Some months go Von and Lisa is huge. She is eight months pregnant and her belly now is really, really big. One morning they wake up. She doesn't have to go to work and House has taken a few days off to take care of her.
He opens his eyes and yawns. ‘Hey... how are you?’
‘I feel good. Like last days, about to explode.’ She chuckles. ‘No, seriously, I'm good. And how are you?’
‘I'm fine... anxious to see our son's face...’
‘We just have to wait a couple of weeks for that.’
House smiles at her. ‘I Liebe you...’
They are still lying on bett and she holds his hand. ‘I Liebe Du too.’ She smiles. ‘I feel stupid saying this but, I want Du to know that it's true, you've always been the man I've loved the most... You're all I need.’
He smiles slightly and kisses her sweetly.
‘It's a nice way to wake up.’ Lisa says when they separate.
‘Can't think of a better way...’
She smiles. ‘Come on, help me to stand up.’
‘Alright...’ He stands up and goes Weiter to her. Then he holds her hands.
‘Thanks. He's moving a lot today.’
‘He must be quite bored there inside... Just put up with it for a few weeks and you'll be here, buddy!!’
‘Yes, there's not much to do in amniotic fluid... He can't screw with patients as his dad, inside there...’
‘I have enough time to teach him when he's out... don't worry about that...’ House jokes.
‘I'd rather Du don't teach him that...’
‘Can't promise anything...’ Greg looks at her belly and winks. Lisa chuckles.

They go downstairs to have breakfast.
‘What are we gonna do today?’ House asks.
‘I think maybe we could go to buy a cot and some baby stuff.’
‘Sure... we must be ready from now on, we don't know if Hugh James is in a hurry to be here...’
‘Yes, that's true.’ She touches her belly. ‘He's being a good boy so far.’
‘Well... let's see if he's such a good boy when he's here with us...’ They chuckle.
‘Very unlikely…’

After a while they go to their room and get dressed to go to buy things for their baby.
Once they've finished, they go to the hall and House looks for the car's keys. ‘Where the hell are the keys? I can't find them...’
‘Let me see.’ Lisa helps him look for the keys and suddenly she starts feeling something wrong. ‘Greg... Greg...!’
He is still looking for the keys. ‘Hey, I'm busy... can't Du just wait until I find the keys?’
‘Ahh...’ She feels it again. ‘No, I can't. The baby is coming...’

House stops looking for the keys suddenly and goes where she is. ‘What????!!!!’
‘AHH! House... Fuck... The baby... Find the keys!’ She touches her belly and he remains shocked.
‘T-that's what I was trying when Du shouted you're having the baby here right now!!’ He gets very, very nervous and keeps on looking for the keys. Lisa bends and sits on the floor with her arms around her belly.
‘GREG! Hurry up!’
‘Dammit!! I can't find them!! Where are yours?? We'll take your car...’
‘I lent it to my sister, while her car is being fixed... Remember?’ She feels a contraction again and opens widely her eyes. ‘Oh God... Call an ambulance!’
‘Shit!!’ He goes Weiter to her. ‘It will take a lot of time to an krankenwagen to get here... I'll phone Wilson...’ House takes a quick look at his wristwatch. ‘He must be driving to the hospital right now...’ He dials Wilson's number.

When Wilson is going out to go to work, his cell phone rings and he Antwort before closing the door. ‘Hello?’
While they are on the phone Lisa feels it again. ‘Gregggggggggg!’
‘Wilson, listen... I need Du to take us to the hospital... Lisa's having the baby and we don't have any car...’ House says. Wilson drops his keys and remains shocked.
‘God... Wasn't it supposed to happen in two weeks??’ The door closes and he can't take the keys. ‘Shit!’
‘Well... my son seems to be in a hurry...’
‘‘Damn...’ Wilson tries to open the door again but he can't take his keys back, luckily for them, he has his car keys.
Cuddy takes House's phone and shouts. ‘Wilson I want to see your fucking arsch here in two Minuten oder I will cut out your balls and I'll hang them in my rearview mirror when I get my car back!’ She gives Greg the phone back and immediately Wilson forgets about his house's keys and goes to the car. ‘Okay, okay, I'm coming!!!’ He says.
‘We'll meet Du downstairs!!’ House hangs up. ‘Okay... let's go, Wilson's on his way...’

