They go for a walk inside the hotel and sit in a hall near the kitchen, where it seems to be the coolest place of Italy. Cuddy leans on the Wand feeling the air conditioning on her face. ‘Well, tell me. Got any hobby that you’ve been hidden all these years?’
‘Yeah, I'm a drag Queen at weekends.’
‘I knew it! A friend told me he saw Du one night.’
‘Yes, I have a lot of fans, my nickname is Springtime!!’
She chuckles. ‘Someday I'll go to see you. A private pass for me.’
‘Sure.’ He winks and stares at her. ‘By the way, when are we going back to New Jersey??’
‘We've been here for three days. Du wanna go back now? We can go to another country to annoy Mehr employees.’
‘Let’s annoy as many people as we can! No, I was just wondering when I will tell everybody what kind of person their boss is: a very nasty one who does nasty things with me!!’
Cuddy rolls her eyes. ‘You've been years saying that kinds of things of me and they still don't believe you. Why would it be different now?’
‘Because now I might be saying the truth.’
‘Nothing nasty has happened.’
House looks at the ceiling smirking. ‘Yet.’
Cuddy sits up and asks surprised. ‘You expect something nasty to happen?’ He doesn’t asnwer. ‘There are hookers in Italy as in New Jersey. They work the same way, Du have to pay them too. oder Du have left off whores?’
‘I'm trying with detox...’ They stay there under the air conditioning for a while. ‘Is there a swimming pool here??’
‘Yeah, I think so. That’s what the web said.’
‘Let's take our swimming costumes and go there!’

House sits on the edge of the swimming pool with his cane Weiter to him and Cuddy sits Weiter to him. He doesn't bother to look at her covertly. ‘Beautiful bikini.’
‘Nice swimming trunks.’
‘Thanks. I know, they make my arsch look nicer.’
‘Of course! Your arsch is so nice! And that limping... aww it drives me mad.’
‘I knew it!!’ He laughs.
‘Actually Du drive me mad too much times! Do Du really think that I like yelling and following Du throughout the whole hospital Tag after day!?’
‘Well, I'm sure Du enjoy it!’
‘No... Although Du don't believe it, I don't like it as much as Du think.’
They look in silence at the swimming pool. ‘Well, are Du gonna get into the water?’ asks Cuddy.
‘Yes, but Du go first.’ He pushes her and she falls down into the water.
‘Idiot!! You’ve wetted my strand wrap!’ She takes it off and throws it to his face.
‘Oh, no! What a disaster!’ House laughs and she splashes him. ‘Oh God, no!! Lisa is splashing me. I'm gonna die!!’
He keeps laughing and Cuddy pulls his arm so he gets into the water. House sinks and she tries he doesn’t take air. They are moving a lot and House pulls her into the water so she can’t breathe either. Accidentally Cuddy kicks him.
‘Whoops.. sorry sorry sorry. Are Du okay?’
House gets out of the water pushing his stomach with his hands and speaks with difficulty. ‘Ac-actually... I’ve had better moments but...’ Cuddy touches his tummy.
‘It’s redden. Can Du breathe well?’
‘Of course it's redden, you've just kicked it!! I'll be fine in a minute...’
‘Thank goodness I haven't kicked lower...’
‘Now I know that God exists!!!’ They get out of the water and Cuddy helps him to sit down on a hammock. ‘Well... wouldn’t have been a very big loss.’
‘Not big, HUGE loss...'

She chuckles and sits on the hammock Weiter to his. She closes her eyes and House stares at her for a while, then she opens her eyes and looks at him.
‘What are Du staring at??’
Why try to pretend? ‘You! Wasn’t it obvious?’
Cuddy blushes a bit and he lies on his hammock again. She puts on her glasses and lay body milch on her body. House looks at her again and whistle.
‘Phewwww... Can Du do that on me too?’
‘You want body milk?? Hmmm yeah... why not...?’ She sits on his hammock Weiter to him, puts some body milch in her hands and puts them on his shoulders, extending the body mik with a massage.
‘Oh yeaaaah, go on!!’
‘Okay, calm down!’ Her hands tremble a bit, but she keeps putting the body milch on his neck, arms, and back.
‘Yeah, yeah... right there...!!’
‘That’s it. The rest Du can on your own...’
‘Oh come on!! Finish what Du begun!!’
‘You've got a nerve!’ She puts some body milch on his chest.
‘Yeah! Du see, Du can be a good girl when Du want.’
Cuddy extends the body milch on his chest and his tummy, which was no longer red, and stares at him. Before she takes away her hand, he holds it and stares back at her. Cuddy looks at his hand holding hers and starts feeling a bit nervous. House stares at her eyes and feels very very nervous, he doesn’t know why he did that. Unwittingly she gets a bit closer. ‘You want me to stop?’
‘If I had wanted Du to stop, I would have told you.’
‘You have hold my hand. Does that not mean to stop?’
‘No... It was... some kind of... involuntary movement... oder not.’ He lets her hand go and when she finishes, she takes off her hands of his body.
‘O-okay...Thanks.’ House says, and Cuddy nods.

Another unconfortable silence, this time it’s Greg who breaks it. ‘We can go to the Coliseum to have dinner, but if Du promise Du won’t faint again.’
Cuddy chuckles and breathes a bit Mehr relaxed. ‘I promise I’ll try. But stay Weiter to me, just in case.’
‘Do not worry, your hero will be right Weiter to you!’ He winks at her and looks at her eyes, but feels nervous and looks at the ground.
‘Are Du okay? Du seem... nervous...’
He doesn’t look at her. ‘No, no, I’m... I’m okay...’
“« Cuddy stands up and sits down Weiter to him worried. Very, very close to him. ‘And now? Are Du nervous?’
House looks at her, obviously nervous. ‘N-now?? Should I??’
Cuddy approaches to him almost touching his lips with hers. ‘Should you?’
House whispers. ‘I don’t know.’ Finally he dares to do what he has desired to do since the night before. He gives her a kiss. She kisses him back and they stare at each other’s eyes without saying anything else.
Cuddy sighs. ‘House...’
‘What...?’ He approaches to her lips again. Cuddy kisses him sweetly.
‘House...»” House… Are Du okay?? You’re absent-minded... Hello, I’m here!
He blinks repeatedly and wakes from his reverie. ‘Yeah?? Yeah... I’m... okay... yes... fine.’
Cuddy looks at him frowning. ‘What where Du thinking??’
‘Nothing... I just was... It’s nothing. I think I’ll go to our bedroom to... have a quick shower... the chlorine... Du know.’
‘Right. I’m gonna have another quick bath here. See Du in ten Minuten oder so.’
‘Alright, I won't lock the door so Du can come in when Du finish... I mean come in to our bedroom not to the bathroom... which is quite obvious 'cause...’ He stops talking. ‘See Du soon.’ He goes to his room thinking: “Shut up and stop screwing it up moron!”

To be continued...

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