Some months go Von and Lisa is huge. She is eight months pregnant and her belly now is really, really big. One morning they wake up. She doesn't have to go to work and House has taken a few days off to take care of her.
He opens his eyes and yawns. ‘Hey... how are you?’
‘I feel good. Like last days, about to explode.’ She chuckles. ‘No, seriously, I'm good. And how are you?’
‘I'm fine... anxious to see our son's face...’
‘We just have to wait a couple of weeks for that.’
House smiles at her. ‘I Liebe you...’
They are still lying on bett and she holds his hand. ‘I Liebe Du too.’ She smiles. ‘I feel stupid saying this but, I want Du to know that it's true, you've always been the man I've loved the most... You're all I need.’
He smiles slightly and kisses her sweetly.
‘It's a nice way to wake up.’ Lisa says when they separate.
‘Can't think of a better way...’
She smiles. ‘Come on, help me to stand up.’
‘Alright...’ He stands up and goes Weiter to her. Then he holds her hands.
‘Thanks. He's moving a lot today.’
‘He must be quite bored there inside... Just put up with it for a few weeks and you'll be here, buddy!!’
‘Yes, there's not much to do in amniotic fluid... He can't screw with patients as his dad, inside there...’
‘I have enough time to teach him when he's out... don't worry about that...’ House jokes.
‘I'd rather Du don't teach him that...’
‘Can't promise anything...’ Greg looks at her belly and winks. Lisa chuckles.

They go downstairs to have breakfast.
‘What are we gonna do today?’ House asks.
‘I think maybe we could go to buy a cot and some baby stuff.’
‘Sure... we must be ready from now on, we don't know if Hugh James is in a hurry to be here...’
‘Yes, that's true.’ She touches her belly. ‘He's being a good boy so far.’
‘Well... let's see if he's such a good boy when he's here with us...’ They chuckle.
‘Very unlikely…’

After a while they go to their room and get dressed to go to buy things for their baby.
Once they've finished, they go to the hall and House looks for the car's keys. ‘Where the hell are the keys? I can't find them...’
‘Let me see.’ Lisa helps him look for the keys and suddenly she starts feeling really, really bad. She can't breathe. ‘Greg... Greg...!’
‘Can Du wait just a second? I don't know where the keys are...’
‘No, Greg!’ She screams before falling to the ground.
House turns around suddenly and kneels Weiter to her. He shouts. ‘Lisa!!’ House checks her pulse and breathing and then takes his cell phone and asks for an ambulance. ‘Come on Lisa, stay with me...’ He starts with the CPR.
Cuddy has a herz attack. Greg is still doing the CPR when the krankenwagen comes. They take her to the hospital and manage to revive her, but her herz is very weak.
House is waiting in the hall while the doctors are running some tests on her. Then, Wilson comes. House is very nervous and tries to run towards him to know what's happening. Everything is very confusing; Wilson doesn’t know how to say this. ‘Calm down, please...’
Greg starts shouting. ‘How am I going to calm down??!! We were at Home and she suddenly fainted, she had no pulse and didn't breathe and Du want me to stay calm?? Where the fuck is she??!!’
‘House... She has had a thrombophilia... The venous thromboembolism is blocking the blood vessels of the herz and the placenta, that's why she had the herz attack. Wilson sighs and continues. ‘Her herz is broken-down, she urgently needs a transplant. If we don't find a donor, she won't survive tonight.’ Wilson looks at his friend at his eyes. ‘There's a chance to save your child if we do a C-section. But if we do it before she gets the heart, she will die, and if we don't, he will die.’
Greg is shocked. ‘Look... I won't lose any of them... I... I have to do something... I'll phone Du later. As soon as I do it, come to my office, immediately, right?’
‘She is on the transplant list... House...’ He approaches to him. ‘You don’t know how sorry I am...’ Wilson hugs him. He is trembling. ‘We're doing the best we can, I swear.’
‘Yes, I know Du must be struggling to save her... Are Du listening to me? Come to my office when I phone you… I will need you.’
‘Yeah, don't worry, I'll see Du there.’ He sees House going limping as fast as he can to his office.

House sits down and makes some phone calls to find out how the waiting lists are going but there isn't any herz available and compatible with hers. Then, he starts thinking something: they both have the same blood group and his herz would be proper for her. There's no time and House wants to save her and their child. Greg makes up his mind and goes to see her for the last time.

Cuddy is unconscious, plugged into machines that keep her herz beating until she gets the transplant oder until everything is over. Although she is asleep she can feel him coming into the room. House sits Weiter to her and holds her hand.
‘Hi Lisa... I don't know if Du can hear me... I just wanted to come and say goodbye. Du know, seeing Du and our little boy for the last time. I'd like to spend some Mehr time here but we don't have it. Anyway, I'll always stand Von you.’ He kisses her sweetly and then, touches her belly and kisses it too. ‘I Liebe you.’ He goes to his office.

House takes two pieces of paper and writes two notes, one for Lisa and another one for Wilson. He tries to do it quickly but saying everything he wants to say. When he finishes, he folds them and leaves them on his desk. Then House takes some cables from the computer and hangs them from the heating tubes. He sighs deeply, takes his cell phone and calls Wilson. ‘Hey Jimmy, I want to donate my herz to Lisa, come to my office right now.’ He hangs up and sighs again. Then jumps and hangs himself.

Wilson doesn't know how to react. ‘Oh God, no.’ His brain connects what House has just sagte and he starts running to his office automatically. ‘Make way!! Make way!!!’ When he gets there it's too late and he finds what he thought. Wilson gets his friend down and tries to reanimate him. ‘HELP! PLEASE, HELP HERE!!!’ He is scared, the most scared he has been in his life. After some Minuten he gives up exhausted and they take him to the operating room to begin the transplant. House is gone.