Greg helps her go downstairs and they wait for Wilson for almost ten minutes. Cuddy has another contraction. ‘I'm gonna KILL HIM!’ She shouts. ‘Why didn't Du call the ambulance???’
‘Because Wilson's quicker!! Well... he should be...’
She sighs deeply.
Wilson drives to their house. He is a very cautious driver but he tries to get there as soon as possible. Finally he rings the doorbell and House and Cuddy are already waiting for him Weiter to the door. Lisa kills him with her glance and gets into the car. They help her and House sits Weiter to her. ‘Wow... Are my balls in danger?’ Wilson asks.
‘Not yet, but they’re gonna be unless we get to the hospital NOW!’ Lisa yells.

Wilson drives towards the hospital in silence, scared of hearing Lisa screaming while House tries to calm her down.
‘Wilson do Du know the meaning of FASTER?!?!’ Cuddy shouts. He looks at the rearview mirror and sees her angry. Wilson pushes a little Mehr the throttle. ‘Alright Lisa, try to breathe deeply and calm down.’
She does what Wilson says and holds Greg's hand strongly. ‘AHH...’ Then she feels something strange. ‘Oh God... I think my water broke...’
‘Ohh no!! The car upholstery... Lisa wait, we're close... Can't you... stop it oder something?’ Wilson asks scared and worried about is car upholstery.
‘Wilson, did Du actually go to med school? How the hell do Du want me to stop it???? Hurry up!’
Wilson gets even Mehr nervous now and tries to get to the hospital as soon as possible. He turns right and runs into a jam. He tries to go backwards but there is another car behind his. They can't go anywhere. ‘Shit…!’
‘Wilson, do me a favor. Remind me never let Du take me to the hospital when I'm having a baby...’ Says Lisa and then has another contraction. ‘Ufffffff...’
House moves vorwärts-, nach vorn and steps on the throttle with his cane while he takes the wheel. Then he drives the car over Wilson’s shoulder and they pass the rest of the cars. Cuddy looks at them with her eyes wide open and Wilson shouts shocked and scared. ‘Wow wow House! What the hell are Du doing?? We're going to crash. Stop!!’
‘I'm making things go faster and Du don't seem to be willing to cope...’
‘Ahhhh!’ Cries Lisa while she has another contraction. ‘Guys, shut up and hurry up!!’
Wilson takes back the control of the car and finally they get to the hospital.
‘Okay, here we are, let's go, House.’ As fast as he can, Wilson goes to look for a wheelchair and they get Lisa inside the hall.

‘We need somebody here right now!!! A baby's coming!!’ Greg shouts while they go to Maternity. Once there, a nurse comes to talk to them.
‘Hey Hey, what's happening?’ The nurse asks.
‘Hmmm, let's see the situation... a woman with a huge belly in a wheelchair. Either she's gonna explode oder she's having a baby...’ House says.
‘She's about to have a baby, her water broke and we need a matron!!’ Wilson summarizes. While they are talking Cuddy has another contraction.
‘Ahhhhh!!! God!!!’
‘You don't have to be as sarcastic as always, Dr. House...’ The nurse says looking at him angrily. ‘Okay, we have a little problem... There are no matrons available right now... so there are just two solutions. First: we wait until one of the matrons is available, which I think is not so plausible now.’ She says looking at Cuddy. ‘Or Sekunde choice: Du are doctors so Du deliver the baby…’
‘Ohh... get that... did all mothers in New Jersey agree to have their Babys at the same time??!!!’ House says, but Cuddy grabs his arm when she has another contraction.
‘Ahhhhh House!!! Do it!!! NOW!!!’
Wilson looks at Lisa; she is obviously in pain. Then he looks at House, who looks shocked, he didn't expect to have to take part on his son's birth. ‘Okay, let's do it House.’ Wilson says firmly and looks at the nurse. ‘Is there any room available?’
She starts looking some papers. ‘Well... I'm afraid there isn't any room left...’
Lisa breathes deeply.
‘My God... is she supposed to have the baby in a stable? I don't know, we might be in front of the new son of God... come on!! Do something!!! There's a woman who needs medical attention!!!’ House says nervously.
‘Well... now that I think about it, there may be a free examination room, please follow me, quickly!!’ The nurse says and they follow her and get into the elevator.

