When the ride that they won’t forget ends, they go out of the London Eye holding hands and go walking throught the brigde. House can’t believe that after so much time they are doing this. ‘So... we are... Du know...’
‘Ehmm we could say that... yes...’
House nods a bit confused. ‘And... what are we gonna say in the hospital?’
‘Well, we can be together but... don't say anything in the hospital, I mean, we don't have to hide it, but we don't need to Veröffentlichen it either, do we?’
‘Of course, unless Du want that the whole hospital mocks at me.’
‘I don’t think they’ll mock at you. In any case, they'll wonder if Du drugged me.’ She laughs.
‘Ha-ha-ha. Very funny.’ He stares at her very closely for some seconds.
‘I-I think we’re supposed to KISS now...’
Then he approaches a bit to her. ‘Who says that?’
Cuddy chuckles. ‘Hmm the book of "The strange relationship of the couple of House and Cuddy."
‘If it’s written in a book we mustn’t contradict it!’ They approach a bit Mehr and finally end with the few inches that separate them.

It’s strange for them to be “...” and they’re assimilating how it will affect their lives. They are very thoughtful and quiet while walking towards the hotel. When they get there, they put on their pajamas and lie on the bed. They are very tired due to the flight so it doesn’t take long for them to fall asleep. He’s not used to walk for a long time and his leg hurts a bit Mehr than usual. Greg kisses her and says goodnight. After taking his vicodin, he falls asleep very quickly.
Lisa stays awake thinking about everything, Rome, the plane –the bathroom of the plane-, the hotel, the London Eye, and he sleeping Weiter to her. She looks at him before closing her eyes and falling asleep.

In the middle of the night, Lisa suddenly wakes up sweating. She goes to the bathroom to wash her face and neck and gets into bed. House doesn’t open his eyes nor moves. ‘Is everything okay?’
‘Yes, it was only a nightmare.’
‘Nightmare? What was it about?’
‘Nothing, it was nonsense.' He stares at her until she tells him. 'It's stupid, seriously... Our boss was informed that we were together and he fired me, and Foreman was appointed your boss... Oh, well, and Wilson was a bit angry 'cause Du didn't tell him about us, and he sagte that Du were gonna screw it up...’
‘Wow, let me say that Du have beautiful predictions about this, uh?? And the pessimistic is me!!’
‘It was a nightmare, I don't think that this will happen. Is my tired subconcious...We’d better don't pay attention to it.’ Cuddy lies her head on the kissen while House watches her smiling. ‘Oh what’s that? A smile? House smiling?’
‘No, I was gonna yawn.’
She chuckles and looks at the time. ‘We should continue sleeping for some hours, I want to get up early to see London.’
‘Yes, you’re right. No Mehr nightmares... Sleep tight, Lisa.’
They fall asleep again for the hours they have left until it dawns. Actually they fall asleep until four hours after it dawns. It’s a bit late to go where they wanted to, so as it’s a hot day, they decide to go to the swimming pool to take a bath and then, they’ll go to have lunch and go sightseeing in the afternoon.
When they get to the pool, Lisa takes off her strand wickeln, wickeln sie and gets into the water, House lies down on a deck chair and looks at her swimming. When she’s gonna get out, he approaches to her to wickeln, wickeln sie her up in a towel from behind. Cuddy smiles and turns to hug him, so he gets wet. ‘Hmmm... thanks... a lot...’
‘You’re always welcome.’ Cuddy gives him a KISS on his cheek and separates from him, but House hugs her again and remains this way. ‘You wanna keep on getting wet oder what?’
‘I’m already wet. Getting even wetter won’t hurt me...’ Cuddy walks a few steps back and they both fall to the water. ‘Well, with wetter I meant “a bit”...’
‘All oder nothing baby. Du look good wet.’ They get out of the water and sit on a deck chair.
‘Thanks! Small drops of water running on my skin make me look so handsome, I know, it’s quite comprehensible. Du don’t look bad at all either.’ He winks.
Lisa picks a dry towel and sits Weiter to him, then approaches Mehr to House and dries his face. When she finishes, he lies down again and puts a hand around her hip, then she lies Weiter to him with her head on his shoulder. Greg smiles at her slightly and kisses her forehead sweetly. She hugs him and kisses him on his neck.
‘Hmm... Lisa... don't think this is the proper place...’
‘I know... we're not gonna do THAT here.’
‘Well, yes I know, but... Du know... I'm not made of stone.’
‘Okay, I get it.’ Cuddy laughs and sits up on the deck chair. House stares at her. ‘What “Mr I'm not made of stone”? Du like looking at me?’
‘You doubt it?’
‘Hmm... Actually no, sometimes I see Du gawking at me.’
‘Well... it's not my fault. If Du didn't wear those provocative clothes I wouldn’t pay so much attention to you.’
‘Yeah yeah, of course, it's always my fault...’
He is kidding and Wird angezeigt a sad face. ‘Yeah, I’m just a poor victim!’ They chuckle. ‘Well. Let’s change our clothes and eat something, I’m starving.’