Cuddy is taken to the operating room to begin the transplant. Before doctors anesthetize her, she can open a little bit her eyes and sees him lying on a hospital bett Weiter to her. A tear rolls down her face. ‘Greg...’ Everything goes black.


The operation goes fine and Lisa receives House's heart. A couple of days after the operation, Wilson stays alone, thinking all the time... He can't believe it yet...
When he hears Lisa is gonna have a C-section, Wilson goes to the hospital to see her, for the first time since... that. Firstly, he goes to House's office and remembers the last time he saw him... their jokes, fights, friendship... everything they lived together. He sighs. When he looks at the tabelle finds two papers. He takes them and sees one name wrote down on each: Lisa and James.

Wilson goes to Cuddy's room and looks at her. She's awake, in silence... just looking at the blue-eyed baby she holds in her arms. She looks absent and confused. James knocks at the door and comes in. He doesn't talk, they look at each other for some seconds, they don't need to talk, their eyes talk themselves. ‘I'm sorry.’ He finally says.
Lisa nods and looks away. ‘Come here.’ He approaches to her and they hug strongly.
Wilson sits down on bett and some Minuten later he talks. ‘Greg left this for us...’ He gives her the letter with her name written on it. She takes it and looks at it, but she doesn’t read it. ‘You want to go first?’ She asks and sighs.
Wilson takes his letter, opens it and begins to read in a broken voice.

“Hey Jimmy,
If you’re Lesen this it means that I’m not here anymore. Surprise! You’re Lesen a ghost’s letter. Joking apart, I just want Du to know you’ve been the best friend (and the only one actually) that I’ve had all these years. You’ve always been there and I’m sorry I never sagte it. Since I won’t be here, I need Du to do something: please take care of Lisa and my son. I know this is going to be hard for Lisa and I want Du to give her a hand on everything Du can. And when my son is old enough, I want Du to talk with him about me, tell him how much fun we had working and how much I loved him and his mother. Skip the vicodin part. Teach him how to ride a bike, take him to baseball matches, talk to him about girls, and all that stuff I won’t be able to do. Oh, and I forgot to mention one tiny detail: DON’T DARE TO MAKE LISA THE FOURTH MRS WILSON oder I’LL COME BACK FROM THE HEREAFTER AND I’LL KICK YOUR ASS. Well, and after this cloying speech, all I can say to Du is:
Thanks, Wilson.

Wilson breathes deeply and looks at the ceiling. His eyes start getting wet. ‘Oh God, okay...’ He chuckles. ‘I'm sorry, Du will still be Cuddy, not Lisa Wilson... But if with that I could get to have him back I would do it, even if he just came back to kick my ass.’

Lisa smiles at him slightly. Her eyes are glazed. She doesn't want to read the letter. She doesn't want to admit that he is finally gone and this is his goodbye. Cuddy is afraid. She doesn't know how she can overcome this and she is scared of living her life without him. Cuddy looks at Wilson and takes her letter. She breathes deeply and starts reading.

“To my Favorit manager’s ass.
Hello baby, surprise! I wish I could say everything I’m about to say in person but this paper will do. Firstly, I want Du to know that if I lived my life again, I’d do this a hundred times so don’t feel guilty. I just want Du and our son to be alright. I want Du to go on with your life and be happy. And don’t say it’s not possible, because I know Du can. Du can find a good friend in Wilson, although I know I don’t have to say that because Du already know it.
Please tell Hugh James all our funny stories and make him a good man, not like me. Make sure he’s good at school, plays sports, plays music, has Friends and he’s away from drugs (vicodin specially). But don’t let him be a doctor even if he wants to, tell him I want him to be an organs’ trader oder a porn actor. Tell him how much I Liebe him and how sorry I am I can’t know him personally. In short, be happy. You’re the two people I Liebe most in the universe. Don’t forget all we’ve lived together, bad and good times, and think we both wrote a nice story: our story. But it hasn’t finished, now it’s your turn, Hugh’s and yours, to go on and keep on Schreiben it. I wish I had Mehr time to write but time is pressing and I have to prepare myself. You’ve always been my heart’s owner and you’ll always be.
I Liebe you,

When she finishes the letter, Cuddy starts crying. Wilson gets closer, hugs her and dries her tears.
‘It's okay, Lisa, it's okay.’ She lies her head on his shoulder and he tries not to cry. They stay that way for a few Minuten and when they are calmer, he looks at her and then at Hugh James. ‘He's beautiful... He has his eyes.’
When Cuddy looks at his son she can see Greg, she can feel him. ‘Yeah, he is.’ She touches her herz and feels the scar... House will always be part of her.

Wilson passes his arm through her shoulder. ‘I know this is difficult, but remember I'm here for anything Du need as Greg's letter says.’ He looks at her and remains a few Sekunden in silence. ‘House will always stay with us, in our memories and I'm sure he will protect us, specially Du and your child, wherever he is, and the baby is evidence of all the Liebe he had for you.’
‘Thank you... so much.’ Cuddy looks at him and sighs. ‘I always loved him. Since universität I knew he had something special, something I'd always be interested in. He wasn't just a genius... and a jerk, he was the most special person I've never met… It's true that we have had our ups and downs, and so many problems, and fights... but he has been in the biggest moments of my life. He is in all my happiest memories.’
Lisa breathes deeply. ‘I hate I had wasted so many years until I told him how I really felt, and I feel bad I haven't told him enough times, but now it's too late...’ She looks away and then they look at the baby in silence. ‘I can't believe we created him, who would have told me when we met.’ Cuddy smiles and they stay like that for a while. ‘One way oder another I feel that Greg is here with us. And I know he always will.’

The End.

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