"The leg is the first cue of my imperfection. The cane only helps to magnify it." House sagte as he pulled out his bottle of Vicodin and dry swallowed three pills.
Fan fiction by ToEkNeE posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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A Fan fic to the last scene of Wilson's Heart. The missing scene of how Cuddy ends up holding House's hand.

House was lying weak and nearly lifeless in his bed. Cuddy was fidgeting around with his medications, and studied his BP and herz rate. She walked barefoot back over to the chair beside him, propping up her head on the armrest, lifting her feet up on the chair. She just watched him peacefully rest. She gave sniffles every now and again, accompanied with a quick flow of tears, causing her eyes to puff and redden. Suddenly, his eyes slowly opened and he turned his head slowly, facing her.
"Why are Du still here?" His voice was soft, hoarse and fragile, causing his words to come in whispers.
"Why wouldn't I be here? Now go back to sleep."
"He came in here. He hates me."
"What? When?"
"Few Minuten ago."
"He hates me."
"He loves you. Just give him some time."
"I think he's going to need Mehr than just time."
Opinion by Elizabeth0 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Du may call him Gregory House, Dr. House, House, M.D, sexy as hell, oder simply House…or maybe Du just call him that jerk of a doctor on that Zeigen from Fox.Despite his drug addiction, blatant disregard for the well-being of his patients (or anyone else for that matter), and the, well, selfish, annoying...JERKY things he says and does...
We Liebe him.

Who knows why?

Maybe it's because we realize, like Dr. Cameron, that Gregory House needs Liebe Mehr than anyone.
While he is the type of person Du can laugh at on T.V., if your life really was on the line and Du were treated like that, I think panic and a lawsuit would be Mehr in order. Of course, the saving grace is that he *is* brilliant and usually *does* save his patients. (Amazing how that works, isn't it?)

Oh, and apparently he is also very sexy, attracting young and old, male and female… A quote from someone who Kommentiert on my Kürzlich drawing of him: “Is it weird that a pre-teen girl thinks he’s HOT?”
Opinion by Hughlaurie4ever posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Why these people cannot get cut off..

> Cuddy- Lisa renewed her contract, Huddy sex, Her baby she just got this season, no reason to cut her off.

>House-....Kinda obvious why HOUSE can't get cut off the Zeigen named HOUSE!!

> Wilson- He is supposed to get some romance, Robert renewed his contract, His brother kinda just got introduced, no reason to get cut off

>Chase- Jesse renewed his contract, him and cameron got a big role in season 6, no reason to cut him off he hasn't had any screen time lately

>Cameron- Jennifer renewed her contract, Her and Chase have a big role in season 6, no reason to cut her off.

>Thirteen- it says no one we would expect but ehh idk

>Kutner- why cut him off???

Taub - i really think it is him...

he is miserable, he is losing money which leads to suicide, he didn't renew his contract

Foreman- i have no clue about him but they can't since her renewed his contract also
Opinion by XhuddyobsessedX posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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BIG spoilers from Kristin
A main character will die this season.

This is the news I'm now hearing from reliable sources on House, that one of the cast members will be written out before the current season ends.

And trust me, it will shock the pants off of you. (Assuming Du are wearing pants.)

So who will it be?

Obviously, we can't come right out and Berichten who will die because that would spoil a major plot point that will serve as the climax of the season. And honestly, it is far too good to spoil!

However, I can tell you:

1. It's not the most likely candidate—not Von a long shot.
2. It's not someone who has been rumored to be leaving.
3. It is someone who will shock you.
4. How it happens will take Du completely Von surprise.
5. There is no lead-up to this death, it just...happens.

As House boss Katie Jacobs told us recently: "I think our cast will look pretty much the same Weiter season." The emphasis there is on pretty much, and it's my understanding that it will be just one cast member to leave. Everyone else will be back in the fall.
List by huddysmacked posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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So, yeah this is my first Artikel and yeah I'm bored to death. So this is a Liste of how to know you're a Fanatic of House (Although if you're Lesen this Du probably are).