They go to their room and put their clothes on. Then, they sit on the edge of the bett for a while and Greg pushes her arm with his shoulder. ‘So... what? What do Du suggest?’
She looks at him with her eyes partially closed and an eyebrown lifted. ‘I can suggest many things, but you’re not made of stone and we have to go to have lunch soon.’
‘What a dirty mind! Shame on you!’
‘Sure, is me who have a dirty mind... I forgot that you’re pure and chaste...’
‘Of course, the Vatican is thinking of appointing me “Saint Gregory House”...’
‘Yeah, what a shame we didn’t realize when we were in Rome... Well Springtime, what do we do?’
‘Get your heels out of the wardrobe and lend them to me!!’
‘Really?? I have nothing against dragqueens, but I would prefer that my... that Du aren't one of them.’
He jokes. ‘Well, don't worry 'cause your “...” is fine the way he is... At least Von the moment. But I have to admit that I've been thinking that Wilson is rather cute... Don’t say Du haven't paid attention to those beautiful little eyes!’
‘Yeah, actually at his eyes, his cute eyebrows... he is a handsome man, he's nice...’
‘Hey, hey!! Du want me to organise a datum for Du both?’
She laughs. ‘No, thanks, it’s not necessary, I have enough with my “...” ’
House chuckles. ‘Come on, let's go to eat something!’

After having lunch and drinking a diet coke, and a non-diet Coca-Cola respectively, they go out to take a ride Von bus to go back to the Parliament and the Tower of London. ‘You think we should tell Wilson that we’re “...” before going back to New Jersey?’ Asks Cuddy.
‘Or we can keep him in the dark and let him find out Von himself.’
‘I guess it won’t take him so long to find it out...’
‘Yeah, he’s not as stupid as he looks.’
‘I know, our Jimmy is so smart.’
Some Minuten later they get to the Parliament and go for a walk. Suddenly Cuddy sees someone she didn’t expect to see. ‘Oh my God... I think that David is there...’
‘What the f... David?? Let’s turn around!’ But before they can do anything, David realizes of their presence and walks towards them waving his hand.
‘Hey! Lisa!’
‘Damn it... Wow, David! What... what are Du doing here??’
‘I cannot believe it! I finished working and I’m enjoying a little break. And what are Du both doing here?’
‘We... are enjoying oir holidays, too. We decided to spend a few days here in London together and later going back to New Jersey.’
House puts his arm around Cuddy’s shoulders and smiles widely. ‘Yep, longer holidays... together...’
David ignores him and keeps talking to Lisa. ‘And how many days did Du decide to stay here?’
‘Hmm we don’t know yet. Around four days... and you?’
‘I don't have a fixed date, it depends...’
‘On what?? On how much Du can annoy us?? oder is it just aleatory??’
‘Greg... shut up!’ says Lisa.
‘House, you’re not so important for me... I didn’t know Du were here, Du sagte that Du were going to return to New Jersey...’
Cuddy looks at them. ‘Well, I think we should go now, shouldn’t we Greg?’
‘Oh no... Are Du sure Du don't want to have abendessen oder take a drink? In Rome we couldn't have it properly.’ Says David.
‘HA!! What a nice guy!! A moment while I vomit...’
Cuddy turns to David. ‘Actually we have nothing to do but I think we should go to our hotel and rest.’
‘We're extremelly tired... Du know...’ He winks at David.
‘Come on, it’s too earlyjhh...’ David coughs strongly and his face turns red. ‘I can’t... breathe...’ Then he falls to the ground and Lisa kneels Weiter to him.
‘David!? Are Du okay??’ She puts her fingers on his neck. ‘House, he doesn’t have pulse! He is in cardiac arrest! Someone call an ambulance!! House help me!’
‘Oh crap...’ House kneels and starts with the CPR. ‘I’m hesitating between leaving Du the mouth part oder taking it myself...’ Says House. She looks at him, approaches to David’s mouth and blows. ‘Good... take that part... I’ll take the chest part and I'll see if I can break any rib "accidentally".
House starts doing the compressions and Cuddy continues doing the mouth-to-mouth resuscitation while looks at him from the corner of her eye. House continues with the compressions. ‘Don't Du think we should change places? I mean, I'm getting tired, Du may be getting tired too...’
‘Actually the mouth-to-mouth part is less tiring than the compressions, so I'm not tired, but if Du wanna change and "kiss" my ex boyfriend...’
‘Well... tiring... bored... call it as Du want... But mouth to mouth is not actually a matter of Küssen but giving some air to the hurt person.’
‘Okay, let's change.’
They change places but before, David starts to regain consciousness and when he sees House’s face in front of him, he tries to get up and Bewegen away.
‘He's not gonna allow me to KISS him... what a pity!!! Don't Bewegen smart guy... the krankenwagen is coming.’
‘How do Du feel David??’
‘I don’t feel very well... What happened?’
‘You fainted and stopped breathing. We brough Du round.’
The krankenwagen comes and they ask House and Lisa to go to the hospital with David. Cuddy looks at House, he rises his eyes and looks at her. ‘Uhh... let’s go.’

To be continued...

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