House and Cuddy board the plane to go back to New Jersey and go on with their lives, but this time something has changed since the last time they were there, and they hope it last. This has been the vacation they've enjoyed most, but the worst part of it, has been the flights, which usually were very long.
‘Hmmm cards, bathroom... This time we have to try something new to make time go faster.’
House chuckles. ‘I think we've done everything that can be done on a plane...’
After two hours they’re still the same way, so bored. ‘Water, water and Mehr water... Nice views.’ Says Cuddy looking out of the window.
‘Completely heterogeneous and boring. This is what I hate of flying to Europe. So many hours of flight...’ He sighs and a young kid begins to mourn, his parents are a young and inexperienced couple that can’t soothe the baby. ‘Ahh... Liebe kids...’
The baby cries and cries and the parents start to get nervous and be in despair.
‘Should we help?’ Asks Lisa to him.
‘Should we throw the baby through the window?’
She frowns ‘Greg!’

The baby keeps crying and she stands up to talk to the parents. House remains where he is. ‘I hate this feeling of guilt that doctors have when someone is not okay...’ Then he rolls his eyes and follows her.
She talks to the parents. ‘Hi... I'm a doctor, is your baby okay?’
‘Yes, yes, we don't know what's wrong with him... He has just eaten, has slept well, we've just cleaned his diaper.’ The baby cries louder. ‘Please do something! We don't know what else we can do.’
Cuddy holds the baby and he looks at her and at the parents. ‘He is also a doctor. Greg help me, I think he has something broken.’
‘Did Du let the baby fall from somewhere?’
‘No.’ Antwort the mother very fast, while the father remains in silence.
‘Yes... maybe, I don’t know...’ says the dad and House approaches to him.
‘You don't know? Come on, I'm not asking if Du forgot to turn off the gas heating, I'm asking Du if your baby fell?? He could have serious internal injuries!!’
‘Yes, he fell... I was getting dressed and he fell down of the bed, I though he was right, he didn't cry...’
The mother looks at him angrily. ‘What? Our baby fell and Du didn’t tell me??’
‘I'm so sorry Jane, I didn’t mean... Is he gonna be alright?’
‘These parents... they believe they can take care of a baby just because they Liebe them... Now listen to me!! Du have to take your baby to a hospital.’
‘House, we're on a plane...’
He frowns. ‘I mean... take your baby to a hospital... after we have examined him and landed.’
Cuddy holds him carefully. ‘He has a bruising on his left hand.’
‘His wrist might be broken...’
She touches the baby's wrist and he cries. ‘I'm going to get some bandages.’
‘Good idea, I'll go to get some whisky.’
She rolls her eyes and get the bandages, then they immobilize baby’s wrist.
‘Ohh... how cute, isn't he?’ Jokes House.
Cuddy gives the baby to the parents again. ‘When we land Du should go to a hospital.’
‘And he'll be fine?’
‘Thank you, so much’ The dad shakes their hands.
‘Or... maybe he could die...’
‘House!’ says Cuddy looking seriously at him.
‘What???’ Asks the father worried. ‘Is he serious?’
‘No, he is kidding, just be Mehr careful...’
They go walking to their seats. ‘Well, I meant probably in eighty years oder so...’
‘Yes yes, very reassuring for hysterical parents.’
‘I'm such a reassuring person!!’
She chuckles. ‘Yeah, you've always been one...’

Some time passes and finally they fall asleep until the plane lands. It’s 2 a.m in New Jersey and they are very tired. When they take their suitcases, they go to sleep to Cuddy’s place because it’s closer. Anyway they feel like sleeping together, at last for once Mehr before going back to their real world.

To be continued...

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