They go on board and when not even an Stunde of flight has passed, they are bored.
House moves in his seat. ‘What if... umm... we play some kind of challenge game?? Each of us asks a Frage to the other one, if we don't answer we have to pass a challenge proposed Von the other person. Right??’
‘Hmmm ok-ay...You go first.’    
‘Sure.’ He thinks. ‘Hmm... Isn't it true that Du felt happy when Du knew we were gonna travel together??’
Cuddy sighs ‘Yes...’ and he smiles. ‘Okay, here I go. It’s true that Du bought the tickets thinking that I was gonna invite Du to come with me?’
‘Hmm... I... considered that possibility.’
Cuddy smiles to herself. ‘Okay, your turn.’
‘Hmm... is it true that Du like what has happened between us in this trip??’
‘Yes, the same as you, I don't need to ask Du that... Well my Frage is... it’s true that Du always had some feelings for me? Since we were at universität in Michigan.’
He looks at her. He would never answer that to her, too personal. ‘I'm not gonna answer... I choose challenge’
‘Okay, I want Du to shout SCHWEPPES!!!’
‘Schweppes?? Argg’ House looks around and coughs. ‘Ejem, ejem, SCHWEPPES!!!’ Then he feels stupid and hides his face with his hand. Cuddy smiles maliciously. ‘I have recorded Du with my cell phone. Your question.’
‘What? Screw you... Is it true that Du rathered have an only bett in London so we had to sleep together?? Há!!’
‘That’s stupid. I’m not gonna answer... Challenge.’
‘Stand up and explain in a loud voice to all the passenger that Du feel so bad, so ask if anyone has a laxative in their handbags.’
‘What? Are Du mad? What if I don't do it?’
‘You'll have a punishment.’
Cuddy looks at him. House has for sure that she’s not gonna do that, then she stands up. ‘Uh hum... Hi, passengers, atention please... My name is Lisa Cuddy and I wanna ask you, please... if Du have a laxative, because I feel really sick and my... and this guy sit Weiter to me, has used the latest one we had.’
‘Yeah, because she cooks some dishes that could kill an elefant and now, Du know, my organism has to purify itself... she took all the laxatives, 'cause she is incapable of eating her own food, so I just could find the last one but for her meals I need more.’ He winks at her and they sit down again.

‘Not as much as you! Cheat... Says he while shows his tongue to her and she looks at the ceiling.
‘Kid... Well here is my question: Since when do Du have the hots for me?’
‘Some time later Du started to have the hots for me.’
‘Ha-ha...very funny.’
‘I know... Here I go: Would Du have wanted us to have a relationship??’
She stares at him speachless, but finally she Antwort the question. ‘We couldn't have an adult relationship, and I don't want everything goes worse than now.’
He stares at her like if he wants to say something, then he looks at the ground. ‘Next question...’
‘Why are Du so scared of saying what Du feel? And that counts as my Frage for the game.’
He stays looking at the ground and after some Sekunden looks at her serious. ‘I don't want to be vulnerable... I don't wanna let other can hurt me... I don't wanna other get near to me and hurt them too... Happy?? This game is not fun anymore, perhaps we should sleep... oder blow our noses...’ He turns a bit on his seat.
‘That doesn’t have to be necessarily like that...’ He stays quiet. ‘Any other question?’
‘Yeah, sure... Why do Du care if I’m happy??’
‘I-I don't know... everybody deserves to be happy...’ He stares at her and she dares to ask the tricky question. ‘If Du had to choose, whom would Du choose Stacy oder me?’
House looks at her very serious. ‘It's enough Lisa...’
‘It was Du who wanted to play...’
‘I just wanted to pass the time, I didn't want Du to swim in my own crap and splash me, Du know??’
‘You suggested the game and gave me the rules, I just limited myself to play with that. If Du play, Du risk not to win.’
‘Win what?? We weren't gonna win anything!! It was just to keep us amused!! Is it supposed to be my fault now??’
‘We were having fun. Du can not get angry just because Du don't like a question.’
House sighs angry. ‘It's okay!! My fault. I don't want to play anymore.’
‘You haven't answered my last question.’
‘Why do Du wanna know that?? What happens if you're not my answer to your question?? Will Du still wanna know it??’
Cuddy stares at him. ‘Yes.’
House expected a "No" for that answer. ‘Argh, why are Du women so complicated??’
‘Women? No, why men complicate things? It's a simple Frage with a simple answer.’
Greg stares at her. She’s right. “Come on, Greg, screw up the rest of your life...” thinks to himself, and then speaks slowly. ‘You.’
Lisa looks at him surprised. She didn't expect him saying that. Stacy was a very important person in his life and she thought that she was important for him too, but less than her. ‘S-seriously?’
‘You want me to have it tattuated on my forehead??’ He folds his arms and looks at the floor.
‘I don't know what to say... But why? I mean, why me instead of Stacy?’
‘Are Du gonna keep... putting your finger into the wound??’
‘You gave me an answer that I didn't expect, so it’s normal that I wanna know why.’ She feels confused.
‘A-at least Du haven't betrayed me like her... Du know, I mean this little problem with my leg.’
‘It’s just because of that? I also had something to do with your... leg.’
‘But she was responsible of me while I was in coma.’
‘But I was your doctor... I didn't know how to act.
‘But I told Du what I wanted Du to choose for me!! I just was gonna be in coma to stand the pain!!’
‘I don't regret what we did, if with that I got Du to survive.’
House looks away. ‘We've talked about this so many times. I'm not gonna get my leg cured, I'm not gonna forgive Stacy and we'll be as we've been until now.’
‘Yes? Look, I'm tired of you. It's true that your leg is not gonna get cured, but if Du do rehab oder ask for help -even I'll help Du if Du ask- Du may have less pain.
Stacy acted as well as she could, she didn't wanna see Du suffering. And with me... if that's what Du want okay. We’ll forget all this shit and that's all. I'm tired of trying something with you. I just wanna know one thing...What would Du have done if it was me who was on the verge of dying?’
House stares at her. ‘I would have gegeben my two legs to save you.’