100- Du watch House everyday it airs, whatever episode it is.
99-You ship a ship (that sounded weird).
98-You have watched s1-s5
97-You expect Mehr than 12 seasons.
96-If there are no 12 seasons Du will start a petition.
95-^^Or die!
94-You can name all the characters.
93-^^In alphabetical order.
92-You can name episodes.
91-^^By seasons
90-^^By the best to worst moment of your ship.
89-You know actors names.
87-^^In order that they appear on the credits.
86-^^By their ages.
85-^^By their birthdays.
84-You have buyed all the seasons that are available.
83-You have buyed the CD of artists that have been mentioned oder played in the show.
82-You are sarcastic.
81-You make fun of Australians Von telling them they´re British.
Opinion by TheHiddenCane posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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So... I have two theories on the alleged death this season finale and here they are:


What if Kutner's death shows House the dangers of carrying around guilt? Keeping things carefully hidden and letting them simmer for years? (Kutner's dead parents... House's youth, Amber, Infarction) and he suddenly feels forced to let all of it out because House just doesn't want to die that way?(after years of pain for both of them it's such an easy exit)

Secluded, private, troubled, damaged House letting things out? Hell, that'd break me down! I mean he pushed everything as far away as he could and it just comes rushing back over him? That would break even House!

And... it shows House that it doesn't matter whether he has Friends oder a lover for as long as he carries this around with him: he could, suddenly decide that it's just too much regardless of his apparent happiness. And that is something he's been extensively searching for this season and all the seasons before this one; what if he, despite decreased pain, a friendship, a lover, still isn't happy just because of his past, his guilt and all his troubles? He's been taught from a...
Opinion by misanthrope86 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Ok, so those of us who are spoiler whores will know all about the Kürzlich spoiler informing us that a main cast member is going to die. Naturally, speculation has been flying round the spot like a blowfly on speeeeeeeeeeeeed!

There is also a suggestion that the character's death could actually be a suicide, but as far as I can tell, that is not confirmed as a 'House MD' rumour. I will include it in my theorising though.

In this article, I am going to summarise what we know and illustrate my own personal theory about who the doomed character is.

With a heavy heart, here goes:


No, of course not. But we all know that.


Highly unlikely, gegeben that Robert Sean Leonard has signed on for a couple Mehr seasons. I guess it is possible that he negotitated himself out of the contract (we all know RSL hates to work! Plus, he is now a father and his priorities would have probably changed). But overall, I don't think Wilson is going to leave Princeton-Plainsboro (or earth, for that...
Article by laughingGrl posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Katie Jacobs "has revealed that a character leaves oder dies Von season's end." Plus the following:
"House and Cuddy will hook up, but it will be complicated."
"Cameron and Chase will get Mehr airtime."
"Foreman and Thirteen will continue to get jiggy with each other through the end of the season."
"the end of this season will find a big shake-up at the hospital. 'Something changes and it causes all of our characters to re-examine where they are. Everyone will take stock of where they are,' she says. 'The fall-out from that affects the beginning of Weiter season, which will be a bit different before we get back to our usual House episode.'"

who do Du think is leaving/dying?!

Question: "Is it true that House's Jennifer Morrison is finally back as a regular in the last four episodes of the season? — Mar"
Answer: "That is the buzz, yes. I pressed Peter Jacobson (aka Taub) to Bestätigen as much, and all he would say was, 'At this point, I'm getting to know Jesse [Spencer, who plays Chase] and Jennifer a little better, which is nice. I had not been working with them, but now we're starting to come together in a way.'...
Fan fiction by peoplesuck posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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This is the beginning to part II which is obviously entitled denial. It is rather long. As always please comment. =D

Part II: Denial
6 months later

All human beings have ways to defend themselves from their pain. Some pop pain medication at an alarming rate and drink themselves to sleep. Some channel their pain into a savior complex, turning themselves into the proverbial white-knight for all. Some change their names and hop on the first greyhound they come across, hoping that if they erase their identity they can erase what happened. But the most common human defense mechanism is denial. It is much easier to deny the unpleasant than it is to face your reality. Denial is the panacea of pain…until it is the bearer of pain. It is an escape rope for those in agony…until it becomes a noose. Du can only run for so long before it all catches up to Du and hits Du at once, but that did not stop Lisa Cuddy from indulging in it. It was easier for her to get through the Tag if she didn’t face the truth.
Opinion by Lisa_Huddy posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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i dont know about Du guys, but to me it seems like someone leaves every season.

season 1: Vogler
season2: Stacey
season 3: Tritter
season 4: Amber

well, it seems to me that this season, the target may be....


well, its the only logical choice. no one elsse came this season. i mean, rachel is just plain amazing, but i think she may leave ='[

the reason she may leave, i dont know, but this was the only thinking i did all day, and im kinda proud of myself....

place your Kommentare below:
Guide by misanthrope86 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Here is a rough schedule of US air dates for the remaining episodes of season 5. This Liste will be updated regularly, as the air dates seem to be shifting regularly!

