Out spot is in serious trouble right now, its officially dead...I mean WAY dead, sure there's some Forum games going on.....but nobody's here....not even in the shipping oder characters spots. Its a ghost town....SO (After a long story) I think I might have a small solution.

Okay I got way nostalgic today, while waiting for people to come Home from a football game I starting looking through old Foren on this spot and saw how active everybody was and how LIVELY this spot was.

There was always something going on, and I know we're in a rut now because House has been gone so long, but we've had longer ruts then this and I know for a fact this spot was still incredibly active!

So I was wondering why it was different now, and that's because we don't know each other. I saw so much friendliness and general Liebe of each other going around in the old forums.


So fill out this little form, so we get to know Du a little bit and if Du wouldn't mind provide some sort of contact, msn oder something, so if people want to talk to Du they can. (I'm horrible at this for the record....*waits for BB and Cuddles to remind her of that*)

Nickname (if Du have one)
When did Du first start watching House?
Favourite character?
Do Du ship? If Du do, who?
Have a favourite episode, what is it?
What else do Du watch?
Why are Du on Fanpop?
What do Du like best about Fanpop?
Provide some sort of contact info, if Du can

Here are my answers:

Nickname: OM (LOVE IT)

When did Du first start watching House?: Wow.....I think I must have started watching it 5 years ago...jesus that's a long time! Its almost a 1/4 of my life! I started around season 2 for the states, season 1 for England (where I was living at the time)

Favourite character LOL this Frage is slight redundant for me....but in case Du don't know me, oder are very new to the spot, I'm officially in Liebe with Lisa Cuddy, FAVOURITE CHARACTER EVER!!!!!! *dances around in Cuddyland*

Do Du ship? If Du do, who? I do ship Huddy, and pretty much only Huddy. Its not that I don't Liebe interactions of other characters, its that I really only care about if Huddy ends up together oder not. I do also like me some Wuddy :)

Have a favourite episode, what is it?Fetal Position, I just adore it so very much. I'm going to be totally shameless here, but I even wrote an Artikel about it here: link

What else do Du watch? I ADORE Glee, Lie to Me, 30 Rock and Blackadder. I also occasionally watch The Big Bang Theory, Dexter and trying to get into Mad Man atm.

Why are Du on Fanpop? Because of the wonderful community and users who are here. Its the nicest place on the internet (at least this spot is) and everyone here is, most of the time, so respectful of other people's opinions and preferences. Its just refreshing to come here and know that I'm safe, sicher to discuss who and what I Liebe without the fear of bashing.

What do Du like best about Fanpop? Certain users who are so intelligent and fun that they make Fanpop for me :)

Provide some sort of contact info, if Du can I used to be so much better at this than I am now, so I repeat.....I NEVER COME ON MSN, but when I do I hope to see people there :) If Du would like to add me, I'm oldmoviemd@hotmail.com

Your turn, and let's make the House spot WAY Mehr ACTIVE!!!

PS. take a look at this Forum and get to know people: link