They get to the hospital and House goes with her to her office.
‘Well... here we are...’
‘Yes... thanks for coming with me. If someone comes can Du say that I’m busy? I don’t feel like seeing anybody.’
‘Okay... Now I should go to my office... I have to work a little bit...’
‘Yes, actually Du should... I pay Du for that...’
‘Oh... I forgot it... I thought it was just for the sex...’ He smiles at her. ‘See ya later.’
‘Yes, I fell in Liebe with my pimp...’ She smiles slightly. ‘See you.’

Wilson goes to Cuddy's office and comes in. House is still there. ‘I'm sorry, I couldn't go to see Du these days and Greg told me that Du needed some time alone... How are Du both feeling?’
‘Uhh... we're... managing to get through it...’
‘But it’s hard...’
‘I know... I'm so sorry... I wish there was something we could have done...’ Wilson looks at them sadly. ‘If Du need anything Du know I'm here, alright? For anything Du need.’
‘Thank you.’
‘Hmmm and what are Du going to do now? Will Du keep trying?’
‘We...’ She looks at House.
‘We'll keep on trying as soon as we're ready...’ He continues.
Lisa nods. She is happy that he wants to keep trying to have a family with her.
Wilson smiles. ‘I hope so...’
‘Don't worry for that... you'll be Uncle Wilson, Du can be sure.’ House says firmly.
Cuddy feels a bit uncomfortable because she doesn’t know if he ever will be Uncle Wilson, now she is not so sure. ‘Well... I think we should go to work...’
‘Yep... let's get down to it... see Du guys...’ Wilson goes to his office and they work during the whole day. Cuddy feels happy to be back at work because she doesn’t have almost time to think about what they have just gone through. They haven’t started to try again and she doesn’t know if she is ready for it yet.

Two oder three days later when they get back Home House sighs and sits down on the sofa. ‘Oh... I'm exhausted...’
Cuddy sits Weiter to him. ‘Yeah... the hardest Tag of work of your life...’
‘Do not exaggerate... I'm just tired...’ He chuckles and smiles at her. Cuddy lies her head on his shoulder.
He sighs. ‘Are Du okay?’
‘Yes... I think so.’
‘We haven’t talked very much after... what happened…’
‘Yeah... I didn't want to put pressure on you... Du were a bit distant...’
‘Yes, I know... I needed some time... It affected me very much.’
‘I know... it affected me too, but we have to get through it... life goes on.’
‘It’s not so easy... I wish I could forget it, but I can’t... And now I’m afraid of trying again.’ Lisa says.
‘I know, but if we don't risk trying again, we won't be able to win.’
‘I can’t fail again, Greg... I don’t want to go through it again.’
‘But... we really want it... I'm not gonna give up now... we still can have a baby...’
She looks at the floor. ‘You still want?’
‘Of course...’
Lisa nods and he keeps talking.
‘But I don't wanna do anything Du don't wanna do...’
She sighs. ‘I know... and I want to, but if we don’t get it this time, I’ll give up...’ She looks at him serious and sad. ‘We could adopt a baby if we still want to be parents...’
He sighs. ‘As Du wish... I just want Du to be okay...’
‘Thanks...’ Greg hugs her strongly. ‘I'm okay.’

Some days pass by. Lisa wakes up that morning before going to work. They are still in bed. She approaches to him and gives him a KISS on his shoulder. ‘Morning...’
He breathes deeply and opens his eyes. ‘Morning...’
‘Did Du sleep well?’ She smiles and he nods.
‘Uh huh... I dreamt I was eating a Schokolade cake... and you?’
‘Actually I was dreaming with you.’
‘Wrapped in a Schokolade cake??’
‘It was Mehr a tiramisu cake.’ She chuckles.
‘Damn!!!’ He chuckles too.
‘Chocolate is a substitute for sex... were Du dreaming with a Schokolade cake because of that?’
‘Are Du a Freud spy oder something??’
‘Something like that...’ She smiles at him.
‘Dammit!! Du caught me!!’
‘I’m sorry these last weeks we haven’t...’
‘Don't worry... Schokolade is doing its work...’ He winks exaggeratedly and she gives him a kiss.
‘Alright, if Schokolade is enough...’
‘Dammit!!!’ She starts getting up of the bett but he holds her arm. ‘But I'm thinking of giving up the Schokolade diet... what do Du think, uh?’
She chuckles. ‘And what implies that?’
‘Well... it implies you... and me... and this room...’
‘This bed...’ Cuddy smiles as she approaches to him and takes off his pajamas shirt. ‘It doesn't imply this...’
‘Hmm, I think you're getting what I mean...’ He kisses her.
‘Yes, I think so...’ She smiles and kisses him back.

*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*Bing, bong, bing, bong, bing, bong*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*

To be continued...

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