So as Mehr information comes to hand, I will update the schedule! If Du get any information that will help, please leave a Kommentar on this article. Thanks!


MARCH 16: 5x18 'Here Kitty'


MARCH 30: 5x19 'Locked In'

APRIL 6: 5x20 'Simple Explanation'

Opinion by CSIAly posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Hello fellow Fanpoppers! It is me, your friendly neighbourhood House fangirl here to spread joyous Houseisms to all that can tolerate it, though today I also bless Du with an article! So in school I've recently been assigned a comparison essay to write for Language class that shows the comparison between two oder Mehr like things (ie. pens/pencils, brothers/sisters) and have just recieved my final grade on it. The topic, however, is what amused my teacher (and hopefully Du guys!) since I chose to write about my Fandom. House MD vs. Grey's Anatomy. Now if Du aren't aware that I really do not like Grey's Anatomy I recommend Du leave this Artikel as of now since the comparison is evidently tilted on an axis towards House shipping and so some Grey's Fans may not enjoy this essay (although CSI_NYfangirl didn't seem to mind too much) and for those of Du prefer House Du might like to read what I handed in. If so please continue to the below...
Article by ToEkNeE posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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I've known them for quite a while,
and many years have passed,
we're always irritating each other,
so it surprises me that we last.
But lately things have changed,
Mehr so than they could,
a sadness fills the air,
Mehr so than it should.

There's been tension between them,
here there are no lies,
but something bad is going on,
and it's hidden behind their eyes.
I know how they feel about the other,
and I know that they're both true,
but there's been a different feeling forming,
something foreign, something new.

It's a Liebe that's been progressing,
something that's been left unsaid,
like a silent whisper calling,
oder attempting to talk to the dead.
They won't tell each other,
and this saddens me so,
because if they were together,
who knows where they could go.

Article by ToEkNeE posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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You're unbelievably annoying,
with every word Du say,
your unrelenting arrogance,
just pushes me away.
But something drew me near,
in that meeting those many years ago,
I'm not really sure what it is,
but I still can't, and haven't let it go.

You're bitter and your a pain,
those I can't deny,
but Du have this special quality,
where to you, I cannot lie.
I think I'm predictable,
but I know that this couldn't be true,
because no one knows my Weiter move,
no one, except you.

Du can be an real ass,
that, everyone can certainly see,
but Du can be kind,
if Du really wanted to be.
Despite these imperfections,
for you, its hard not to care,
for we both know how much pain your in,
and we both know it isn't fair.

It kills me to always see you,
Opinion by Motherhubbard77 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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I just have to say, and I will be publishing this Artikel on 4 fansites today, but did last night's lineup, not totally rock?? I mean I couldn't believe how much went on, House was amazing, Heroes could not have been better, Chuck was once again kinda heartbreaking, and How I Met Your Mother was just the perfect comedy all over again. I Liebe MONDAYS!! lol!

First up this House, was amazing, the case was interesting and Cuddy/House with the patient was hilarious. What a way to get a compliment, lol!! Wilson story was so sad, and when House figured out he might be losing him, awww, once again teary eyed!! The chemistry between 13 and Foreman was so nice to see, it's hard watching the Zeigen sometimes because it doesn't have that sweet romantic side, everything is so cynical, hidden, suppressed, etc etc. It's just great to watch a little romance thrown in there out in the open! The part of the episode that House asks Chase for help, and he makes him spell out why he needs it done, was brilliant, I never would thought of asking him, well played!!
Fan fiction by peoplesuck posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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This is a very long section. As always please comment, let me know if Du would like me to continue to part 2.
The Weiter ten Minuten felt like a blur, a surreal blur in which everything seemed to go so fast yet so slow. House broke every traffic law in the book on the way there and parked in an krankenwagen bay. If Cuddy made it through this she would have his head for that. As soon as the car came to a stop Sarah flew out of the car so fast she tripped over her own feet. Luckily she regained her footing and did not drop Cuddy whom she was carrying.
“I’ll take her, go take care of yourself,” House said.
“I can Bewegen faster,” Sarah retorted starting towards the door.
“You can’t make it to the hospital without falling over something when Du aren’t down two units and carrying someone who weighs Mehr than you.”
“Fuck you.”
“Fine, have it your way.”
The ER was Mehr chaotic then usual, full of people with broken bones, infants with fevers, and other people with various other problems that seemed trivial compared to this.
Opinion by huddyislove posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Chapter 6: Patients

Hey! Here’s the chapter 6 for you! Hope Du find it interesting!! :DDDD
It’s a little bit longer, and I know Du guys like longer chapters so I decided to fulfill one of your wishes. As for the Weiter chapie, I hope to be able to finish it until Wednesday.

