After having lunch and flirting for a while more, they go to see the Big Ben and walk around there again. They spent the rest of the afternoon, until it gets darker and they get tired. ‘Oh God... we’ve walked so much today... My heels are killing me...’
‘I just can't understand why women have to wear heels. If you're sightseeing, you're supposed to be walking the whole day...’
‘Yes, look. How tall are you? How tall am I?’
‘So, Du just wear them so Du can be taller??’
‘That’s what they’re made for... But when you're wearing them for a long time they hurt... a bit. Tomorrow I'll wear flat shoes to go to visit the museums.’
House nods. ‘Well you’re in pain and my leg needs some rest... shall we go to the hotel?’

When they get there, after having a shower, House lies on the bett and sighs.
‘Relaxed?’ Asks Cuddy.
‘Dull cripple...’
‘You were like that when Du were a kid? I know Du since we went to college but actually I don’t know very much of Du before that.’
‘Hmm... well, I was an only child... and I used to enjoy being alone. Other kids were just so silly to be my friends. When all kids around Du are just focused on baseball and new sneakers, life it's not amazing.’
Cuddy frowns. ‘You were a lonely kid. So a bit like... now, right?’
‘I've always chosen my condition, the way I wanna be... And what about you? Have Du always had that breathtaking figure oder Du were a fat, short girl with a spotty face and thick eyebrows covered with huge glasses?’
‘I was a little girl, slim and pretty clever for my age, but I wasn't a cool girl. I had good marks, some friends... Du know, normal things.’
‘A common girl...’
‘No, I wasn't like other girls either. They always liked flirting with boys and some of them were really silly. I think I was a bit Mehr mature than them. I prefered to read a book than going out with a boy.’
House chuckles and jokes. ‘I thought Du just were so boring in Michigan but I was wrong.Thank God you've changed!!’
‘Okay, then if I were so boring Du wouldn't have been so interested in me when we were in Michigan.’
‘You had something special... something that caught my attention... it still does.’
Cuddy looks at him surprised but his no-typical-House-but-more-typical-Greg answer. ‘Seriously?’ House nods looking at her. ‘Oh... that deserves a kiss.’ She smiles and gives him a quick kiss. Then they stare, smile and hug each other for some Sekunden that seem not to end. ‘I think... I... Liebe you.’
‘I... Liebe Du too, Lisa.’ They KISS again, feeling what they’ve just said. She caresses his face with her hand, then he kisses her on her cheek and the lobe of her hear. Cuddy lies her head on his shoulder and then he hugs her and draws circles in her back with his finger.
‘Then... are Du tired enough to sleep now?’
‘Wow Lisa, I didn't know this daring aspect of you!!’ He jokes and winks at her. ‘I always have energy for Du honey.’
She keeps joking, both Liebe doing that. ‘You sure? We don't need to go to a 24h pharmacy to get some blue pills?’
‘Have I ever disappointed you?’
‘Not yet, in this aspect.’
‘Then forget about those bloody blue pills.’
They KISS again and when they’re lying on bed, Greg bangs his head with the bed’s head. ‘Arg... that hurt!!’
‘Are Du okay?’ Lisa kneels on the bett and looks at his head. ‘It's redden, and Du have a small wound.’
‘Well, the bed's head didn't caress my head actually... it was Mehr like an agression.’
‘You feel dizzy oder something?’
‘No, it just... hurts.’
‘Which is normal when you've just gegeben a blow...’
‘I've heard that if Du get distracted Von another thing Du don't feel pain... it might be true, right?’ He kisses her again and she smiles.
‘Maybe... We can try it.’ She kisses him back passionately.