Cuddy looks at him shocked. ‘That... that is... so nice from you’
She has a lot of confusing feelings at this moment and doesn’t know what to do. House leans his head against the headrest without saying anyting. Lisa remains in silence for a while, looking at the floor, but then she looks at House and approaches a bit Mehr without saying anything.Then she kisses him.
‘This is some kind of sexual activity... you've just Lost our bet.’ House smiles.
‘We are not in London yet’
House jokes. ‘Well... if we're not tecnically in London... we wouldn't infringe any rule if we... Du know... use... the toilets.’ House winks at her exaggeratedly.
She shakes her head smiling nervously. ‘You... and I... toilets...plane...What do Du want? Wird angezeigt me new places to have sex? First on the elevator, now in the toilets... what's the next? On the bed, on the floor, on the towel Von the door, in the tub, in the car, up against the minibar?’
‘Wo, wo, wo... I just was suggesting... hahaha.’
‘Are Du serious?’
House raises one eyebrow. ‘What if it was true??’
Cuddy blinks. ‘Uh-hh... eh... well for all the passenger we are using laxatives... It wouldn't be strange for us go to the bathroom...
House chuckles and raises one eyebrow. ‘Hmmm... I... got... to go to... the toilet...’ He stands up and Cuddy laughs and stays on her sitz for a while, surprised and nervous. Then she stands up and meets him there.
‘This is not very spacious.’Says Greg laughing silently.
It doesn’t matter... She closes the door after her and...

After the... turbulences, they go back to their seats giggling. ‘God, I can imagine when we tell our holidays to Wilson, it’s gonna be something like: Hey Wilson! Yeah, Du know? I had sex with House in the plane.’
‘Yeah, he'll be shocked... we should have filmed it... so he could have some proofs haha.’
Cuddy laughs sarcasticly. ‘Ha-ha no... Are Du gonna tell him?’
‘I will write e-mails to every doctor, nurse and patient in the hospital.’
‘Ohh... fewer clinic hours and you're completely mine, I have Du eating from my hand.’
‘Ha!! A thing like this must be told. Fewer clinic hours can't impede it!!’
She looks serious at him. ‘You won’t. Besides, I still have a little reputation to preserve. Du can't tell everybody that I have sex with my employees in planes...’
‘And in elevators?’
‘Obviously no.’
‘May I tell at least that we had sex??’ Cuddy doesn’t answer, but shakes her head. Actually none of them wants to tell to anyone. They are having fun and it has taken twenty years to reach this situation. They don’t want to screw it up now. They want to have the chance to try and see how much the fun lasts.
When time passes they start playing another game. This time they have to say one thing they can’t stand from the other and later another good one to make up for it. Cuddy suggested the game, so Cuddy starts.