‘Okay... just wait a minute, Lisa... we're almost there...’ House tries to calm her down, but she is everything but calm; Lisa sighs and blows until they finally get to the examination room and they lie her on the hospital bed. House approaches to her. ‘Greg... I'm scared.’
‘It's okay Lisa, we're here, nothing bad is gonna happen... Du can do it...’
‘Are Du gonna help us?’ Wilson asks to the nurse.
‘Yeah, okay, okay ... I'm gonna take some towels and stuff...’ She goes running to get all they need and House holds Lisa’s hand until the nurse comes back. Wilson stays looking at them, as scared as House, and that doesn't make Lisa feel better.
‘Okay, what's wrong with Du two! Wake up! The baby is not coming Von himself!’ Says the nurse snapping her fingers.
‘Hey Wilson, you're enjoying the views, aren't you?’ House asks when he sees his friend staying still looking at Cuddy. Wilson shakes his head and looks at him.
‘God House, it's not the perfect moment for your sarcasm... I'm not here to look at your girlfriend's crotch; I'm here to help her to give birth...’

Now Lisa can’t wait any longer, and so does the baby. ‘Greg, Greg… it’s coming… AHHH!’
Wilson takes some towels and helps Lisa to Bewegen to a better position so she can give birth easily.
‘It's okay Lisa, now relax... Du have to make an effort and concentrate. Listen to me: breathe deeply and push only when Du feel the contraction, only at that precise moment... alright?’ She nods scared. ‘Come on, in a moment all this will be over...’
Cuddy has another contraction and she pushes as hard as she can. She keeps doing it for almost two hours. Cuddy is exhausted and sweating, Greg and Wilson are still very nervous but trying to manage the situation. The nurse is the one who looks sure of what she is doing. Finally after a last push, the baby goes out and Greg holds him, but he has the navel string around his neck and he's not crying. Cuddy gasps and looks at them scared. ‘What's going on??’

House doesn't pay attention to her words. ‘Wilson, take care of Lisa!!’ Greg takes the baby with him, lies him on a hospital bett and moves him a little. ‘Come on... one last effort...’ He says whispering, but the baby doesn't move. House whispers again with watery eyes. ‘Come on buddy...’ He inserts a finger into the baby's mouth to check if something is obstructing his air passages. After all this time this has to work, he must fight for his life. After a few seconds, the baby coughs and starts crying loudly. House smiles to myself and sighs in relief. ‘Good job buddy!!!’ He wraps him up on a towel and goes Weiter to Lisa with their baby in his arms.
Cuddy is very nervous and Wilson and the nurse are trying to calm her down until House comes back holding the baby. She looks at Greg scared but he smiles, gives her the baby and sits Weiter to them.
‘I-I… Is he okay?’ Lisa asks. He nods and she looks at their son. ‘Oh God… He is beautiful.’ Cuddy smiles and some tears start to fall. ‘I can't believe it! We did it Greg, finally we did it! Here's our baby.’
‘Yeah... after almost three hours, get that!! That's not bad at all. If he keeps on annoying people like this, he'll be as good as me some day...’ House chuckles and stares at him smiling.

After two days Lisa gets discharged and they go back home. Since House has spent last 48 hours with her in the hospital their house is not very clean. He starts tidying and cleaning a little while she is lying on bett and Hugh James is asleep Weiter to her. Cuddy looks at Greg. ‘Leave it for now, come with us.’
He stops cleaning and lies Weiter to her. Hugh James is now between them. He's asleep and looks so calm and beautiful. House can't keep himself from smiling at him.
Lisa looks at Greg and sees him smiling; that makes her feel really happy. ‘It’s hard to believe, uh?’ She smiles at him.
‘It's just...’ House sighs. ‘Magic... He's here with us, at last!!’
Lisa nods and holds his hand. They look at their son and then look at each other for some seconds. There’s no need to say anything, they don’t need anything else. They have each other and their healthy son with them. Finally they are complete… oder maybe not yet…?

‘Will Du marry me?’

The End.

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