Weiter morning, after a looong, looooong night they wake up and smile. ‘How's the pain? The distraction worked?’
‘Well, it actually did...’
‘Does it hurt now?’
‘Only if I touch it...’
‘Hmm let me see... It's a bit swollen. You’ll survive, maybe a little sillier than now but definitely you'll survive.’
They chuckle and he stands up. ‘I'm affraid you'll have to take your dusche after me...’
‘No! Come on! Du had a dusche last night. Today's my turn first.’
‘Sorry.’ He closes the door. ‘I promise it will be a quick shower!!’
‘Quick and cold! And I advise Du to take another very very cold tonight. You'll need it.’
‘You want me to be relaxed? Don't Du wanna have a good time tonight?’
‘We’re not gonna have a good time tonight... Unless Du get out of the dusche in 5 minutes.’
‘Yes sir!’
When he finishes his shower, she goes to the bathroom. After some Minuten she goes out wearing no-heels shoes.
‘No heels?? Wow!! Give me back the real Lisa!!!’
‘Hey I told Du that today I wouldn't wear heels.’
‘Yeah, but I thought Du couldn't stand that idea. I'm surprised, congratulations.’
‘Now Du have to bend to KISS me. But don't worry, tomorrow I'll be wearing heels again, your back will apperciate it.’
‘Thanks for thinking about me. Anyway, Du look good.’
‘Thank you. Hey you're wearing the T hemd, shirt I bought you. Du look sexy’ She winks at him.
‘And I'm even sexier without it!! Grrr’ He winks at her exaggeratedly and she chuckles.
‘Well, we are clean, dressed and ready, shall we go?’
‘Okay, let's go. And calm down baby...’
‘Can't promise anything... We'd better go down Von stairs just in case.’
She laughs. ‘Oh God... Let's go.’ She smiles, rolls her eyes and they get out of the room.

They get to the first museum they’ve planned to go, the Madame Tussauds museum. They spend there a couple of hours inside, taking a lot of pictures and watching the wax figures. It’s huge and really really well done.
‘Did Du like wax celebrities?’
‘Yes! It was fun! Thank goodness I'm not wearing heels...’
‘I'm sure Du would've fainted in case Du wore them...’
‘Well I'm sure Du would've been there to hold me... I hope so at least...’ House smirks and they go to have lunch to a nice pizzeria Weiter to the museum. They have to start thinking of finishing this vacation and go back to work. Both are afraid of it because none of them want that what they have now, finish with this trip.
When they go back to Princeton, they’ll try to keep it how it is now, but both know that it will be very difficult. The situation will change even if they teilt, split up oder even if they stay together; what it’s clear is that there’s no turning back.

When they finish and rest for a while, then go walking to the Sherlock Holmes museum, which is not far from the Madame Tussauds one. They get Lost and it takes a bit longer than what they expected. ‘I Liebe your sense of direction.’ Cuddy smiles widely at him.
‘We’d better do not talk about yours...’ He mocks at her.
They buy two tickets and go inside. There they, specially House, enjoy like a big kid. It’s getting late and they have to go to buy their airline tickets. On their way they talk about the museum.
‘Did Du like it?? Is it as great as Du imagined?’ Cuddy looks at him smiling.
‘Oh yeah, it is!! It was like being inside a Sherlock Holmes story!!’
‘I'm glad Du like it! When we go back to New Jersey Du have to lend me some of his books.’

They buy the airline tickets for the Weiter Tag and go back to the hotel to spend their last night in London. They’ve been walking the whole Tag and they are very tired. Before they realize, they fall asleep.
In the morning, Lisa wakes up first. House is still asleep and she doesn’t wanna bother him. Yesterday they fell asleep so early that they have been sleeping for almost eleven hours. Cuddy looks at him sleeping and takes the chance to have her dusche first. Some Minuten later Greg wakes up with the sound of the water, then she goes out of the bathroom.
‘Early riser, uh??’
‘Yeah, we went to sleep early and I'm used to sleep a few hours... This way I had my dusche first.’
‘Good point!’
‘How was the last night in London. Have Du slept well?’
‘Like a baby’
‘Good.’ She smiles.
‘But I think it's still too early to get out of the bed... Du could make and effort and try to be tired, couldn't you?’
‘I can make an effort and lay on the bett but I won't be tired.’
‘That will do.’
She lies Weiter to him and he put his arm around her shoulders. ‘Did Du enjoy this vacation?’
‘Very much. I needed it. You?’
Cuddy smiles. ‘But now it’s time to go back to work.’
‘Uh huh... Our flight leaves at 9 p.m. and we should be punished if we leave London without seeing the British Museum...’
‘It’s true. We have some hours left. Let’s go there and then we go back here to pick up our things and go to the airport.’

When they get dressed, they go to the British museum. It’s not very very crowded today and they enjoy it and spend the morning there. After their learning time, they have lunch and go back to the hotel to pick up their belongings and go to the airport.

To be continued...

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