I woke up with a sharp pain in my hand. It wasn’t after two Sekunden I realized someone hit me, and it was House. How surprising. I am not really sure how many hours I’ve slept but it felt like I’ve been asleep for ten minutes. The couch in my aunt’s office was really uncomfortable. God, why does she keep it in here? I swear if I’d slept on the desk, I’d be feeling fresher! I wonder how early it must be when she’s not even here. But that did not keep House from waking me up. He was holding a coffee mug in his left hand and was shaking some papers with the right one.
“Hm… Go away…What do Du want?…It’s so early!” I yawned.
Article by laughingGrl posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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this is from EW

"House undergoes some pretty traumatic stuff in the last half of the season," Hugh Laure "not physical but mental"
series creator David ufer wouldn't say whether the crisis his Titel character will be facing is what ultimately leads him to bett his boss Cuddy. "They're both troubled people. It's not like she's this thing that if only he coulod reach out and grab it, everything would be okay." In non-Huddy news, Chase and Cameron will finally Bewegen back to the forefront in a "really cool" way, and there will be a "hint" of a new romance for Wilson.
Fan fiction by huddyislove posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Chapter 5: Mystery

Here’s another one, I hope Du like this one too! It’s a little bit shorter, but I know Du guys will forgive me! xDDD



My hiding skills showed to be, well lets just say I don’t have them. House found me, started yelling at me not bothering that Emily was in the room.

Anyway, I got punished. I had to stay in PPTH through the night. I could live with that. What so more, I had to stay in PPTH monitoring Emily. I was really surprised Von House's actions, I’m not sure where the punishment part kicks in!

Anyway, everyone has gone Home Von six p.m. today leaving me alone with couple of nurses. Of course, I had a lot of things to do today. I had to explain Cameron where I disappeared for 4 hours and to make some calls. Most of them were just notifying my Friends I won’t get to my classes today oder tomorrow. Emily has been a sweetie ever since and I didn’t have any problems with her. I knew she isn’t anything special. Of course, House would never give me an interesting case. However, I decided to find...
Fan fiction by ToEkNeE posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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[House staggers into Wilson's office. He limped all the way to his couch to lay down. Wilson knows he's there but doesn't bother to look up from his paperwork]

Wilson: Avoiding Cuddy, again?

House: No, I just Liebe hiding out in your office.

Wilson: She'll turn up, eventually, and then Du will have to see her.

House: Not if I know where to hide. After here I go to the clinic, because she's supposed to go check on the team today. And when she sees that I'm not there she will go look for me and that's when I go back to my office and wait for my teams arrival with the results of an MRI scan.

Wilson: Sounds like a plan. It could work, for now, but Du can't hide from her forever.

[Wilson still hadn't looked up and House stood up about to leave]

House: I can and I will.

[House started for the door expecting Cuddy to check up on Wilson any Minute but Wilson finally looked up at House and stopped him in his tracks.]
Opinion by x5mp1xp1nx22x posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Episode 1: link

Episode 2: Senses Fall    

    Shots of feuer squeezed through the morning air, now not only think from the snow; but polluted with ash. Crackles of burning rubble resounded into the skyline like a campfire smoldering into an autumn evening. The piles of snow that once were covered in dirt now lay dissolved, in puddles of water. Across the bay, masses of wreckage rested against the ground, each of which flamed with pure red and orange shades opposing the blackness of the pavement.
    Scenes flashed and blurred in and out of consciousness, and as hard as it was to keep his eyes open in the original Chicago bitterness, it was downright grueling to do it against the heat. Cutting in and out through the chaos, muffled screams and voices rang, and had this been another place, sirens would have surely reverberated across the vicinity. But this wasn’t another place, and this wasn’t another time, this was here and now. This was life here and now.