Lisa gets Home and after having abendessen and a dusche she is really tired and goes to bed. It feels strange to have the whole bett for her; anyway she falls asleep very quickly.
House spends the whole night moving from one place to another and running a lot of tests with his team. It's been a long Tag and he finally goes home. When he gets there it's early yet. House tries not to make much noise and has a shower. After that, he goes to bett and lies Weiter to Lisa. Some Minuten later, she starts to open her eyes and sees him sleepy.
‘You haven't waked me up...’
‘You haven't tucked me in either... it's still early for Du to stand up...’
She takes the sheets, tucks him in and lies again looking at him. ‘Better?’
‘Oh, much better...’ He smiles.
‘I’m gonna stay here for ten Minuten more...’
‘Well... I'll stay here a little bit longer... such as... eight oder nine hours more...’
‘Alright.’ She sighs and closes her eyes, and so does he. Some Minuten later he speaks.
‘Did Du sleep well?’
‘I missed you...’
‘Too sad I didn't have time to miss you...’
‘Have Du been working very hard?’
‘Nope... I’m just tired of being bored... Now seriously... it was exhausting...’
‘You can sleep now, I have to get up.’
‘Alright, I'll go to the hospital in a few hours, this case is Mehr difficult than we expected...’
‘You like challenges.’
‘I'm not complaining...’
‘That's weird...’ She smiles and gives him a kiss. ‘I gotta go.’
‘See Du later...’ Two Minuten later he falls asleep.

Five oder six months has already passed since House proposed Cuddy to be parents and they don’t give up. One day, Cuddy gets Home from work after House. ‘Hey...’
He is eating ice cream while watching TV. ‘Hey there...’
‘Is that tasty?’ She sits Weiter to him and tries some ice cream. ‘I talked to my gynecologist... I told her that we are trying again... We should do another pregnancy test.’
He looks at her. ‘When?’
‘One of these days... I think there is a bare chance that I’m pregnant.’
‘Yeah... Du think but don't know it...’
‘I can’t know it...’
‘That's why we're taking the pregnancy test again...’
‘Yes, that's the idea.’
‘Well... I'm sure it will work this time, I have a hunch...’
‘Me too.’ Lisa takes the ice cream of his hands and smiles.
‘I'll consider Du have cravings... so Du can eat MY ice cream...’
‘No, it’s just… I like ice cream, and I like bothering you, now I can do both and use the cravings as an excuse.’
‘Ha ha ha... very nice... I'll remind Du of these moments when Du feel sick...’ House says sarcastically.

The Weiter Tag they buy another pregnancy test and go home. ‘Prepare to succeed...’
‘Fingers crossed.’
‘Hope is for sissies... we won't need it...’ House says, but what he is really thinking sounds Mehr like “God, I hope it works this time.”
They wait for the result of the test. House is really nervous and holds her hand. She holds his stronger.
‘Here we go...’
He sighs and both approach to the pregnancy test and stare at it.
‘Are Du Lesen the same?’ Lisa asks.
‘Or it's that oder I'm hallucinating... schlagen, punsch me!!’
She punches him softly. ‘No, Du are not.’
‘We're pregnant then...’ Says House smiling at her.
‘By now...’
‘Oh, come on... it will work this time, I know!!’
Then she smiles at him and they hug. ‘I believe you.’ She gives him a kiss.
‘But Du should take a Monat off anyway, just to be Mehr careful this time...’
‘No, but I have to work.... I can’t leave the hospital alone just with--’
‘No way!! You'll stay here until I decide you're totally out of risk...’
‘So Du are not gonna let me go out?’
‘And I can't bring some work here either?’
‘Hmmm... nope... nothing that can be stressful for Du is allowed in this house.’
‘You can be the most stressful thing for me sometimes, are Du gonna Bewegen in?’
‘No, but I can hide under the kitchen's tabelle if I cause Du some stressful situations...’
‘So... are Du going to take care of me?’
‘Haven't I been taking care of Du all this time?’
‘Yes... but I mean more... I can be unbearable sometimes, and pregnant I can be even Mehr unbearable.’
‘Unbearable? You? HA!! I'm a real pain in the ass, Du can't beat me!!’
‘Yes, okay, Du are the pain in the ass, not me.’ She smiles widely.
‘Am I blushing?’
‘No, Du are smiling as happy as a kid on Christmas.’
He chuckles. ‘Oh, Du caught me!!’
She lies her head on his shoulder. House hugs her and breathes deeply.
‘You and me having a baby... who would have thought about it?’ Lisa says.
‘Phew!! Not many people I guess...’
‘Have Du ever thought about it?’
‘Not really... I don't care what other people think oder say...’
‘Neither do I.’
House touches her belly with his hand softly. ‘A little Greg is coming...’
‘Why a little Greg? Why can it be a little Lisa?’
‘I know it's gonna be a little Greg, sorry...’
She chuckles. ‘Once when we were in Michigan and we fought and all those things, I was about to prick one of your condoms... and I didn’t because I didn’t want to “punish” the world with little Gregs... and look now... I’m having your baby.’
‘Oh... that's very... touching... God, you're evil!!’
‘I don't want to imagine how our kid will be...’
‘You don't have to imagine it... you'll find it out Von yourself.’ They smile.
‘That’s true.’

To be continued...

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