‘I can't stand your behavior with patients and their families and later is me who has to apologize, but the good thing is that you're the best doctor anyone can have.’
He chuckles.
‘Okay... um... I can't stand when Du talk to Wilson in order to make him try to convince me about something... He’s on my side!!’ He chuckles. ‘But Du manage the hospital quite efficiently.’
Cuddy nods. ‘Hmm... I can't stand when Du come to my office yelling and demanding nonsense things when even Du know that they're dangerous... but I like that Du never give up when Du think you're right.’
They smile to each other and keep playing their sincerity game.
‘I hate when Du give priority to the patients' choice instead of my medical choice when Du know I'm right... But I like having your medical opinion in my cases.’

Playing this game is not bad at all. They are learning things they didn’t know, and what things they like o dislike. After all these years, they start opening up to each other, and this is a very big step for both.
Cuddy continues. ‘I hate when Du know I don't want to see Du and Du come to my house, oder Du know I'm on a datum and Du come anyway. But I like that Du worry about me.’
‘Hmmm... I hate when your shirts don't let me see your neckline properly but I liked when Du were Weiter to me when I was about to die, after Amber's death.’
Oh come on, Du needed me, I wasn't gonna leave Du alone...’ She remains thinking for a second. ‘I don't like when Du take advantage of Wilson, he is a good guy! And he stands you! But I like that Du two aren’t gays.’
House laughs. ‘Do Du feel happy we’re not gays?’ Greg jokes. ‘Actually if I were gay, I would ask Wilson to marry me. He's got those brown and shiny little eyes, the sweetest little bum I've ever seen, and...
‘Yeah, yeah!’ Cuddy stops him. ‘I get it... Du sure you’re not gay?
‘You sure you’re not a man, then?’
‘You’ve just checked it out...’
‘Fair enough... Well... where were we?... Ah yes! I hate when Du pretend to be so severe with me in the hospital 'cause I know Du melt when I walk Weiter to Du but, anyway, I like when Wilson, Du and me meet and start arguing, it's rather fun.’
‘I don't melt! It’s Du who is excited when I walk Weiter to you! I can notice that Du walk even faster to get closer to me!’
‘To see your boobs’
‘Whatever... I don't like when Du and Wilson conspire against me, and yes, I like when Wilson Du and me start arguing, but I like Mehr when he goes and mum and dad start discussing.’
‘Hahaha. Good point. I dislike when Du and Wilson also conspire against me but I also like when Du come every morning to my office to bring me some cases.’
‘I dislike when Du ignore me and the cases I bring to Du but I like when Du come to my office to complain.’
‘I dislike when Du tell me off because I complain but I like when Du come to apologize when I was right.’
‘I dislike when Du flirt with Cameron at work but I like when Du knock her off.’
‘Uuuh that sounds jealousy!’ points House.
‘No, I'm not jealous! God! She is a kid... I only say that Du two work for me, if she is besotted with Du she doesn't work well... But I-I don't care if Du go out to abendessen oder something like that with her... It's your problem, but at work both of Du belong to me.’
House claps.
‘Wooow! What an impressive speech! Congratulations boss!’
‘You see? I don't like when Du do that.’
House pretends a sad face and she smiles.
‘But I like when Du put silly faces.’
House stares at her and finish the game. ‘I like you.’

From a loudspeaker the pilot announces that they will be landing in a few minutes. He asks people to remain in their seast and fasten their seatbelts; and that’s what Cuddy and House do.
‘Well, we are almost in London, our bet still stands?’
‘I don't know’... Du and little Greg... whoops, sorry, big Greg, could stand it?’
‘This body has energy for anything baby! Don't worry about me. Don't Du wanna go on with the bet?’
‘Actually... no, I don’t..’ They look and smile at each other as they didn't do since very long time ago.

When the plane lands, they take their luggage and House leads her to a very nice and nearby hotel.

To be continued...

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