Wilber | That One Water Bed

The Piano echoed the apartment. Wilson dragged himself to the foot of the entry way. He sighed & ignored the nights of restless sleep under his eyes.For some reason cancer likes rear it's ugly head at the worst of times
He waved desperately at House "Piano. Please. Sleep" He entered his bedroom and the Musik roared louder.
"Thank you"
he whispered sarcastically to no one on his bed. His ear hit the pillow, his mind went blank. Peace. The alarm went off ringing. 5;30.
Peace over. He itched his back and smiled over his shoulder. "Good Morning". Last night was the first night in which Amber hadn't been in his dreams. Maybe the guilt was subsiding.To think about it, he hadn't dreamed at all. He laughed at his mirror. His hair was bett head as usual, trying to comb it he heard steps from behind him.
"Very funny House"
"I've always loved that hair. Scruffy"
Amber noted.
He gasped for breath and flipped his body towards her. Her honey hair reached her shoulders. She wore a gray suite, like when they went bett shopping.
"Am..b.ber?" he uttered.
"Come on, I wanna Zeigen Du something" she grabbed his arm & headed towards the bedroom. She flopped onto the bed, it flowed from under her
"The water bed?" His eyes widened but the ends of his mouth still curled up. He fell onto the bett himself, hand in hand with her as they rolled on the water.
"Maybe we should have gotten this one" Amber announced. He looked her in the eyes, her lips were rosa and glistening.She was Mehr beautiful then he remembered. They both sat up, Wilson leaned in for a reassuring KISS but she rejected it.
She skipped into the living room without missing a step. He followed her worryingly into the other room. The vibe hanged, the volume boomed & found himself gripping a bar on the racing bus. Amber sat on the back sitz leaning back. Her hair flowed in the other direction.
"Wow, James. Du finally made it. Du should have been here ages ago. Maybe I wouldn't have died" She whispered bluntly. He stared frozen. He knew it, it was a dream.
"Oh. No no. Not a dream." She stood, treading slowly to him. She wore a hospital kleid & small scratches on her forehead. "Hallucinations happen to even the well adjusted" She twirled to him. He hugged her tenderly & swept his hand through her hair. He felt his forehead on his and she smiled. He could barely feel her lips when the bus suddenly halted. The floor under them slipped under her feet like a rug. She fell back into the wall, her breath taken way.
He screeched falling into the chair himself. His head hit the window and heard steps in front of him, a cane fell into his lap.
Houses breath smelled of booze & peanuts. He fell into the sitz Weiter to him. "My fault" Wilson's palms trembled. Was it? Of course not. It's not his fault. It's no ones...no ones. His mind went blank again, peace swept over him, her lips on his. They're hands clasped together. No noise, no doctors oder cancer to worry about.
"Wake up" Amber whispered into his ear. "Wake up"
Wilson finally awoke, breath taken away. He held onto his herz to check for a beat oder two. He bolted into the living room where House stood with his cane.
"Woah there Lacy. Wheres my food?"
Wilson let out a huff & patted his shoulders.
"At the grocery store" He answered, patting his back.
He wobbled with defeat into the kitchen, leaving Wilson behind. Then Musik surrounded the room. Each note on key like he hears every night. Expecting House, he spots Amber. Sitting there playing each key with a McGill sweatshirt on. She patted the sitz Weiter to her. He accepted & sat; he felt her spirit around him as he put his hand over hers. They smiled again at each other. He hoped he would never wake. Then every time he tried she would be there playing the piano. He let out a sigh of relief &leaned in for another moment. She did the same as they stayed like that for what seemed like ages but only Sekunden to him. She let go and placed her head on his shoulders.
"Good thing we didn't get the water bed. My back feels horrible"
She giggled. The sweet sound hummed in his ear.
"Hey, wake up sunshine!" House's groggy voice moaned. "Time to stop dreaming"
"It's never time to stop dreaming" Amber whispered into his ear.
Wilson smirked & stood up on his feet "It's never time to stop dreaming" he repeated to House and walked nonchalantly to the bathroom, leaving House speechless.