House turns to her with his eyes wide open. ‘Like... me?’ He’s shocked and it took him a few Sekunden come back to himself. ‘Perhaps I should tell that guy to do something like...’
‘Like...?’ Cuddy stares at him and smiles. ‘Say something to that stupid guy!!’
He chuckles. ‘Aren't Du gonna KISS her, Du stupid flack of bumfluf??’ He approaches to Lisa a little.
‘Yeah, twenty years of waiting... that guy is very slow...’
‘Well... a bit...’ House approaches Mehr and he is almost touching her lips with his.
‘Oh God Greg! Come on!’ Cuddy puts her arms around his neck and kisses him. He laughs to himself and puts his arms around her chest while kisses her.
‘Oh David.’ Says Lisa kidding, but House stops Küssen her.
‘What the hell...?’
‘It was a joke. Doctor Gregory House degree in medicine at the universität of Michigan...’
‘Yeah Miss sarcasm...’ He laughs slightly and KISS her again.
‘Wait a minute, are Du drunk? Because I don't want Du to remember this.’
He laughs. ‘I want to remember everything. Don’t spoil this...’
‘Are Du gonna tell me now what am I for you? oder Du are just taking advantage of the boss?’
‘You... you're... not just my boss, you're the boss who cannot control me, and who can't always get what she wants and who is going mad because of me.’
He really doesn’t know how to answer that question, and he looks at the mattress. She doesn’t make he feel better. ‘Do Du regret of this?’
‘Hmmm no, should I?
‘I don’t know... Maybe this is not good for us...’ Bad thing. Here comes her doubts. ‘Could not succeed, we know how we are... we have much pride and character. what?’

House gets out of the bed, goes to the balcony, and sits in a chair. Cuddy goes behind him, leans on the Wand and sighs. House breaks the silence.
‘I beg your pardon?’
‘I had to say something to break this tense situation.’
‘And “pencil” is the appropiate word? I would prefer that Du say something Mehr useful.’
‘Like what?’
‘Good House...’ She gets a bit angry and goes to the room.
‘Who's behaving like a kid now??’
‘I've sagte a lot of things, I'm not going to say any more. But no matter, it's stupid.’
‘Stupid?? That's how Du call this...’ He shakes his head. ‘Of course.’
‘Yes, this is stupid! Du can be charming one moment, but later Du don't stop being... House.’
‘You know who I am, Du can take it oder leave it...’
‘That's all? Du don't care about my choice? If I take it perfect and if I don't good too?’
He goes back to the room. ‘I'm just telling Du what Du have in front of your and the choice is all yours...’
‘Is not all mine. Do Du care about me, House? Du always flee from tough decisions and do the others choose when Du don't know oder you're scared.’
‘Well, I'm the one who goes wrong, the mistake between us two. Du don't have to get hurt just because you're near to me... I may want to protect Du from pain.’
Lisa chuckles. ‘Oh, God... I know I'm going to get hurt whether I'm near to Du oder not, but I'm willing to suffer if Du get less hurt with that.’ She looks at him and sighs. ‘You know what's going on? Du are miserable, and Du are afraid of stop being it. Du think your life is a shit, but Du are afraid that things may change. Changes are not always bad, House’
House gets angry. ‘But why do I have to change?? Why do Du want me to change?? Well, if Du want I can go to bett tonight and wake up tomorrow as an integral asshole like David, and we can go back to New Jersey, get married and bring up together two oder three biologic children... Whoops, sorry Du can't have them!!! Well, neither I can't change!!’
She’s shocked. He has crossed the line to hurt her. Cuddy can’t react for a few seconds, then tears begin to slide across her face. She looks at him very angry and crying. ‘You son of a bitch. I don't want Du to change! I just want Du to stop being a fucking coward! But no, you've gone so far. Screw you.’
‘Yeah, screw you, Merida - Legende der Highlands answer... and it's me who is supposed to be a coward?? No, Lisa, screw you.’
She slaps him.

He remains shocked for a short time and then kisses her, but she doesn’t move, she didn’t expect him to do that. On the one hand, she wants to get separated and shout him but at the same time she doesn’t... She kisses him back and when they separate to breathe, she looks at him with her eyes yet teary.
‘Come on, you're gonna dehydrate.’ He dries her eyes with his hand. She laughs slightly and holds his hand.
‘You are an idiot, Du know?’
‘And that's what Du like from me!!’ He winks at her.
‘At all.’ She smiles and they KISS again.
She starts taking off his pajamas’ hemd, shirt and he stops her for a moment. ‘Hey... are Du aware of this??’
‘Completely. And you?’
He nods. ‘I just was asking. And I will remember it this time, unless Du hit my head so I lose conciousness--’ She kisses him on his neck.
‘You're controling yourself a lot, don't you?’
‘Mmm... well... we ...could say that yes...’
‘Well, then stop talking...’
He gives her a KISS and now kisses her neck while she caresses his back. Cuddy’s hands tremble a little because of the nerves.
‘I can't imagine how we’ve come to this situation after twenty years when we almost can't stand each other...’ Says House.
‘Is this your way of say that Du feel something for me?’
He smiles and she smiles him back. Then they get closer and KISS passionately.

That night nothing and nobody else matters. They don't care about how they will look each other Weiter Tag oder about what would happen from this. They just let happen what maybe should have happened long time ago.

To be continued...

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